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  • Green Circles Announces new release

    So looking forward to this new one from Adelaide's Green Circles... Dig it boys and girls! Gigs for March and April listed.
  • All that! In Adelaide? Nah...

    Hello from Adelaide -- work and life have gotten in the way of a regular, utd blog here. Thanks to everyone who sent me 'friend' messages -- it's nice to 'meet' you here. Well, this week, my fave radio station, 3DRadio, has a new home, new studio. Hello the Peter Brat Von Staben and his show, The Ca...
  • Phil Alvin Benefit Lineup

    Ok, just saw this on Facebook -- anyone here have the skinny on this event? I so want to GO!
  • Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! This one is from somewhere on FUBook:
  • Old Punk on Hope - Elvis' Knitting History Revealed

    Thanks to the keen journalistic skill of our fellow Hideout member, Gentleman John Battles, we learn the following amazing historical facts: Elvis was a committed knitter, you know.... If he'd had his way, his first movie would have been called "Love Me, Knitter," and he would have gone on to great...
  • Food for Voter Thought

    Sarah Silverman does it again for the voters. :D License to vote? You need a stinkin' license to vote!
  • Twitter Caves?

    BBC has just run an article about Twitter handing over tweets related to an Occupy Wall Street case pending. For all of you who spend a good deal of time in the cyberworld, you may want to pay attention. According the the article, "The Manhattan district attorney's office wanted the tweets to help i...
  • Old Punk on Hope -- Alice Bag's song for Pussy Riot

    Just in from my Facebook news -- Alice Bag's song for Pussy Riot. Yeah, you know I had to link this one here! I like this tribute! Thank you Alice Bag.
  • Old Punk on Hope - RIP Richie Teeter, drummer for the Dictators

    Bloodbrothers -- by the Dictators. Don't know it? Shame. On. You. Rich Teeter, drummer Information regarding Teeter's cause of death has yet to be released.
  • Old Punk on Hope -- An Easter Break Bit Trashy Fun

    This sketch still makes me laugh -- a bit of tasteless trash horror humour -- hope you enjoy it!
  • In Honour of Kenne Highland's Birthday Today

    A nice version of Best Bette and Do the Boob - KH with the Doom Buggies, 2009. Not the best vid but their BB is F.U.N.
  • Old Punk on Hope -- No Pussy-Footin' Around for Putin

    More details on Pussy Riot and the escalation of Russian government's harsh treatment of democracy protesters: From The Australian Newspaper via the Courier Mail (London): "Headline:THE head of the Russian Orthodox Church has branded as "blasphemous" the feminist punk band Pussy Riot The band member...
  • Old Punk On Hope -- Pussy Arrests

    Thank you Ghislaine Korb for the update on the continuing story that is Russia's Pussy Riot. According to the Observer, "two of [the] alleged members [who] face up to seven years in jail for a 'punk prayer' they staged in Moscow's main cathedral, have received unexpected backing from a group of Orth...
  • Old Punk on Hope -- Them Plasms LIVE clip

    This old punk needs some new music -- live and sweaty please. Goin' local tonight -- so check out Them Plasms -- live, and kinda sweaty. Living in one of the smaller capital cities of this Great Southern Land means if you like live music, you have to go out and support it. Because if you don't, it'l...
  • Old Punk On Hope -- Another Adelaide Venue RIP

    This on FUbook today from Adelaide's The Jade Monkey: Ok my friends here is the biz: After 10 years of much loved service to the wonderful and diverse Adelaide (and beyond) musical community at Twin St, the end is nigh. Our wonderful 131 year old bluestone walled building at 29 & 29a Twin Street...
  • Old Punk On Hope -- Zombie Sheets Need a Soundtrack!

    For the trash movie lover within you? Check out these incredible zombie bedsheets -- Made by Melissa Christie. The trashy movie lover in me says, OH YEAH, I gotta get me some of them babies. These works of art can be found at Who Killed Bambie? Pleasant Dreams... btw, I have no affiliation with the ...
  • Old Punk On Hope -- More Pussy Riot!

    Yeah -- I know -- I'm the only person on here with a fascination for these women, but damn, if you watch the video with the volume off, you can learn a thing or two about what they're doing. And it is sooo punk -- old style. Uh, yuh -- I wish these women could really play -- alas, the songs aren't w...
  • Old Punk on Hope - Go Pussy Riot Go!

    Check them OUT! I love this video -- unbelievable location for this demonstration! Damnit, I wish I had paid more attention in Russian class.:0 Article from the Guardian - read it! Punk and Politics? I don't get any better than that for me.
  • Old Punk on Hope - Finally, some rock and roll on the radio in the AM! Thank you 3D Radio Adelaide

    Thank you Dave and Mark at 3D Radio for Smash It Up. I had almost given up hope that anything decent could be found on the local airwaves.Yeah, dumb to bother, but really, even the local RACK station won't play anything louder than 21 Guns before 2pm. V. sad. Thanks be for podcasts. Still, it's nice...
  • Old Punk on Hope - Feeling like a loud song? Me too.

    Ok, yeah, I know. There are people here in the Hideout who think Acca Dacca is naff. A bloated, sad old band. Hey! That happens to a lot of bands I've loved.  Doesn't mean I cain't indulge once in a while (the Bon Scott phenomenon). And that goes for this song. And I like this version. Why? Somethin...
  • Old Punk on Hope - After Voodoo Vinyl last night (Adelaide 3D Radio)

    In the spirit of last night's programme (dedicated to 60's bands from Perth -- yeah, talk about specialised) I decided I needed to start learning more Aussie Rock history -- as it is my adopted country and all. I got alotta homework ta do. Found this one of The Atlantics (not a Perth band) 1967. Doe...
  • Old Punk on HOpe - Hmmmm -- thinking about the music generation gap and a classic

    Been thinking about a comment I read in the Hideout -- asking for the old-timers to stop being boring  -- something like - stop saying it was better back in the '70's or something like that.  This got me wondering -- well, yeah, saying that is incredibly lame. I guess that's why I'm such a big fan o...
  • Old Punk on Hope - Feeling Like Trash on a Wednesday? Try some Litter...

    Just feeling a bit retro today. This song is meant to get me going on the pile of work sitting in front of me... What'chagonnadoaboutit?
  • Old Punk on Hope - Garage on a Tuesday AM, Down Under

    Couldn't believe I found this online. Who'd have thunk it, right? Slickee Boyes and KH. As I recall, this song was supposedly written when Kenne was on guard duty (?) in the Marines. Ah, the armed forces at work. What better on a Tuesday am -- too many days 'til Friday after all. Haven't had my coff...
  • Old Punk on Hope - Fuck, I've got another blog?

    Well, it was bound to happen. I have 2 work-related blogs that don't allow for my musings on music, past, present and future, so I'm diggin' having a little corner in the Hideout to type out such things. It's all Thee Gravemen's fault I found the Hideout -- if I hadn't sent a thumb's up to Dirty Wat...