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  • Mystery Action 57

    This episode Charles is joined by Drew "Lone Bone" Redmond, an amazing NYC DJ. You'll hear all kinds of dirty R&B, raw Soul, and angry Punk Rocking Roll! Charles' neighbour Brandon stops by at the start of the show, too! It's an hour and a half of fine music, too much rum drinking, and interest...
  • Mystery Action #56

    Chew on a dog, it's Mystery Action 56! ; Garage, Soul, Punk, R&B, Tittyshakers! This episode has it all! We've got a little new; Personal & The Pizzas, Moonhearts, Happy Birthday, and Liquor Store! We've got a little bit of old; Carl Holmes, Lord Rockingham's XI, Jerry Reed, and The Versato...
  • Mystery Action 55

    Holy Shit! It's been seven months since my last podcast! I've been busy as all hell, but finally made some time to create this fun little show for you! There's no point in me telling you what kind of music I'm playing this episode. This is my 55th fucking episode, so if you haven't figured it out b...
  • Mystery Action 40

    Better late than never! Mystery Action is back with episode 40! You can't go wrong with CCR, Dead Moon, Bad Manners, 13th Floor Elevators or The Wailers! 40 minutes of bad assness!DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 41

    Rhythm & Blues, baby! Fifty-five minutes of straight up titty shakers that'll turn this mother out! Them! Bo Diddley! The Pretty Things! Edgar Alan & The Po'Boys! This has been a cold and wet winter and it's been draggin' me down, man. While making this I forgot just how shitty it is outside...
  • Mystery Action 42

    This episode Charles is joined by his almost-wife, Masha. They both take turns playing music, and they both have very good taste in music so you can expect a bad ass show. Lots of girl group sounds, garage jangle and fuzz, and classic soul scorchers.DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 43

    Well, Charles bought a nice and new microphone that's all fancy pants and decided it'd be a great idea to break it in for this episode. Turns out the mic played a little April Fools joke on him and stopped working correctly for the middle of the show, causing weird static noises over the talking. Oh...
  • Mystery Action 44

    We've got a nice mix of OLD and NEW artists on this episode! Hear Mark Sultan, The Rantouls, Coconut Coolouts, Georgiana Starlington, Personal & The Pizzas, Hasil Adkins, The Blokes, Tommy Cassell, and MORE! 43 minutes of fist fucking glory!DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 45

    OH MAN! The weather is getting nice! It's time for cook outs and road trips. Charles just recently went on two weekend road trips to Tennesee and North Carolina. Since the weather is so great Charles decided to make this episode all surf and summer time instrumentals!DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 46

    Charles got to see The Mummies and you didn't! He also had his friend come over and make a podcast with him. All kinds of 45s were slung around that night, along with all kinds of beer and bacon. 100% Morrissey free!DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 47

    GODDAMN! If you jog, or run from the cops, on a regular basis, this is the episode to keep handy. Ain't nuthin' but high energy, high impact, low fidelity scorcher after scorcher. This is the kind of shit you hide from your ma and pa. None of that easy-breezy, hippy-dippy nonsense. This is the kind ...
  • Mystery Action 48

    This episode of Mystery Action spotlights the Teenage Shutdown compilations! Tracks taken from all 15 of the comps, including The Chob, The Heard, Monday's Mondos, Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion, and The Savages! Charles picks the cream of the crop from these comps, just for you.DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 49

    NO WAY! After several times of trying to upload this podcast, it finally worked! This episode is a part of your balanced diet. It's chock full of old, new, rhythm, blues. Wau Y Los Arrrghs, Dead Moon, Flat Duo Jets, The Yardbirds... Open up and say, "AHHHHH!"DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 50

    This episode is dedicated to the AMAZING chain of 1980s restaurants for children called Showbiz Pizza Place!DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Mystery Action 51

    It’s that time of year, again! My favorite holiday! HALLOWEEN! This isn’t exactly the spookiest show, but I sprinkled it with Halloween-ish songs like “Werewolf” by Southern Culture on the Skids, “The Creature From the Lava Lagoon” by the Bomboras, “A Hearse Is Not a Home” by Frankie Stein & His...
  • Mystery Action 52

    We've got some new/semi-new goodies in this episode! Tracks by Shannon & The Clams, Reigning Sound, The A-Bones, Johnny & The Limelites, Back C.C.s, and The King Khan & BBQ Show! PLUS old favorites by The Hentchmen, The Gizmos, Primates, Gun Club, The Flat Duo Jets and... YES! YES! YES! ...
  • Mystery Action 53

    Howdy! Believe it or not, this episode has a They Might Be Giants song in it. No joke. I'm not kidding. I'm totally being serious. It's also filled with all kinds of garage and punk rock music, sewn together with Quintron instrumentals. It's the perfect cure for a pre-holiday hump day.DOWNLOAD HERE!
  • Mystery Action 54

    Happy New Year, gals and pals! Looks like this will be my last episode posted here on the good ol’ blog. What?!?! Yes! Starting next month, you can still hear my show, you’ll just have to go to the GaragePunk Hideout to hear them as I’ll be posting them on my blog there, so be sure yo...