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Old Punk On Hope -- Another Adelaide Venue RIP

  • This on FUbook today from Adelaide's The Jade Monkey:
    Ok my friends here is the biz: After 10 years of much loved service to the wonderful and diverse Adelaide (and beyond) musical community at Twin St, the end is nigh. Our wonderful 131 year old bluestone walled building at 29 & 29a Twin Street, Adelaide will be no more. Because even though we aren't on the exact spot, it seems that the owners don't want a live music venue next to their shiny new, something I'm sure this city needs....

    RIP to YET ANOTHER MUSIC VENUE in Adelaide. Seems the developers just can't get enough. And this is one incredibly beautiful old building.

    Me, I'm feeling too sick at the moment to say anything else right now. You'll excuse my brevity.