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    • November 5, 2020 2:16 PM CST

      Here's the link to buy the cd

    • November 5, 2020 2:14 PM CST
    • BACK FROM THE GRAVE! Headless Spectre Records 2006 Halloween comp “The Spooky, Swingin’ Sounds of Creepsville Manor”.

      Dim the lights, and turn every night into Halloween, hosted by the ghastly mad monster-maker Doctor Shriek. Get ready to scream, shiver, and shudder as your living room becomes a real spook house. A virtual Chasm of Spasms, we DARE you to listen from beginning to end! It’s a Spookaroo Whoop-de-doo with this Terrorific 1 Hour-plus Spook-tacular containing everything you need for your very own bone-shivering Spook Party or homemade Haunted House! Just add screaming…

      Featuring two exclusive songs by The Legendary Invisible Men, The Fuzztones, Davie Allan and The Arrows, The Moon-Rays, The Nebulas, The Vooduo, The Fiends, The 3-D Invisibles, The Hollywoods, Monsters from Mars, The Von Drats, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, The Worst, Paycho Charger and The Hangee V. Plus a tale of terror, and two bonus sound f/x! Monster art by Pigsnoot.

      Buy it here on CD!

    • November 4, 2020 3:38 PM CST
    • On a recent episode of Revolution Rock we featured a selection of songs from Toronto post-punk band Teenanger, along with an interview with their drummer.  Also on the program a tribute to Spencer Davis and Chet "JR" White, new music from Demolition Doll Rods, Fuzz a selection of early 60s bands from Toronto (Ugly Ducklings, Quiet Jungle, The Canadian Squires) and more!

      Show 852 Playlist:
      1.  Spencer Davis Group - Sittin' And Thinkin'
      2.  Spencer Davis Group - Midnight Special
      3.  Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running
      4.  The Quiet Jungle - Ship Of Dreams
      5.  The Scarlet Ribbon - Four In The Morning
      6.  The Canadian Squires - Leave Me Alone
      7.  The Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'
      8.  Teenanger - Pleassure


      9.  Teenanger - Romance For Rent


      10. Teenanger - Straight To Computer
      11. Bruce Springsteen - Burnin' Train
      12. Elvis Costello - Flag Day
      13. Jeff Tweedy - Guess Again
      14. The Mountain Goats - As Many Candles As Possible
      15. Germs - Strange Notes
      16. X - Sex and Dying In High Society
      17. Violent Femmes - Promise
      18. Girls - Morning Light
      19. Girls - Love Life
      20. Itchy Self - Here's The Rub
      21. Young Rival - 4:15
      22. Demolition Doll Rods - Cloud
      23. Fuzz - Spit
      Download/listen to this show here:
      Read a post about Teenanger's newest album Good Time here:

    • October 6, 2020 7:15 PM CDT
    • On a recent episode of Revolution Rock we featured a bunch of tracks from the new Osees album, Coriky (featuring members of Fugazi and The Evens), The Famines, Tough Age, Bloodshot Bill, Paul Jacobs and more!

      Show 849 Playlist:

      1.  Coriky - Clean Kill 
      2.  Coriky - Have A Cup Of Tea 
      3.  Spectres - Years of Lead 
      4.  Will Butler - Bethlehem 
      5.  Tommy and The Commies - One Arch Town 
      6.  Itchy Self - God Bless The Ego 
      7.  The Famines - Stay Home Club 
      8.  Women - Everyone Is So In Love With You 
      9.  Dehd - Nobody 
      10. Self-Cut Bangs - Perfect Posture 
      11. Les Hays Babies - Limonade 
      12. Connie Marchand - Le Belle Putain 
      13. King Khan - Wait Till The Stars Burn 
      14. The Neptunas - Shark Tooth Necklace 
      15. The Neptunas - The Abyss 
      16. Mexican Knives - Echo 
      17. Pottery - What's In Fashion? 
      18. Tough Age - Anti-Anxiety Exercises 
      19. Westlaken - The August Song 
      20. Bloodshot Bill - Got To Love Me 
      21. Dana Gavanski - Never Too Far 
      22. The Breeders - Drivin' On 9 
      23. They Might Be Giants - Snowball In Hell 
      24. Kurt Vile - How Lucky (Ft. John Prine) 
      25. John Prine - Crooked Piece Of Time 
      26. Eroders - Bag It Up 
      27. Osees - Electric War 
      28. Osees - If I Had My Way 
      29. Osees - Canopnr '74 
      30. Paul Jacobs - Coffee 
      31. Paul Jacobs - Electric Dollar

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Read a write-up on Osees new album Protean Threat here:

    • September 6, 2020 2:38 PM CDT
    • On a recent episode of Revolution Rock we celebrated Radio Brain Drain.  This is a weeklong programs that focus on punk in all its forms.  We did a show made up entirely of demo recordings most from Ramones and 70s punk era bands:

      Show 843 (Radio Brain Drain 2020):
      1. Ramones - You Should Never Have Opened That Door (1975 Demo)(Ramones - 40th Anniversary - 2016)
      2. Ramones - What’s Your Name (1975 Demo)(Ramones - 40th Anniversary - 2016) 
      3. Generation X - Your Generation (1977 Demo) 
      4. The Spy’s - Been Through The Mill (1979 Demo)(Original Punk Rock From Canada 1979-1980)
      5. Orphan Choir - Red Channels (2011 Basement Demo)
      6. The Diodes – That Was the Way It Was (Eastern Sound Demo 1979)(Rarities - 2017)
      7. Patti Smith – Redondo Beach (Land - 2002) 
      8. Pointed Sticks – All My Clocks Stopped (Studio Demo - 1980)
      9. Blondie – The Thin Line (Blondie - 2001 Reissue) 
      10. X – I'm Coming Over (Los Angeles - 2001 Reissue) 
      11. Red Lights - Jungle Book (Red Lights - 2020)
      12. The Nerves - Letter To G (Demo)(One Way Ticket - 2008) 
      13. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Smitten (1979 Demo)(Destiny Street Repaired - 2009) 
      14. Buzzcocks - Lipstick (Demo)(Love Bites - 2010 Reissue) 
      15. Iggy Pop - Loco Mosquito #2 (Soldier Demos
      16. Devo – Shrivelled Up (Hardcore Devo Vol. 3 - 1990) 
      17. Television – Prove It (Brian Eno Demo)(Double Exposure - 1988)
      18. The Heartbreakers – Love Comes in Spurts (Demo)(Yonkers Demo 1976)
      19. Teenage Head – Don't Cage Me In (Tornado [Reved Up Edition] - 2019)
      20. The Replacements – Raised in the City (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash [Deluxe Edition] - 2008) 
      21. The Cramps - All Tore Up (1979 Ohio Demo)(The Ohio Demos - 1986) 
      22. Paul Jacobs - Spirit Folks (2012 Demo)(Demos - 2013)
      23. TV Freaks - Thirteen (Demo) (Scraps Vol 1 - 2020)
      24. Psychic Void - Morning Anxiety (2017 Demo)
      25. Teenanger - Dawn (Demo)
      26. The Nils – Scratches and Needles (Now (Demo))(Green Fields In Daylight - 1996)
      27. The Clash – Janie Jones (The Clash on Broadway - 1991) 
      28. Simply Saucer – Low Profile (Cyborgs Revisited - 2003 Reissue)
      29. Wire – Mannequin [Third Demo] (Pink Flag [Special Edition] - 2018) 
      30. Ramones – I Don't Wanna Be Tamed (1975 Demo)(Ramones - 2001 Reissue) 
      31. Ramones – Judy is a Punk (1975 Demo) (Ramones - 2001 Reissue)
      Download/listen to this episode here:
      Check out a post I made about it on my website here:

    • October 31, 2020 1:51 PM CDT
    • Playlist 10-31-20

      Vice Squad - The Times They Are AChangin'
      Mono Men - Til The End of the Day
      Angry Samoans - Time Has Come Today
      Joe Jackson - Got The Time
      Healthy Junkies - Tricky Situation
      JJ & The Real Jerks - Split Decision
      Guillotines - Lost Another Night
      Mud City Manglers - Cheater Bar
      Dropouts - Night of the Phantom
      Nomads - I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time
      1313 Mockingbird Lane - They Aren't Like They Were Before
      Gruesomes - Make Up Your Mind
      Fuzztones - New Kind of Kick
      Gary Lee Conner (The Microdot Gnome) - See Through Flanger
      David A. Burdick - Baby Come Back
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Punkin' Puss
      Gallows Birds - Crossing The Line
      Natalie Sweet - I'm Wrong You're Gone
      Lemon Drop Gang - Bubble Yum
      Hypnotics - Soul At Seven
      Stacy Crowne - Heavy Rains
      Manne Olander Following - Dystopia
      Moons of Saturn - I Never Get Invited
      Proton Packs - Lucy In The Sky With Diagrams
      Ace - Nosferatu Seduction
      Emerald Aquarium - Ghoul Night
      Smash Fashion - Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees at CBGB's
      Carvels NYC - My Little Troll
      Beatersband - Will You Still Love Tomorrow
      Freddie Dilevi - Half A Chance
      Klammer - I Don't Know What It Is
      Atomic Zeros - Russian Roulette
      Short Fuses - Galloping Ghost
      Incurables - Far Away
      Bob Mould - Racing To the End
      Cheats - Bad Attitude
      False Positives - Closed -Circuit TV Romance
      Muck and the Mires - Six O'Clock Baby
      Richard and the Young Lions - Get Me To The World on Time
      Hypnolovewheel - Daylight Savings Time
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • October 31, 2020 10:57 AM CDT
    • Tonight is my favorite Holiday and I will be playing two sets of songs dedicated to it. Halloween? F*ck no! It is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. Any idiot DJ can come up with Halloween songs, but it takes a stupendous idiot like me to play songs about Daylight Savings Time.
      While you contemplate what you will be doing with your bonus hour tonight, listen to The Jeff of the Future Show from Noon-2:00PM EST. Just tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at There may be a few Halloween songs too.

    • October 17, 2020 1:52 PM CDT
    • Playlist 10-17-20

      Bob Mould - Siberian Butterfly
      Moons of Saturn - I Never Get Invited
      Cheats - It's Alright
      Mud City Manglers - Give Me The Hammer
      Beatersband - Don't Worry Baby
      Shang Hi Los - Sway Little Player
      Smash Fashion - Benny & The Jets
      Arthur Nasson - You'll Never Change
      Proton Packs - Three Holes In My Head
      Missile Studs - Spazz Out
      Manne Olander Following - Backstabber
      Atomic Zeros - Dirty Game
      Gallows Birds - So Unhappy For You
      Freddie Dilevi (w Dogo) - Roll The Dice!
      Danny's Favorites - Danny's Favorite
      Incurables - Soda Pop
      Hypnotics - Soul At Seven
      Muck and the Mires - Take Me Back To Planet Earth
      Short Fuses - The Pink
      Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes - Race Car
      Awkward Silences - The New World Order
      David Cronenberg's Wife - Suli's Home
      Trigger Cut - Transfer
      Klammer - I Don't Know What It Is
      1313 Mockingbrid Lane - Teenage Frankenstein
      Mal Thursday Quintet - Gilligan's Wake
      Gruesomes - Someone Told A Lie
      Jonny Magus & the Bursting Bubbles - Melody Delight
      Marshall Holland - Our Fate
      mylittlebrother - Janey
      Nick Frater - Cocaine Gurls
      Lemon Drop Gang - Georgie
      Natalie Sweet - Lip Service
      Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis - Crash of the Music
      Weird Things - Inky
      Healthy Junkies - Something In the Way
      Gary Lee Conner (The Microdot Gnome) - Find The Magic Square
      Velvet Starlings - Kids in Droves
      Naked Raygun - The Promise
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • October 17, 2020 7:35 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday October 17th from Noon-2:00PM EST. There will be loads of new garage-punk tunes being played. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or steam it live from the link at

    • October 3, 2020 1:44 PM CDT
    • Playlist 10-03-20

      Proton Packs - Man With The Eye Patch
      Lillingtons - War of the Worlds
      Dag Nasty - Incinerate
      Atomic Zeros - Dirty Game
      Moons of Saturn - I Never Get Invited
      Ace - Nosferatu Seduction
      Hakan - Mr. DNA
      Muck and the Mires - Six O'Clock Baby
      Cheats - Give Up The Ghost
      Tiger Touch - Problems
      Manne Olander Following - The Misanthrope
      Missile Studs - Another Man
      Danny's Favorites - The Future Is Here
      Gallows Birds - Local Girls
      Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis - Crash of the Music
      Yum Yums - Bubblegum Baby
      Freddie Dilevi - Johnny Remember Me
      Beatersband - Datemi Un Martello
      Wot Sons - You Make Me Laugh
      Healthy Junkies - Something In The Way
      Eviltones - Human Mistake
      1313 Mockingbird Lane - Road Runner
      Mal Thursday - Gilligan's Wake
      Lemon Drop Gang - Georgie
      Arthur Nasson - Sleep Till Noon
      Marshall Holland - She Buys A Dress
      Nick Frater - Fast & Loose
      Natalie Sweet - Lip Service
      Shang Hi Los - Sway Little Baby
      Hair Magic - Gale Force Wind
      Weird Things - Why?
      Mono Men - Burning Bush
      Short Fuses - The Pink
      Smash Fashion - Got Da Hee Bee Gee Bees At CBGBs
      Suburban Rebels - Assembly Line
      Velvet Starlings - Bitter Pills
      Dickies - Rosemary
      Ramones - Main Man
      Eddie & The Hot Rods - Life On The Line
      Dead Boys - Down In Flames
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • October 3, 2020 7:23 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday October 3rd from Noon-2:00PM EST. I will be playing garagepunk tunes from around the world. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM or stream it live from the link at

    • September 19, 2020 1:43 PM CDT
    • Playlist 09-19-20

      Drivin N Cryin - Turn It Up Or Turn It Off
      MC5 - Tonight
      Devil Dogs - Get In Line
      Rubber City Rebels - Paper Dolls
      Fret Rattles - Thanks For Nothing
      Randy Savages - Guilty of Nuthin'
      Missile Studs - Another Man
      Cheats - Stabbed In The Heart
      1313 Mockingbird Lane - Georgette
      Jonny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles - Melody Delight
      Velvet Starlings - Kids In Droves
      Lemon Drop Gang - Georgie
      Freddie Dilevi - Aquellos Ojos Verdes
      Brothers Steve - We Got The Hits
      Gamla Pengar - Du Är Inte Normal
      Manne Olander Following - Backstabber
      Adverts - Bombsite Boy
      999 - Action
      Boys - Brickfield Nights
      Damned - Wait For The Blackout
      Sensible Gray Cells - I Married A Monster
      Danny's Favorites - One Potato, Two Potato
      Wot Sons - You Make Me Laugh
      Healthy Junkies - Last Day in LA
      Thee Minks - Element 119
      Mal Thursday & The Tree - No Good Woman
      Muck and the Mires - She Blocked My Number
      Weird Things - Inky
      Hüsker Dü - Eight Miles High
      Hakan - Mr. DNA
      Suburban Rebels - Assembly Line
      Redd Kross - Shonen Knife
      Gallows Birds - My Lambretta
      Nick Frater - Let's Hear It For Love
      Noise Detectors, Inc. - Care Free Girl
      Fuzzstainz - Sick! Sick ! Sick!
      Hair Magic - Nag
      Marshall Holland - Watcha Gonna Do
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • September 19, 2020 7:47 AM CDT
    • he Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday September 19th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Turn your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • September 5, 2020 1:52 PM CDT
    • Playlist 09-05-20

      Chelsea - Right To Work
      Cheats - Empty Pockets
      Suburban Rebels - Assemby Line
      Dead Kennedys - Chemical Warfare
      Healthy Junkies - Last Day In LA
      Phobics - Love
      Ace - Nosferatu Seduction
      Hair Magic - Randy Mantooth
      Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - One Track Mind
      Waldos - Crazy Little Baby
      Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - All By Myself
      Waldos - Flight
      Weird Things - Why?
      Whistlestop Rock - Queen of the Drive-In
      Thee Minks - Mystery Man
      Lemon Drop Gang - Georgie
      Noise Detectors, Inc. - Run
      Brothers Steve - Songwriter
      Godfathers - Wild & Free
      Wot Sons - You Make Me Laugh
      Reptile Tongue - Not The Passionate One
      JJ & The Real Jerks - Split Decision
      Manne Olander Following - Dystopia
      Perjury - Burning Inside
      1313 Mockingbird Lane - Teenage Frankenstein
      Mal Thursday - Unforced Peace
      Flying Ant Day - When I'm Dead
      Persian Leaps - Catnip For Cupid
      Flexx Bronco - Heart On The Floor
      Yum Yums - Baby Baby
      ZipGun Bomber - Tuesday Afternoon
      Danny's Favorites - Public Figure
      Fuzzstainz - Thinking 'bout Me!
      Librarians With Hickeys - Leave Me Alone
      Freddie Delevi - Teenager's Heartbreak
      Gallows Birds - Local Girls
      Matt Springfield - Haunted
      Muck and the Mires - Zoom Break Up
      Cassette Apes - Stockport Spider-Men
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • September 5, 2020 6:51 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday September 5th from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen by tuning your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live from the link at

    • August 22, 2020 1:52 PM CDT
    • Playlist 08-22-20

      Monster Magnet - Crop Circle
      Hard Action - Tunnel Vision
      Motorhead - No Class
      UV Rays - Slip Inside This Brain
      Supersuckers - Born With A Tail
      Lunachicks - Jerk of All Trades
      Cassette Apes - Stockport Spider-Men
      Librarians With Hickeys - Leave Me Alone
      Danny's Favorites - No Drivers License For The Elderly
      Thee Minks - Right Now Baby
      Hair Magic - Gale Force Wind
      Freddie Dilevi - Die Tonight
      Dictators - Next Big Thing
      New York Dolls - Jet Boy
      Ramones - 53rd & 3rd
      Dead Boys - Son of Sam
      Nevadah - Iggy Dog
      ZipGun Bomber - Chase That Feeling
      Perjury - Took Your Money
      Fuzzstainz - Sick! Sick! Sick!
      Noise Detectors - Care Free Girl
      Palmyra Delran - You're My Brian Jones
      Brothers Steve - We Got The Hits
      WhistleStop Rock - Queen of the Drive-in
      Bob Cat and the Nine Lives - Johnny Bye Bye
      Penetrators - Bummertime
      Idolizers - Exile On Pain Street
      Manne Olander Folllowing - The Misanthrope
      Godfathers - I'm Not Your Slave
      Tearaways - Charlie, Keith , and Ringo
      Fleshtones - Alex Trebek
      Vipers - Need Some Lovin'
      Muck and the Mires - Zoom Break Up
      Yum Yums - Bubblegum Baby
      Nana - Fake Me Out Again
      Professionals - Just Another Dream
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • August 22, 2020 7:51 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be returning to the airwaves on Saturday August 22nd from Noon to 2:00PM EST. Tune your radio dial to 89.7 WITR-FM or stream it live from the link at

    • August 8, 2020 8:57 AM CDT
    • Click on the link at the bottom to download a new Jeff of the Future Show.
      Playlist 08-08-20

      Sonny Vincent - Robot Radio
      Beggar Belief - All Our Known Devices
      Danny's Favorites - The Future is Here
      Personal and the Pizzas - Pepperoni Eyes
      Brothers Steve - Songwriter
      Burghers - Poison Through My Veins
      Tearaways - Charlie, Keith, and Ringo
      Cathedrale - Gold Rush
      Yum Yums - Baby Baby
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Your Future Ex-Wife
      Freddie Dilevi - Teenager's Heartbreak
      ZipGun Bomber - Tuesday Afternoon
      Minks - Element 119
      Sellwoods - Stay Away Papers
      Hair Magic - Don't Go
      Soraia - Dangerous
      Librarians With Hickeys - Leave Me Alone
      Idolizers - In This City
      Nana - Foxhole Friend
      Penetrators - Bummertime
      Vipers - Try Me
      Mal Thursday Quintet - Joke's On Me
      Last Carousel - You Don't Know
      Fleshtones - You Gotta Love, Love
      Crash Induction - Number 1 Fan
      Perjury - Burning Inside
      Subnormals - Sick Boy
      Enchanters - High Heel Roller Skates
      Paranoid Visions - The Spinning Wheel
      Creature Creature - Beggars on the Street
      Godfathers - Wild & Free
      Cassette Apes - Stockport Spider-Men
      Matt Springfield - Haunted
      Speedways - Empty Pages
      Primevals - The Older I Get
      Noise Detectors, Inc. - Pop Song
      Indonesian Junk - In This City
      Ty Segall - Is It Real
      Iron Prostate - Bring Me The Head of Jerry Garcia
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • July 25, 2020 9:12 AM CDT
    • Due to technical difficulties at WITR, today's Jeff of the Future Show will be a podcast instead of broadcast. Click on the link at the bottom to download it.

      Playlist 07-25-20

      Backyard Babies - Let's Go To Hell
      Cro-Mags - Face The Facts
      Electric Frankenstein - My World
      Spitfires - State of Shock
      Downbeat 5 - My Way
      Pale Lips - Cosmic Love
      Creature Creature - Beggars on the Steet
      Hair Magic - Nag
      Godfathers - I'm Not Your Slave
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - To Live or Live Not
      Beggar Belief - Grey Void
      UIC - Heartache
      Freddie Dilevi - Die Tonight
      Yum Yums - Summertime Pop
      Indonesian Junk - C'mon And Love Me
      Soraia - Darkness (Is My Only Candle)
      Blue Cheer - Second Time Around
      Kyuss - Green Machine
      Tad - Grease Box
      Perjury - A Strip of Words
      False Prophets - Good Clean Fun
      Subnormals - Punk As Fuck
      Crash Induction - Stacey Bushes Car Park
      We Punch Tigers - Boris
      Canine10 - Someone To Love
      Susan Surftone - Baja
      Last Carousel - Too Many People
      Fleshtones - Alex Trebek
      Muck and the Mires - Take Me Back To Planet Earth
      Speedways - This Ain't A Radio Sound
      Sensible Gray Cells - So Long
      Nana - On My Way Down
      Sellwoods - Toot
      Paranoid Visions - Slimey Member
      Lengthmen - Decompression
      Fontanarosa - Out of Mind
      Les Freres Tyran - Marché noir
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • July 11, 2020 11:23 AM CDT
    • You can download today's Jeff of the Future Show by clicking on the link at the bottom.
      Playlist 07-11-20

      Stooges - Loose
      Subnormals - Sick Boy
      Swilson - I Like Love
      Soraia - Dangerous
      Fleshtones - You Gotta Love, Love
      Lyres - Grounded
      Smoggers - Lo que Daría Yo
      Ratkings - I Really Love Her
      Sensible Gray Cells - So Long
      Slow Faction - Empire
      Paranoid Visions - The Spinning Wheel
      Pegboy - Strong Reaction
      Juniper - Punk Rock Boy
      Fox Sisters - Flippity Flip
      Susan Surftone - Baja
      Idolizers - Streanded (Again)
      Heatwaves - Vampire
      Nana - Dirty Bit
      X - Alphabetland
      Goo Goo Dolls - Laughing
      Yum Yums - She's Got Everything
      Accelerators - Summer's Here
      Pale Lips - Doo-Wop Showaddywaddy
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Your Future Ex-Wife
      Muck and the Mires - Take Me Back To Planet Earth
      Last Carousel - Slow Death
      Sellwoods - That's The Way My Love Is
      Vampires of Fuzz - Shadows
      Beggar Belief - Next Stop Nowhere
      Godfathers - Wild & Free
      Hair Magic - Gale Force Wind
      Indonesian Junk - C'Mon And Love Me More
      Wipes - Tell A Soul
      Sgt. Buzfuz - There's Idiots, Then There's Idiots With Money
      Crash Induction - Number 1 Fan
      My Latest Falilure - Selfish
      Perjury - Burning Inside
      Lengthmen - UXO
      Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More
      Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • June 27, 2020 2:08 PM CDT
    • Playlist 06-27-20

      Superchunk - Cruel Summer
      Beggar Belief - Roll On The Summer
      Accelerators - Summer's Here
      Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - Summer Wine
      Last Carousel - Hard Times
      Va-Va-Voodoos - Little Miss Hollywood
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Don't Blame Yourself
      Jerry Lehane - Kiss My Tattoo
      C'mon - I'm Not In Love With The System
      Bob Mould - American Crisis
      Idolizers - Stranded (Again)
      Crash Induction - It Ain't Easy Being Wheezy
      Indonesian Junk - C'mon And Love Me
      Yum Yums - For Those About To Pop
      Brad Marino - What's My Scene
      Forty Nineteens w Tony Valentino - Late Night Radio
      Fertilty Rite Bros. - Pamela Dianne
      Projectiles - No Good Woman
      Projectiles - Some Things Never Change
      Dan Frank and the True Believers - Achin'
      Godfathers - I'm Not Your Slave
      Wipes - You Got Something
      Healthy Junkies - Some Kind of Girl
      My Latest Failure - Selfish
      Smoggers - Recuerdos para mi
      Sellwoods - Stay Away Papers
      Divine Horsemen - Mystery Writers
      Soraia - Darkness Is My Only Choice
      Juniper - Punk Rock Boy
      Cocktail Slippers - Like a Song Stuck In My Head
      Pale Lips - Cosmic Love
      X - Delta 88 Nightmare
      Susan Surftone - Baja
      Harmonica Lewinski - Risky Bizness
      Fox Sisters - Orangutan is King
      Mal Thursday Quintet - The Joke's On Me
      Slow Faction - Empire
      Lengthmen - Decompression
      Paranoid Visions - Slimey Member
      Sergeant Buzfuz - There's Idiots, Then There's Idiots With Money
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • October 5, 2020 7:19 PM CDT
    • Hey fellow Garage Punk fiends!
      Check out the re-releass of our Headless Spectre Records 2006 Halloween comp, "The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Creepsville Manor". It features The Legendary Invisible Men, The Fuzztones, Davie Allan and The Arrows, The Worst, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, The Vooduo & more! Perfect for your next Spook Party, grab the digital download!

    • October 5, 2020 7:15 PM CDT
    • Playlist For Radio What Wave October 5 2020, Tribute To Al Cole


      This edition is a special tribute to Al Cole who passed away this spring. Al moved to London approx. 1980 and from there did everything from; create posters (over 30 in Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990), was one of the first DJ’s on CHRW with his Young Fast And Scientific radio show, booked shows, managed The Hippies, sang in The Bloodbrothers, started What Wave zine and so much more!! And that was just diring his approx. 4 years while living in London and going to school!

       Prior and afterwards he was an employee at Star Records in Oshawa, helper at the Star Club, created posters and so much more!!! And his vast knowledge and enthusiasm about music was never ending and contagious!! Turned so many on to great music that most of us still appreciate to this day!

      This one’s for you Al!


      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood and lately been our show opener.
      2. Flamin’ Groovies….Shake Some Action….from the 12” EP from 1976.  First heard the Groovies on the radio on Al’s fantastic Young Fast And Scientific Radio Show. We’d read about the Groovies in Cream, Trouser Press, New York Rocker, Trouser Press and all those other rock mags, but they’d never play them on the radio!
      3. Panther Burns….She’s The One That’s Got It….from Behind The Magnolia Curtain release from 1981 and another band Al introduced me to. Panther Burns played Fryfogles here in London right around this time and it was great!
      4. Zantees….Please Give Me Something….from their 1980 Out For Kicks release and another that Al intro-ed me to via the radio show. They finally make it to London in 1990 under the new name of The A Bones.
      5. Zellots….On The Dole….from a 1980 practice and a band that Al did many posters for.
      6. Shakin’ Jack and the Rattlesnake Jakes….Ice Cream Man…from the Domestic Animals release and another band that Al did many posters for.
      7. Hippies….How You Gonna Live…from their 1982 7” and Al was their manager.
      8. Hippies…Simple Song….demo from 7/22/1983 and as above.
      9. Gun Club….Sex Beat….from their 1981 Fire Of Love release and Al and company interviewed the band in What Wave #3.
      10. The Shakers….Out The Door….from a 1979 7” and another combo that Al interviewed in What Wave #3. Dave Rave, now vocalist for Teenage Head was in the band and part of the interview.
      11. Tom Wilson and the Florida Razors….NYC….from an early 80’s 7” and the band was interviewed in What Wave #3.
      12. Durango 95….Lorraine….from their 1983 Lose Control release. Al was a huge fan of D95 as they came from Oshawa, his home town. Remember Al brought them into Cultural House (part of the Embassy Hotel here in London) and they put on a great show, but delayed as the opening band, The Catch didn’t want to quit playing and let Durango on to do their show.
      13. X….The Unheard Music….from their 1980 Los Angeles release and somehow appropriate as Al loved the obscure and cool music that rarely made the radio. X were interviewed in WW #4.
      14. Feast Of The Mau Maus….Feast Of The Mau Maus….recorded live at Joe Kools by Tim McLaughlin and were interviewed in What Wave #4.
      15. Carolyn and the Wayouts…How You Gonna Know….home recording with Al on vocals and probably Bryan Young on bass. No idea who else was involved in this.
      16. Bill Barr…..At The Brunswick….Al under his alias that he used in What Wave (and probably other places) in which he would discuss the merits of the older taverns and hotels of downtown. This was documented in many issues of What Wave zine over the years.
      17. Deja Voodoo…Monsters In My Garager…from their 1982 7” records. It was at a DV show at the Victoria (here in London Ontario) that Al passed over the reins of WWzine to myself and Rena. And not longer after this (Sept 1984) Al moved back to his hometown of Oshawa.
      18. Deja Voodoo…Big Scary Daddy….from their 1984 Cemetery release. DV were huge supporters of WW over the years.
      19. Boy From Nowhere…..I Need You….recorded live at the Brunswick mid 80’s.  Al was in The Bloodbrothers as vocalist, when he decided to leave, Jon Traut came in and the band was re-named Boy From Nowhere.
      20. Jon Traut…..talking about The Brunswick
      21. Purple Toads….Gonna Have A Good Time….live recording at the Star Club from 10/12/1985 and Al was most likely present at this show.
      22. Raunch Hands….Ford….from a live recording at the Star Club 10/12/1985 and Al was definitely at this show as he shows up in a picture or two.
      23. Charlie Pickett and the Eggs….American Travelust….recorded live at the Star Club 2/9/1985 and Al was most likely at this show.
      24. Charlie Pickett and the Eggs....Meigs County... as above
      25. Cheshyres….I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine….recorded live at the Star Club 9/20/1986 and Al was most likely at this show.
      26. Smithereens….Groovy Tuesday….recorded live at The Star Club 3/22/1986. Pretty sure Al shows up in a picture from this show. This was Smithereens second show in Canada, the previous night they played in Toronto. And this was right before their international breakout!
      27. Smithereens….Beauty and Sadness….as above. Should mention The Smithereens had a replacement guitar player for these 2 shows as their regular guitar mangler Jim Babjak couldn’t make it for some reason.
      28. Evan Johns and the H Bomb…..Instrumental….recorded live at the Star Club recorded 6/11/1988. Al was definitely at this show.
      29. Starkweather….Aluminum Baseball Bat…from the 1993 release This Band Has Seconds To Live and No Foregiveness To Spare. Local combo featuring Simon Oates who has some really nice quotes about Al in the Wooly Toque fanzine dedicated to Al.
      30. Brown Hornets….South Oshawa Drug Mule…from their self titled release from 2007 and another of the local bands that Al supported. We got to see Brown Hornets a couple of times and they were fantastic live!
      31. Bradley Boy…Old 59…from his 2011 Salt Gun release and another local artist that Al helped out. Bradley Boy was one of the artists who played at Mike Shulga’s Memorial Show in Oshawa. Sadly, that show was the last time we saw Al.
      32. Catl….Outlaw Blues…..from their 2009 first release that Al and his wife Dana put out on their record label Coletrain Music. Catl have appeared many many times here in London over the years. Radio WW was the first to bring them in, long before we knew about the Al Cole connection. Guess we learned well from Al.
      33. Catl….Ragged and Dirty….. as above.


      Thanx to all that tuned in!! And Thanx for all the fantastic feedback for this one!!! This one is for Al Cole, wherever you are, hope you dug the show!!!


      On next week’s episode, we’ll play a couple more tracks recorded with Al singing. We’ll have The Clumps (short lived band in which Al was singer and Rob Sweeney played guitar) and Al and Lindsay Young doing a couple tunes. Huge Thanx to Rob and Lindsay for digging out these ancient tapes!!!

    • October 1, 2020 5:25 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist Sept 28/2020
      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood released by OG Records in 1989.
      2. Gruesomes….Someone Told A Lie…from the recent Gruesomes 7” that you can get via Ricochet Sound in Montreal.
      3. Roger C Reale and Rue Morgue….Rock It To The Kremlin….from the recent The Collection release on Rave On Records. This is a compilation of Radio Active (released in 1978) and Reptiles in Motion (recorded in 1978 and never released) and is some mighty fine late 70’s Stiff sounding power pop!! Digging this one so much, it’s been stuck in my CD player for days!
      4. More Kicks…Your Vibration….from the Your Vibration release on Beluga Records and they are from Germany.
      5. 905s…Sub Zero…..from the recent Sub Zero release and they are from Brampton Ontario. Available at some Sunrise Record stores in Southern Ontario.
      6. Heap…No Mas…from the brand new release by this NYC based combo. They’ve been around since 1995 and this latest release is produced by Eric Rosco Amble.
      7. Creatures Of Condition…Heartaches….from an EP on Indy Tunz and they are from Windsor.
      8. Jacobites….Big Store….from the Robespierres Velvet Basement release from 1985 and goes out to Dave Kusworth who passed away last week.
      9. Jacobites…Shame For The Angels….from the Lost In A Sea Of Scarves release from 1985.
      10. Telegenic Pleasure….Sealed Off….from their self titled release and from London Ontario. TP and Mononegatives both feature London artist Rob Brake.
      11. Mononegatives…. Sure Shot….from a recent 7” and from London Ontario.
      12. Thunder Queens….And Then We Go….from their recent 7” on Yeah Right records and this duo of pre-teens is from London Ontario!!
      13. TVD…Come On And Tell Me Off….from their upcoming release and from London Ontario.
      14. The Beat….There She Goes….from the 7” that came with the brand new Paul Collins book, I Don’t Fit In. The book is a great action packed read and reveals some interesting behind the scene information about the record industry.
      15. Breakaways…. Walking Out On Love….flip side of the above 7”
      16. Nerves….One Way Ticket….From the One Way Ticket release on Alive Natural Sound from 2008. This song and the next were supposed to be released by Bomp back in 1978 but it never happened as the band disintegrated.
      17. Nerves….Paper Dolls…. As above.
      18. Nerves…..Hanging On The Telephone….from their 1976 self released 7” and this tune was later turned into a minor hit by Blondie.
      19. Downliners Sect… Why Don’t You Smile Now….from The Rock Sect’s In from 1966 and features Terry Gibson on buzzsaw lead guitar. Believe this was the first ever cover of this Lou Reed/John Cale song that pre-dates The Velvet Underground. This and the next song are dedicated to Terry who passed away recently.
      20. Downliners Sect… He Was A Square…. As above.
      21. Steel River….Southbound Train…..from their A Better Road release from 1970 and the rest of the show is all Canadian artists from the 70’s, pre-punk/new wave era.
      22. Max Webster….Toronto Tontos….from their self titled debut album 1975. Remember seeing these guys a couple of times at Ye Olde City Hall, Ronnie Hawkins old club here in London. Later they opened for Rush at the Gardens here in town.
      23. Thundermug….Africa….from their 1972 Strikes release and from London Ontario.
      24. Stampeders….Wild Eyes….from a 1971 7” from this Calgary combo.
      25. Gordon Lightfoot…Black Day In July….from his Did She Mention My Name release from 1968. Remember seeing a video for this on television when it came out in 1968 and couldn’t believe some of the pictures of what was happening in Detroit, which really isn’t that far away. This song was banned in 30 states when released.
      26. Murray McLauchlan….Linda Take Me In….from the live Only The Silence Remains release from 1975. This one was banned locally on CFPL AM as some of the lyrics may have been about Deep Throat, a porn movie that somehow achieved mainstream attention when released.
      27. Stompin’ Tom Connors….Tillsonburg….from a 1971 7” on Boot Records. Tillsonburg is just down the road from London Ontario.
      28. Joe Mendelson….My Engine Won’t Idle…from his Sophisto Joe release from 1975. Joe was in Mainline prior to his solo career and is also a very talented visual artist.
      29. Rough Trade….Take Me….from their Rough Trade Live release which is a direct to disc recording produced by London’s Jack Richardson. Michael Fonfara is on the keyboards for this one and he was Lou Reed’s band leader for several years prior to this.
      30. Robbie Rox….The World Is Mad….from his debut album from 1978 and Robbie is from Toronto. The title of this one sums up our present state.
      31. Flivva….Northern Girls….from the Sympathetic Ear release from 1977 and from Toronto. On bass is Andy Paterson who would go on to form the art punk combo The Government.
      32. Simply Saucer….I Can Change My Mind…from their debut release on Pig Records from 1978. Leader Edgar Breau has another solo release about to come out, Shadows Of Ecstasy and we’ll be playing a track or 2 on the October 12th edition of Radio WW.
      33. King Biscuit Boy w/Crowbar….Shout Bama Lama….From the Official Music release from 1972.
      34. Guess Who….Heart Broken Bopper….from the Rockin’ release from 1972 and one of my fave 70’s songs by Guess Who.
      35. Pagliaro…Some Sing Some Dance…from a self titled release from 1975.
      Thanx for all the comments, emails, messages and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!
      Next week’s show will be a tribute to Al Cole, passed away this spring and was a former DJ here at CHRW, poster artist, booker, band manager for The Hippies, singer for The Bloodbrothers and a whole lot more!!
      The show is aired (pre-recorded these days due to covid) Mondays at 6PM EDT on CHRW 94.9FM Radiowestern.  Here's a link to listen live:

    • September 9, 2020 3:51 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist September 7/2020
      Started this show with our regular complement of new releases, then submerged into Canadian powerpop/new wave from the late 70’s/early 80’s for the rest of the show.
      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood LP from 1989 on OG Records.
      2. Fuzzstains….Thinking ‘bout Me….from their recent Sick Sick Sick release on Beluga and from Sweden.
      3. Bloodshot Bill….Cookout….from his latest longplayer, Get Loose Or Get Lost.
      4. Sin City…..Room 305….from their recent Sin City Or Bust release and from Spain via New Zealand.
      5.Krista D….Left  Of Me….recent release from Krista who is from Edmonton and is also a displaying visual artist/sculptor.
      6. Black Donnellys….Little Bit….local combo who just created a video of this song.
      7. TVD….Come On And Tell Me Off….local combo and this is a sampler from their upcoming release.
      8. Thunder Queens….Stereo Cat….local duo and from their only release on Yeah Right Records.
      9. Jenn Marino and the Hearts….Smoke….their latest release and there is a very cool video for this one.
      10. Muck and the Mires…One Way To Know….from the latest Rumbar compilation and from Boston.
      11. Marshmallow Overcoat….Wait For Her….their very last release as leader Timothy Gassen passed away last fall and is sadly missed by the 80’s/90’s garage band fans. The attached picture is of Marshmallow Overcoat when they played Call The Office here in London Ontario 4/11/1989.
      12. Jack Cades….Run Paulie Run….from their recent Perfect View release on Beluga Records and from the UK.
      13. Creatures of Condition…..Heartaches….from their recent release on Indy Tunz.
      14. Popular Spies….Chinatown….from a 1980 single and from Toronto. This is the start of our Canadian late 70’s/early 80’s special.
      15. Numbers….Won’t You Call…from their 1979 release, Add Up and from Toronto.
      16. Hifis….Look What You’ve Done….from a 1980 single and 2 of the members went on to form Blue Rodeo.
      17. The Shakers….California….from a1983 single and features Dave Rave on vocals/guitar and from Hamilton.
      18. Mods…. Step Out Tonight….from a 1978 release and from Toronto. Drummer David Quinton went on to work with Stiv Bators and was in a late version of the Dead Boys.
      19. Popular Mechanix….Ice Box City….from their debut long player and from Winnipeg 1980.
      20. Pointed Sticks….Destitute….from their Part of The Noise compilation that included several tracks, including this one, that were supposed to be on their ill fated Stiff Records long player.
      21. B Sides….Underground Radio Stars….from their1981 single and from Vancouver. This song could be about many of the featured acts on this episode.
      22. Metros…Don’t Like It At All….from the Vancouver Independence release from 1981.
      23. Metros….In With The Crowd….as above. Don’t know anything about Vancouver’s Metros, but these 2 songs are powerpop gems!
      24. Droogs….JKO….as above, from the Vancouver Independence release from 1981.
      25. Secret V’s…Modern Boy….from a 1980 release and features Ray Condo (listed as Radial) on the bass. Many years ago, I asked Ray what he remembered about playing the Cedar Lounge (circa 1980) and all he could remember was how scummy the upstairs rooms which housed the bands were.
      26. Modernettes….Rebel Kind….from their View From The Bottom release from 1982 and from Vancouver.
      27. Diodes….Red Rubber Ball….from their self titled longplayer and from 1977 which I believe was the first punk/new wave longplayer by a Canadian combo.
      28. Secrets….I’ll Cry Tomorrow… from their Teenage Rampage release and from Toronto 1979. 3 former Viletones and a former Diode form what should have been a combo that broke out big time.
      29. Zoom….School Girl Hitchiker….recorded in 1978 but not released until 2016 on the Ugly Pop imprint Sweet Desperation release. From Toronto and this combo pre-dates the rest of the punk/new wave explosion. It was basically a duo of John Hamilton (Diodes, Secrets and others) and Chris Haight (Viletones, Secrets and more) and they only released a 7” in the band’s lifetime.
      30. The Sharks….Get Off The Radio….from the Toronto compilation No Pedestrians that came out in 1980.
      31. Winston Hancock….Girls Girls….. as above and have no info on Winston.
      32. B Girls….B Side….from their 1979 Bomp single and from Toronto. Londoner Marcy Saddy drummed on this one, and this is one of those bands that coulda and shoulda, but it just didn’t happen. They made the move to NYC, opened for the Clash and many other big names but just couldn’t make the next career step.
      33. Maniacs and Cadillacs….Drastic Measures….from their 1980 debut long player that is supposed to be re-ished shortly. And from Toronto.
      34. The Ugly….Stranded In The Laneway….from their 1978 single and radically different from their loud, wild and somewhat violent live shows.
      35. Onits….Weekend Wrestler….1980 single and have no info on this combo. Picked this one up at Star Records many years ago.
      36. Government….Sponge…..from their 1979 release and from Toronto. One of my fave Canadian bands from this era. Most of their songs would be considered art punk and later they moved in a more funk direction before disbanding.
      37. BB Gabor….Nyet Nyet Soviet….from a 1980 release and from Toronto. This one got a lot of airplay here on CHRW back when it was released.
      38. Stoves….Can’t Slow Down….live recording from 1979 of this local combo.
      Thanx to all that took the time to tune in and listen.
      Next week is an all London Ontario show, as London Music Week runs from September 13 to 20. We’ll be playing some of the amazing local acts that are in our London Music Hall Of Fame (Demics, Sheep Look Up, Uranus, 63 Monroe and more), as well as some of the acts that are nominated for awards.