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  • Trashwomen

    From one of my Tumblr posts: FLYER #1: Since we are going to see the Trashwomen today, I thought I would post this cool flyer from 1995. A simple yet effective flyer executed by McKinley Richard of Jackknife. In fact, i have lots of great flyers and graphics work by McKinley that I think i w...
  • Dwarves - Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986

    Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986My first attempt at a blog post will be a self serving one. Here is a copy of the Dwarves - Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986 double LP that I am selling on Discogs.  Here's the Link.  Yeah it's priced at an arm and a leg, but that seems to be what th...