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All that! In Adelaide? Nah...

  • Hello from Adelaide -- work and life have gotten in the way of a regular, utd blog here. Thanks to everyone who sent me 'friend' messages -- it's nice to 'meet' you here.

    Well, this week, my fave radio station, 3DRadio, has a new home, new studio. Hello the Peter Brat Von Staben and his show, The Cat and The Brat! Always a good listen. For those of you not even remotely in the area, you can listen to the groovy sounds right there on your l'il old 'puter!

    Links accordingly.

    Doin' 'She's a Mod' and such! Nice one Mr. Von Staben! While the Cat's away, the Von Staben will still play!

    In other Down Under news, those of us in Adelaide are eagerly awaiting the new release from The Green Circles. As luck would have it, I won't be able to attend their release party, but I'm sure it will be a fun time for all.

    In other big news, we eagerly await the arrival of Los Straitjackets, on their FIRST EVER TOUR DOWN UNDER. How could it be that Big Sandy made it to the City of Churches before Los S? Alas, no Daddy-O Grande, but nevertheless, I can't wait to hear them again. They killed last Autumn in the USA.

    If you are Down Under, do not miss their show. For some reason, they're booked into SA as part of the Fringe Festival, which made the ticket price too high, but yeah, like I'd miss 'em? I don't think so!