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Mystery Action 54

  • Happy New Year, gals and pals! Looks like this will be my last episode posted here on the good ol’ blog. What?!?! Yes! Starting next month, you can still hear my show, you’ll just have to go to the GaragePunk Hideout to hear them as I’ll be posting them on my blog there, so be sure you’re subscribed (link below), or be my friend on the Hideout and I’ll keep you posted when new episodes are added. So to say goodbye to the old ways of doing things and to celebrate the new year and the changes coming with it, I’ve put together TWO HOURS of pure greatness in one show! It’s kind of a retrospective, if you will. A look back at the last three years of Mystery Action. Forty-Six songs sure to have you begging for more, not tired and bored. Only favorites. Too many bands to name off, but I’m playing mostly ’60s and modern garage with sprinkles of punk, country, surf, and white-boy R&B. In the new year I’ll donate an hour to nothing but soul and rhythm and blues, so hang tight! Punk’s not dead, he’s just resting. DOWNLOAD HERE!