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  • R.I.P. Sean Bonniwell (August 16, 1940 – December 20, 2011)

    RIP & thank you!
  • Don't Stop To Dance

    ... a great new video by my friend Astroquirl
  • Doing Nothing Means A Lot To Me !

    I know that it's evilI know that it's got to beI know I ain't doing muchDoing nothing means a lot to meLiving on a shoe stringA fifty cent millionaireOpen to charityRock 'n' roller welfare .... Man, where can I get my "Rock'n'Roller-Welfare"? ... Get myself a steady jobSome responsibilityCan't...

    THE 1-SONG-ONLY SHOW (this time: "Train kept-a-rollin") There are some songs you can’t get enough of … … for me, EL TIKI the tune ”Train kept-a-rollin” (originally by Tiny Bradshaw) is one of them So this is a “1 song only”-Show! - no Subcription here, this is a unique thingy for now DOWNLOAD ...
  • TIKI-Art: Brad Parker / Tikishark

    Some really nice stuff ... more here:TIKISHARK

    ... Earworms - you know, those nasty buggers, who can enlighten or screw your day with their melody - you're lost hopelessly to a tune you might hate, that's just temporarily branded onto your brain ... Here's one I had today while hanging out at an electronic-music-night, just a cool time with frie...
  • Brother IZ - R.I.P

    Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997) ... long gone, never forgotten ...
  • Weapons Of Mass Production

    Guerilla Gardening! Yeah - something just right for the comming spring in the northern hemisphere: and here you can get even more infos about guerilla gardening: SEED BOMBS ... and in the background I can hear Sky Sunlight humming "Mr Farmer" ....
  • Punk im Dschungel

    A documentary 'bout 7 german punks ("Cluster Bomb Unit") touring Indonesia in 2006 ... great stuff
  • check out: the funk hunt

    oh my god - what a great videoclip .... blows your mind without bein' garage-punk:
  • postage from outter space

    just found sumthin' more to look at, while surfin the web: (click the picture to see a whole gallery)
  • Mother of all Garage-Punk Streams

    No, this one's not on, but it's been around for a looong time, delivering an incredible 24/7-Stream of amazingly exquisite psyched-out Garagemusic: BEYOND THE BEAT GENERATION archives and publishes the entire, long forgotten 'wild' musical gem...
  • Documentary: Kanehsatake 270 Years of Resistance

    Another important piece of american history, far too little known: Kanehsatake is a Mohawk community on the shore of the Lake of Two Mountains in southwestern Quebec, Canada, near Montreal. Its recent political history has been troubled. In 1990, the nearby town of Oka attempted to construct an ext...
  • The Weather Underground

    "Keep a clean nose Watch the plain clothes You don't need a weather man To know which way the wind blows" Bob Dylan "Subterranean Homesick Blues" "Freaks are revolutionaries and revolutionaries are freaks." Bernardine Dohrn, The Weather Underground A great documentary from 2002, telling the story...
  • the psychedelic art of old Sci-Fi-Book-covers

    Well who knows if Horror fits in with Punkrock ... but the covers of "Weird Tales" allways intrigued me. Guess I stumbled upon them for the first time, after having read all those H.P. Lovecraft - Books, when I was a kid. ... and off course there were lots of other publications too (amazing storie...
  • finally a new movie I liked: Låt den rätte komma in

    yeah ... we bernese folks are slow, I know. So it's no wonder, that it took so long untill I stumbled over this movie. I like swedish/norwegian/finnish storytelling anyways. at least when it comes to movies, since I'm reading too little lately. So, here's a flick I just saw, that freaked me out. The...

    I was blind, now .... I've seen something on TV, hahaha. Some months ago I was on my way to falling asleep, had the TV-sleep-timer set for 30min, and zapped around to find a tv-station cozy enough falling asleep to ... when suddenly i stumbled upon a documentary on Arte ... that stole my sleep fore...
  • What would Rock'n'Roll be without good poster-art?

    ... I remember ripping posters off walls since I'm a kid, not for destruction, but trying to peel them off in one piece, to hang up in my pad. Poster-Art is such an inspiring thing, at least when you have good artists doing them. From where I come from (Switzerland), we have this amazing guy Dirk B...
  • Elections ?