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    • April 19, 2021 6:16 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 19/2021


      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood 1989 on OG Records.
      2. Ted Axe….Heaven….from his brand  new Sex, Horror Violence release and from the Toronto area. Ted was in one of Canada’s first punk band, The Action from Ottawa Ontario who we hear later in this set.
      3. Dave Rave & The 2nd Responders…Eye To Eye….Dave’s latest single and as you probably know, Dave is lead singer for Teenage Head amongst the many bands he’s involved with.
      4. Danny Kidd….Floridian Dreaming….latest single from this London Ontario resident.
      5. Andy Butler & The Isolators….Movin’ To The City….from their only release from late last year.
      6. Action….Downtown Boys….from the Permanent New Wave compilation that came out in the late 70’s and features Ted Axe who you just heard.
      7. Indonesian Junk….Policeman….from their recent Living In A Nightmare release on Rumbar Records and from Milwaukee.
      8. UIC….Mystery Train….from their latest, FM Hill.
      9. Sorels…. Springbreak….from their brand new 7” and from Winnipeg.
      10. Wasagas….Wrong Path…from their very recent Dance Party A Go Go and from Toronto.  These guys started in the late 80’s, took a coupla decades off and came back stronger than ever! Thanx to Mark Malibu for supplying this for your ear pleasure.
      11. Gruesomes…. The Deal….Cave In….from the recent vinyl release on Alien Snatch Records and is now available through Ricochet Sound, the  home of the Gruesomes.
      12. Blue Peter….Get It On….live recording from Fryfogles here in London from 5/16/1981 and the second night of a 2 day engagement.  This set goes out to Paul Humphrey, lead vocalist of Blue Peter who passed very recently. Blue Peter started in this area playing at the Schooner in St Thomas, then the Cedar Lounge, Fryfogles, Bullwinkles, Western University and finally 2 shows at Victoria Park (large park with a bandshell here in London). They were one of those bands that always put on top notch shows and were able to build an audience quite quickly.
      13. Blue Peter….Out With The Boys…from the Test Patterns For Living release from 1979. This was recorded right here in London with Londoner Kevin Doyle as engineer (he also engineered the first Demics release). We had Kevin on this show a couple years back and we talked about this and many other projects Kevin has worked on. How often do you get a JUNO winner to come on the radio to talk about their early career?
      14. Blue Peter….Living In The 80’s… above.  The first time we saw Blue Peter was their first show at the Cedar. Had no idea who they were as they hadn’t released anything at the time, but we always went there to catch the bands.  When we arrived, Blue Pete was still sound checking and Paul had the mic in his hand and was dancing like a maniac on the dance floor singing along trying to get the sound right.  That and the great tunes had me up and dancing like a fool that night!
      15. Blue Peter….Factory Living…. As above.  Also got to see Blue Peter at the Concert Hall in Toronto opening up for the Jam in May 1981.
      16. Blue Peter….Neon Girls….from the Radio Silence release from 1980.
      17. Suicide…..Rocket USA….from the New York New Wave Max’s Kansas City compilation from 1976. This is the start of our beginnings of punk/new wave in North America portion of the show. We based the research on Another Tuneless Racket (a soon to be 4 volume set) book by Steven H. Gardner that came out recently. These are 400 plus page books covering the early years of punk; no pictures, no posters, just Tons of information and opinion. Each of the bands we played in this portion of the show has a chapter in one of the first 2 volumes. I tried to play the earliest recordings of each of the band, hence some cuts are live or demo.
      18. NYDolls….Bad Girl….from the Personality Crisis EP and this features original drummer Billy and was recorded in 1972 in the UK.  Jerry Nolan who joined after Billy’s passing, has a much bigger whallop on the drums and really adds to the Dolls sound.
      19. Heartbreakers….Pirate Love….from What Goes Around on Bomp Records. This is a live recording at Mothers from 11/16/1975 and features Richard Hell on the bass.
      20. Heartbreakers…. Get Off The Phone….from the LAMF release from 1977.  A number of people complain about the sound quality of this release, but to me it sounds pretty good as the songs/musicianship overcome any aural issues.  Apparently this has been re-ished again and supposedly it comes from the long lost original tapes.
      21. Syl Sylvain….14th Street….from the 78 Criminals release and recorded in 1977.
      22. David Johansen….Girls….from his 1978 debut release.  Often Syl would go along with David on his tours, playing guitar and/or organ.
      23. Patti Smith….Piss Factory…..her first single from 1974 and is on the ROIR compilation called The Great NY Singles scene.
      24. Ramones….I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend….early demo that has been released on Norton Records as a single.
      25. Neon Boys…..That’s All I Know….from 1973 and came out as a single on Shake Records several years later.
      26. Television….Prove It….from their Island Demos that Brian Eno produced.  Other than the sound quality, this is pretty much the same as what appears on their first longplayer.
      27. Richard Hell….Blank Generation….from a Stiff single and recorded in 1976. In the book, it mentions Richard Hell meeting Malcolm McLaren when he was ‘managing’ the NYDolls. And obviously this is where Malcolm got the idea for the clothing style of his later band.
      28. Modern Lovers….. Roadrunner…..from the 1972 Kim Fowley produced sessions. 3 members of this band went on to other very influential bands; John Felice to the Kids/Real Kids, Jerry Harrison to Talking Heads and David Robinson to the Cars.
      29. The Kids (who became The Real Kids)…Reggae Reggae….11/10/1974 demo that you can get on the Crypt Records imprint. Crypt has 3 Real Kids compilations that have a Ton of Killer early demos/live recordings etc. Recommended if you dig The Real Kids like I do!
      30. Talking Heads….  Psycho Killer….from their self titled debut longplayer from 1977.
      31. Blondie….Rip Her To Shreds….from the outtakes/rehearsals of the first album that came out in 1976.
      32. Dictators…. Backseat Boogie…..1973 demo from Every Day Is Saturday released on Norton Records.
      33. Rocket From The Tombs….   30 Seconds Over Tokyo…..from their Life Stinks compilation that was recorded in 1975. They aired most of this over the airwaves on WMMS in Cleveland back then and I vaguely remember listening to it and wondered what the fuck did I just hear!!! So radically different than anything else that I had ever heard up to that point. And why was I listening to WMMS? Because there was fuckall to listen to in London….no CHRW, no CIXX, no nothing! With your tuner hooked up to cable back then, you could get a few half decent FM stations like CHUM FM and WMMS in Cleveland, but no Detroit stations where I was living at the time.

      Next week we continue with the beginnings of punk/new wave in North America using Another Tuneless Racket as reference. We’ll start in the Cleveland area, cover the one Canadian band in the book, then try and fit the Australian beginnings in the show.  Dug up some pretty cool early recordings by the Canadian group as well as some from one of the Australian bands.  And a trib to Lew Lewis and next week marks the anniversary of the passing of Hasil Adkins.


      Big Thanx to all who took the time to listen, comment, like, message, email, phone, yell and send smoke signals (Thanx Mack!).   See ya next week.

    • April 13, 2021 10:54 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 12/2021

      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood 1989.
      2. TVD….Come On And Tell Me Off….from their brand new Avec release. 3 long time veterans of the London scene still making great noise!!
      3. Matt Ellis….My Neighbourhood Is A Dump….from the recent Full Moon Fever release. Matt is from Hamilton and has been in many bands, among them/ Rocket Reducer, Mystics and Fleshrag.
      4. Merinuks….Driver….from their recent 2nd EP and from Hamilton.
      5. Reducers….Out Of Step….from their recent Live in NYC download and from Connecticut. They released 3 catchy as fuck long players in the early 80’s.
      6. X….Strange Life….recent single from their recent Alphabetland longplayer.
      7. Candy Smokes….. Drag….brand new demo from this 3 piece out of Baltimore. Sam Steinig from Mondo Topless is in this combo.
      8. Miesha and the Spanks….SOS….from the brand new The Singles EP and from Calgary. We had Miesha in the studio a couple years back as they used to play London fairly regularly.
      9. Tami Neilson….Sister Mavis….from the recent Chicka Boom release and a Canuck living in New Zealand.
      10. Galea…My Real Daddy….from her 2005 Diary Of A Bad Housewife. Galea resides in London now and prior to the pandemic you could catch her playing bass around town.
      11. Downbeat 5….Radiates That Charm….from their 2003 debut and from Boston. Former Lyre/DMZ guitar wizard J J Rassler was in this combo.
      12. Brown Hornets….Coming Down….a download from the myspace days and they are from Oshawa Ontario. They used to play London and put on some pretty wild shows here.
      13. DOA….Kenny Blister Song….from their Hardcore 81 release and this set goes out to longtime DOA manager Ken Lester who passed away recently.
      14. DOA…The Prisoner….from their 1980 Something Better Change release.
      15. DOA….Whatcha Gonna Do…. As above.
      16. JP5….Gino Odjick….from Puck Rock  Volume 2 and goes out to Gerry Jen Wilson who passed away very recently.
      17. The Thing From Outer Space… A Funny Thing Happened Last Night….from their self titled debut release and from London Ontario.
      18. Jon & The Nightriders….Banzai Wipeout….from their 1980 Surf Beat release.
      19. Slickee Boys…. When I Go To The Beach….from their 1983 Cybernetic Dreams of Pi release and from Washington DC.
      20. B Girls…..Fun At The Beach….from a 1979 7” on Bomp records and Londoner Marcy Saddy drums on this.
      21. Fridge Magnets….Hypodermic Beach….from Baloney Sandwich, the cassette that came with What Wave zine 19 from 1990.
      22. Brinsley Schwarz….Surrender To The Rhythm….from their Nervous On The Road release and originally recorded in 1972. For the rest of the show we’ll be playing UK pub rock.
      23. Graham Parker….Soul Shoes….from his 1976 debut, Howlin’ Wind.
      24. Dr Feelgood….She Does It Right….from their Down By The Jetty release from 1975. Not only was this back to basics in sound (very minimal overdubs, no orchestrated background horseshit) as it was only released in mono and the sleeve was monochrome….something you didn’t see/hear back in 1975.
      25. Pirates….Gibson Martin Fender…from their 1977 Out Of Their Skulls release.  The Pirates got back together in the mid 70’s for a few records before disappearing again.
      26. Ducks Deluxe….Coast To Coast….from their 1978 Don’t Mind Rockin’ Tonite release.
      27. Hollywood Brats…. Chez Maximes….from their self titled debut that came out in 1974 in Norway, even though the band was from the UK. It was later released in the UK (1979) and even released here in Canada and quickly deleted.    These guys have the NYDolls style yet they had never heard them when they recorded this in January 1974.
      28. Hollywood Brats….Then He Kissed Me…. As above. 2 of the members went on to form The Boys,
      29. Count Bishops…. Teenage Letter….from their 1975 Speedball EP on Chiswick.
      30. 101er’s….Keys To Your Heart….from the Chiswick compilation Fool’s Gold.  That’s pre-Clash Joe Strummer on the vocals and this is from 1976.
      31. Third World War….A Little Bit OF Urban Rock…..1972 7” with Terry Stamp who was in many bands over the years.
      32. Eddie & The Hot Rods….Get Across To You….from their 1976 Teenage Depression release. These guys were the very first of the new wave/pubrock/punk combos from the UK to play here in London Ontario…..Fryfoges November 1977.
      33. Robin Tyner & The Hot Rods…Till The Night Is Done….from a 1977 7” recorded when Robin was in the UK doing some MC5 work.
      34. Gorillas….NY Groover….from 1978 and on the Message To The World CD.
      35. Radio Stars….Dirty Pictures….from a 1977 7”.
      36. Montereys…..Blast Off……from Strummin’ Mental Volume 2, a compilation of wild and loud guitar sounds from the early 60’s.


      Thanx for taking the time to listen to the show and/or read this playlist!  And thanx for the messages, texts, emails, phone calls, heys, packages in the mail and Mac for sending the smoke signals!!

      Back again next week and we’ll do a trib to Paul Humphrey of Blue Peter who recently passed. And the second half of the show we’ll yammer and play the sounds of the beginnings of punk/new wave in North America using the book; Another Tuneless Racket (volumes 1 and 2) by Steven H.  Gardener as our guide. The books are the start of a 4, possibly 5 volume set that has chapters on the bands that started it all….ie Sex Pistols, Clash, Boys, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Modern Lovers, Dictators and so many more!!! Only the first 2 volumes are presently out (available on Amazon) and I’ve had a blast devouring these! Made me dig through my records and live tapes and now have a greater appreciation for some of them.

    • March 15, 2021 5:45 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 15/2021

      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, OG Records 1989
      2. TVD…I’m Not In Love…from the recent Avec release and from London Ontario.
      3. Danny Kidd….Floridian Dreaming….his latest single and from London Ontario.
      4. Chuckee Zehr…Lie To Me Baby….from the recent Laugh Lines and Crow’s Feet release.
      5. Spit Jr….Put Down Make Love…his latest download and he could have been a member of Dashboard Rattle.
      6. Charlie Weber….Peacocking For No One….from his recent 2020 release and from London Ontario.
      7. Dictators….God Damn New York….from their upcoming album. Andy’s on  vocals and Dick is no longer in the band.
      8. The Reducers…Nothing Cool….from a just released recording from NYC 2005. Connecticut garage/punk/powerpop combo that released 3 essential albums in the early 80’s.
      9. Slickee Boys….What A Boy Can’t Do….from their Here To Stay release from 1982 and from Washington DC. Posted some pics of a later lineup of the band live in NYC on the RWW FB page.
      10. The Fuzztones….Bad News Travels Fast….from a 12” of the same name from 1986. Posted some pics of The Fuzztones on the RWW FB page recently.
      11. Pandoras….You Don’t Satisfy….from a 1984 7” and posted pics from their first NYC appearance in NYC on the RWW FB page.
      12. The Outta Place…Things Are Different Now….from the brand new Pre-Historic Recordings release on Area Pirata.
      13. The Gruesomes….No No No No….from the recently re-ished Cave In that originally came out in 2000.
      14. Haunted….1 2 5…from a 7” on Amy Records that we bought at a London record show from Don Wayne Patterson who was manager of the Haunted.
      15. Cryptics….Back To Me….from their 1992 7” and from Montreal.
      16. Deja Voodoo…Crocodile Tears….from their 1984 Cemetery release and from Montreal.
      17. Bunny Wailer….Rastaman….from his 1976 Blackheart Man release and Bunny passed away very recently.
      18. Peter Tosh….Stepping Razor….from his 1977 Equal Rights release and Bunny does back up vocals.
      19. Wayne McGhie….Fire….from the Jamaica To Toronto compilation and this track is from 1970.
      20. Jo Jo and the Fugitives…Chips Chicken Banana Split….from the above compilation.
      21. Tami Neilson….Ten Tonne Truck….from her recent  Chickaboom Deluxe release. Tami is originally from this area and was in the family band The Neilsons (not to be confused with the punk band from Windsor, The Nelsons) and later moved to New Zealand where she has had a fair bit of success. We got to see her at Aeolian Hall a couple years ago and it was a Fantastic show!
      22. Tami Neilson…Hey Bus Driver….as above.
      23. Ginger St James….Zipper….from her 2015 Diesel and Peas release and from Hamilton.
      24. Ben Vaughn….Dark Glasses….from his 1993 Mono release and Ben plays all the instruments, produces, engineers and takes out the garbage.
      25. Alan Vega…. Fireball….from his self titled release from 1980 and half of Suicide.
      26. Gene Maltais….Gangwar….from a compilation called Teenage Riot that came out in the late 80’s.
      27. LeRois Brothers…. Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquint….from their 1983 Check This Action release and from Texas.
      28. Tony Casanova…..Showdown….from a compilation called Sin Alley that came out in the mid 80’s and the song was originally issued back in 1959.
      29. Jimmy Knight… Crankshift Sid….from a compilation called A Memorial To Joe E Ross from the mid 80’s.
      30. Roy Loney….Rockin’ In The Graveyard….from his 1979 Out After Dark release and Roy was the original singer for the Flamin’ Groovies.
      31. Beasts Of Bourbon….Psycho….from their 1985 The Axeman’s Jazz release. This song used to get airplay in the mid to late 60’s as I remember hearing it as a kid and thought it was kinda crazy.
      32. Rory Gallagher….Secret Agent….from his 1976 Calling Card release and the start of our Irish component of the show as St Paddy’s Day is real soon.
      33. Them….Mystic Eyes….from a Greatest Hits release and features Van Morrison on vocals.
      34. Stiff Little Fingers….Gate 49….from their 1981 Go For It release. SLF finally made it to London Ontario a couple years back and we got to do a phone interview with Jake Burns.
      35. Undertones….Here Comes The Summer….from their 1979 debut long player.
      36. Thin Lizzie….Jailbreak….from a Greatest Hits release.


      Big Thanx to all that took the time to listen to the show!!! And Thanx for all the kind words, messages, texts, emails, phone calls, letters, packages and everything else!!

      Back again next week and we’ll be featuring a lot of cassettes as Lou Ottens, the Philips engineer/designer who invented the cassette just passed away.  And a trib to Ray Campi, rockabilly legend who just passed away.

    • March 9, 2021 12:13 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 8/2021

      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr. Garager’s Neighbourhood 1989.
      2. Long Day Journey….Swingin’ Cycle…from their latest, Mini Themes For Motion Pictures Featuring the Exciting Sounds Of Fuzz Unlimited and from Hamilton Ontario.
      3. Byrds….8 Miles High…from the Never Before release from 1987. At the time, this was an unreleased version, it’s probably been on a coupla box sets since.
      4. Higher State….Come Winter Rain….from a brand new 7” on Lost In Tyme Records out of Greece. This is the UK combo that have many releases under their belts.
      5. Misunderstood….Children Of The Sun….from the Complete Recordings 1965-1966 and liner notes provided by Ugly Thing’s Mike Stax, so you know it’s completist. Still remember the first time hearing this song on a Cherry Red comp in the early 80’s and it really stuck in my noggin’.
      6. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos….Put You On Hold….from their recent Candy Coated Cannonball and from the Detroit area. They’ve been through town a coupla times and always put on great shows! This song has some early/mid 70’s Stones vibes that I really dig.
      7. Merinuks….King Merinuk….from their recent EP, just called Merinuks and from Hamilton Ontario. This is an ode to comic artist Darren Merinuk who has done countless record and CD covers as well as many fanzines and even his own comic for a short time.
      8. Forbidden Dimesion….Mars Is Heaven…from their self titled release from 1993 and from Calgary. Had to play this as it’s somewhat timely.
      9. Evil Farm Children….Straight’n’Narrow….from their 2006 Knuckle Duster release and from Ottawa. This trio made many appearances here in London and they were always fun, entertaining shows!
      10. Good2Go….Boots….unreleased demo from this Ottawa combo.
      11. Long Day Journey….Two Wheels and an Open Road….from Mini Themes For Motion Pictures Featuring the Exciting Sounds Of Fuzz.
      12. Scarlet Drops….Luck….unreleased demo and from Ottawa, detecting a pattern here? SD made a couple appearances on What Wave compilation cassettes.
      13. Andy Butler and the Isolators… Down In The Basement….from their recent high tech recording sessions.
      14. Ugly Beats….Take A Stand….from their Take A Stand release from 2007 and from Austin Texas. Caught them a few years ago at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton, a place I’m really going to miss once this pandemic mess is over.
      15. Owl Farm…Slip and Slide….from their 2004 Don’t Stop release and from Kingston Ontario.
      16. Ultra 5….My Only Desire….from their 1992 House O’Fun release and from NYC. There were pictures of their London Ontario gig from 1992 on the RWW FB page.
      17. Outta Place….Dirty Old Man….from the brand new Prehistoric Recordings release and this is demos and live from 1874, just prior to signing with Midnight Records. It had me pulling out my Outta Place records for a listen and man, those teenagers were great back then!
      18. Jason and the Nomads….Earthquake….from his 2006 Warp Speed Ahead release and from London Ontario.
      19. UIC…FM Hill….from the recent FM Hill release and the start of our look at bands/artists that use horns during recording and/or when playing live.
      20. MC5….Skunk….from their 1971 High Time release.
      21. Will The Circle….Spadina….from a 2008 self titled release and from Toronto. This is Gerry Smith’s project (he was in Tyranna, Wayouts and more) and I’m not sure if that’s a sax or guitar making that background noise as there’s little documentation with this one.
      22. Shuffle Demons….Spadina Bus…from their 1986 Spotnicks release and kept on that Spadina Bus theme.
      23. Fleshtones….Child Of The Moon….from their recent Face Of The Screaming Werewolf and their 22nd album!! Got to see these guys a few times when they had the horn section and it always added so much to the overall sound.
      24. Graham Parker…White Honey….from his Howlin’ Wind release from 1976. Got to see Graham and Brinsley Schwarz a couple years ago at This Ain’t Hollywood as an acoustic duo.
      25. Condition….The Boogie Man….from their Red Hot and Blue release from 1986 and from Montreal.
      26. Tell It To Sweeney…The Countess….recent download from this London Ontario combo.
      27. Saints….Know Your Product….from a 1978 7” and from Australia. It was quite a shock when first hearing the second Saints album and there were a lot of horns on it, way different than what everyone was expecting at the time.  And it stands up so well today, in fact the first 2 albums are among my faves of that late 70’s time period.
      28. X Ray Spex….Underground (Let’s Submerge)….from their 1978 Germ Free Adolescents release. One of the few first wave of so called punk bands that featured a full time sax player.
      29. Rocket From The Crypt….Heart Of The Rat…from a compilation called Little Steven Presents the Coolest Songs In The World Volume 7.
      30. Barrence Whitfield and the Savages….Walking With Barrence….from their debut release from 1984 and from Boston.
      31. Jerry Jerry And the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra….Pushin’ For Jesus…from their Battle Hymn Of The Apartment from 1987 and from Edmonton/Montreal.
      32. The Move…. California Man….from The Best Of The Move and originally a 7” from 1972. Later, Cheap Trick covered it and got a fair bit of radioplay with their version.
      33. David Bowie….Sorrow….from the 1973 Pinups release and one of the first songs I’d hear by Bowie on the radio.
      34. Roxy Music….Editions Of You….from their 1973 second album. Locally this was covered by The Zellots.


      Thanx to all that took the time to listen, comment, share, like, text, email, message me about this show!!

      Back again next week, same time, same channel.

    • March 1, 2021 6:50 PM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 1/2021


      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood from 1989.
      2. UIC….Superstar….from the recent FM Hill release and the word is that the live show (no audience, just a live band taping) has been re-scheduled for June….details closer to the date.
      3. Killer Kin…Narrow Mind…from their recent 7” and from new England.
      4. Sick Thoughts….Drug Rock….from a recent 7” on Goodbye Boozy Records.
      5. Social Distance…The Masses…from their recent Stay Away release and from right here in London Ontario.
      6. Full Throttle….Lockdown….a brand new release from this trio of 14 year olds that have been using this lockdown time to make some great music!!
      7. Thunder Queens….And Then We Go….from their 7” on Yeah Right that came out about a year ago. 2 pre-teens from right here in London Ontario.
      8. Spodee Boy….Rides Again….from a recent Goodbye Boozy single and really dig the vibe on this one.
      9. The Goldstars….With This Ring….from a recent single and these guys are from Chicago. They spent time backing Andre Williams when he first started playing again, so they’ve paid their dues!
      10. Cunts…Date With Disaster….from their 1988 A Decade Of Fun release and they are on Pravda, same label as The Goldstars.
      11. Midways….Just My Kind….from their Manners Manners release from 2006 and from Toronto.
      12. Fleshtones….Alex Trebek….from the Face Of The Screaming Werewolf which has just been released again on Yep Rock Records. This is the start of a Fleshtone set as you can never have enough Fleshtones!
      13. Fleshtones…The Show Is Over…from the Face Of The Screaming Werewolf.
      14. Fleshtones…..The World Has Changed….from their 1981 7”.
      15. Fleshtones….Soul Struttin’….from the Blast Off cassette that came out on ROIR in 1982. This was recorded for Red Star Records back in 1978, but due to financial issues, wasn’t released by Red Star.
      16. Fleshtones…The Dreg….from their 1981 Roman Gods release. We’ve seen the Fleshtones live countless times and they’ve never once put on anything but a super rock show!!
      17. U-Roy….Natty Kung Fu….from his 1976 Natty Rebel release and this is our short trib as U-Roy passed away very recently.
      18. U-Roy….Babylon Burning….as above.
      19. Laurel Aitken….Skinhead Train….from a compilation called Reggae Invasion from 1970 and was actually released here in Canada.
      20. Soulsteppers….You Won’t Believe…from their 2001 One Last Time release and believe they are from the west coast.
      21. Randall Pee Coltrane….Open Up My Heart….from his brand new The Gnu Normal release. Randall may have been in one of Exeter Ontario’s first punk bands, The Verge, who used to play the Cedar Lounge here in London. 5 4 3 2  1….
      22. Gene Taylor….live instrumental…..this was recorded at The Other Side Of 5 here in London 8/23/1990. Gene passed away about a week ago and this is the beginning of a trib to him.  This was the only time we ever saw Gene without The Blasters.
      23. Gene Taylor….It’s All Over Now….from his 1986 Handmade release.
      24. Blasters….Rock’n’Roll Will Stand….from their 1985 Hard Line release and features Gene Taylor on the 88’s.
      25. Blasters…Border Radio….from their 1981 self titled release on Slash Records, again featuring Gene.
      26. Gruesomes…Way Down Below…from their 1987 Gruesomania release.
      27. Enigmas…Teenage Barnacle…from their self titled 1983 release and from Vancouver.
      28. Terminal Sunglasses….The Coyote Finally Wins…from their 1985 Wrap Around Cool release and from Montreal.
      29. Dik Van Dykes…Pterodactyl….from their 1987 Nobody Likes release and from Hamilton Ontario.
      30. The Mongols…. Chicken Walk….from their 1086 Sleepwalk release and from Montreal. Unfortunately singer Kim Shadow passed away not too long after this was released.
      31. Lost Patrol….Walking The Dog….from their first single from 1986 and from Windsor.  Only Paul Langan remained with the band when they released….
      32. Lost Patrol….What Colour Are Your Eyes….from a 1991 single and features Karen Marero on lead vocals.
      33. Mr Haney’s Revenge….Justine….from a 1990 7” and features a couple Lost Patrol members.
      34. Minstrels….Work All Day….demo from about 1989. Minstrels were from Quebec City and released their Come Out To Play EP on What Wave Records.
      35. Cheshyres….Little Girl…..mid 80’s demo from this Toronto combo who had Ken Anderson on drums (later in Optic Nerve and Ultra 5) and Wayne Pattern on drums who moved to London and joined the Evil Hoodoos for awhile.
      36. Legend Killers….Stepping Stone….from a 1986 demo and from London Ontario. They appeared on every compilation that we’ve put out over the years.
      37. Flying Squad….I’m So Cool….from their 1988 Come and Play release and from London Ontario. This song is about some of the DJ’s that used to be on CHRW.
      38. Mongrols….Play My Guitar….10/87 demo and from right here in London Ontario. Not to be confused with the present London Mongrels (note spelling difference), these guys appeared on a few What Wave compilation cassettes and the 7” Four Whom The Bell Tolls (as did Legend Killers and Flying Squad).

      Hope you enjoyed the show!! Big Thanx for all the phone calls, messages, emails, texts, etc etc. etc….

      Back again next week at 6PM EST on Monday on CHRW 94.9 FM out of London Ontario Canada

    • February 16, 2021 9:15 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 15/2021


      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood 1989.
      2. Orville Peck….Roses Are Falling….from his debut release from 2019 and the start of our Valentine set.
      3. Herald Nix….Take A Drive…from the 1999 Open Up  The Sky release. Canada’s cosmic cowboy.
      4. The Sadies…. Another Year Again….from the 2010 Darker Circles release.
      5. Buffy St Marie…Not The Lovin’ Kind….from her 2015 Power In The Blood release.
      6. Rob Sweeney…My Funny Valentine….from his 2010 I Dig Chicks release. Rob was in Crummy Stuff, Purple Toads, Durango 95 and many more.
      7. Bone Haus…Cutthroat…recent demo from this Boise Idaho combo.
      8. Spodee Boy….Rides Again….from a brand new Goodbye Boozy 7” and from Tennessee.
      9. Shark Graffiti….Sheep Song….an unreleased track from their last recording session. SG were from Oshawa and used to play London fairly frequently.
      10. NASDAQ…Young Professional…..from the Young Professional release and a trio of mystery.
      11. Social Distance…Run And Hide….from their recent Stay Away release and from London Ontario.
      12. Killer Kin….Sonic Love….from their brand new 7” and from the New England area.
      13. Tell It To Sweeney…The Countess….brand new single from this band from London Ontario. Several of the members have been in the Forest City Hall Of Fame Fantasy Band.
      14. James & Bobby Purify….I’m Your Puppet….their big hit from 1966 and goes out to James who just passed away.
      15. James & Bobby Purify….Shake A Tail Feather….as  above.
      16. Andy Butler & The Isolators….In The City….from their latest set of demos and we’re awaiting more from this combo who are doing things during the lockdown.
      17. Scott Morgan & Miss Georgia Peach…All Talk No Action….from the recent Rumbar Records sampler called Rebel Rouser. Scott is from The Rationals and Miss Peach has recorded with Nikki Corvette and many others.
      18. James Brown…..played 3 different intros to JB shows, 2 from the early 60’s and one from 1980, all done by Danny Ray who just passed away. Danny was not only JB’s MC since 1960, he was also the guy who came out with the cape at the end of the show. A crucial job that drove the audience into a frenzy! Danny could have easily been one of the greatest professional wrestling managers ever he was so good at his job.
      19. James Brown….And I Do Just What I Want….from the 1965 Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag release.
      20. James Brown…Crossfiring….as above.
      21. Link Wray….Steel Trap….from the Jack The Ripper release and his sound on this, wasn’t all that different from JB’s.
      22. Lowdown Dirty Mojos…Can’t Have Enough Good Luck…from their Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release from 2018. There’s a new release just about to come out and it’s called Stone Cold Groovers. Soon as we get it we’ll be spinning it on air. Singer/guitarist Paul Wootton is from London and used to be in The Sinners, Spiral Scratch, Crawling Kingsnakes and probably more.
      23. Downchild Blues Band…One More Chance…from their 1977 One More Chance release.
      24. Dr Feelgood…Monkey…from their 1982 Fast Women Slow Horses release and Johnny Guitar was holding down guitar duties on this one.
      25. Wilko Johnson….Think….from his 1984 Pull The Cover release on Skydog. Wilko was the original guitar slinger in Dr Feelgood. Instantly recognizable by the staccato bursts of noise he created with his unique method of finger picking.  There’s a very nice documentary about Wilko that came out after he beat inoperable cancer. It’s captivating and inspiring.
      26. Tommy James & The Shondells….Mony Mony…from the recent Celbration: The Complete Roulette Recordings 1965-1973.
      27. The Dice…Hostage Crisis….from an early 80’s demo. A trio that used to work the punk rock circuit and we saw them a couple times at the Cedar Lounge. We’ve had drummer Hayden Vialva live onair a couple times over the years.
      28. Dukes Of Rhythm….Night Train…..from a compilation called Too Hot To Handle on the Flyright label. If anyone out there has any of the volumes of this series (apparently Flyright issued a number of late 50’s R’n’B compilations in the late 70’s/early 80’s) I’m willing to trade for them.
      29. Death….Keep A Knockin’…from their 2009 For The Whole World To See release. 3 brothers from the Detroit area that did some recording in 1975 that sounds very proto punk.
      30. Basement 5….Riot….from their 1965-1980 release and from the UK. Produced by Martin Hannett, who also worked with Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, New Order etc….Basement 5 is a radical departure from the bands listed.
      31. Betty Davis….If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up….from her 1973 self titled release and way ahead of the curve. Briefly married to Miles Davis, Betty helped change his music and did some of the wildest shows of her time.
      32. The Supremes….Reflections….from a compilation called Cloud 9 and goes out to Mary Wilson who recently passed away.
      33. The Supremes…. Stop In The Name Of Love….from a compilation called Super Girls.
      34. Bo Diddley…Congo….from his 1961 Bo Diddley Is A Lover release.
      35. Jackie Mittoo….Juice Box….from The Keyboard King of Studio One release on Soul Jazz Records. Jackie was born in Jamaica, became one of the top keyboard players in the country, immigrated to Toronto in the late 60’s and stirred up the Jamaican, soul and R’n’B scenes there.
      36. Wayne McGhie….Fire….from the 1970 self titled release and another former Jamaican living in Toronto.


      Big Thanx to all that tuned in to listen, commented, emailed, texted, etc….That’s what keeps us going. Next week just over half the show will be black music to commemorate this being Black History Month.

    • February 9, 2021 8:15 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 8/2021


      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, 1989.
      2. Chicken Snake….Bury My Trouble…from the brand new Shapeshifter on Beast Records and features Jerry Teel who was also in…
      3. Honeymoon Killers….Scootch Says…from their 1981 Hung Too Low release, which was just added to Bandcamp by the band.
      4. Creatures Of Condition….The Intruder…from the recent Uniforms Of Opposing Sides release and from Windsor Ontario.
      5. Isaac Rother and the Phantoms….Witches Brew….a recent release from this California combo.
      6. Pere Ubu….Final Solution….from Datapanik In The Year Zero box set. Originally came out in 1976 and one of the only songs I’ve heard the word insurrection used.
      7. Nach Dem Tode….Crow Dancer….from an upcoming release and the band already has a video for this one. From London and features Brian Lambert (former Enemas) and his brother Lucky Pete (got his start in NFG and has been drumming non stop since).
      8. Luddittes….Moonsong….from their 1989 self titled release. From London Ontario and former Free Press Entertainment editor James Reaney’s fave band.
      9. Suffer Machine….Suffer Machine…from their 1986 Deprogram release and from London Ontario.
      10. Radio 4….New Shoes….demo from about 1981 and from London Ontario. They evolved into Sheep Look Up, one of those bands that coulda and shoulda but…
      11. Mountain Of Wolves…Don’t Call My Name….from their self titled long player from 2017 and from London Ontario.
      12. Nihilist Spasm Band….This Is A Test….from their 1989 release and from right here in London Ontario.
      13. Goddo….The Bus Driver Blues….from their self titled long player from 1977 and the beginning of our transit worker appreciation set.
      14. MFC Chicken…29 Bus….from It’s MFC Chicken Time release from 2013 and from the UK.
      15. Roger Zuraw….Public Transit Worker Blues….from his 2013 Whose Blues Is It Anyway release and from Toronto.
      16. Hollies….Bus Stop….from their 1966 single and the end of our transit worker set.
      17. Full Throttle….Lockdown….brand new recording by these 3 14 year olds from London Ontario. This lockdown is bringing out the best in many artists and it’s great to hear kids following in their Dad’s footstesps. Singer/guitarist Max is the son of Mike from the Legend Killers. drummer Kaelin is the son of Chris from Syre and bass player Evan is the odd man but that’s not holding him back.
      18. Legend Killers….King For A Day….from their We’re Workin’ On It release from 2006 and from London Ontario.
      19. Losin’ Streaks… It’s My Pride….from their recently re-ished Sounds Of Violence release.
      20. Merinuks….Bent Outta Shape….from their recent EP2 release and from Hamilton Ontario. They took their name from legendary artist Darren Merinuk who did several What Wave zine covers.
      21. Miesha and the Spanks….Wanna Feel Good…..recent single from this duo from Calgary.
      22. Long Ryders….I Had A Dream…from their 1984 Native Sons and goes out to bass player Tom Stevens who recently passed away. We only saw the Long Ryders once, right near the end of their life and Tom had already left the band at that point.
      23. Long Ryders….Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today…from the 1985 State Of Our Union release.
      24. Three O’Clock Train… The Devil Likes Me….from their Wig Wam Beach release from 1985 and from Montreal. Leader Mack, has dropped by and played live on Radio WW a couple times over the years and is always a fun time to see live.
      25. Fetchin’ Bones…. Black Lillies….from their 1985 Cabin Flounder and are from North Carolina. Remember seeing them in the mid 80’s at Folk City in NYC and they were a fun live band. Can’t seem to locate any pictures from that show.
      26. Blood On The Saddle…Black River…from their 1987 Fresh Blood release and from the west coast. We caught them twice at Key West here in London, and both were great shows!
      27. Tex and the Horseheads…. Guitar Obsession…from their self titled debut release from 1984 and from the west coast.
      28. Arson….Coho Coho…from their 1979 7” and from Toronto. This goes out to singer Rude Van Steenes who recently passed away. Remember seeing these guys at the Cedar Lounge fall 1978 and one of the first out of town punk bands I saw here in London.
      29. Arson…Telephone Drone….from their Not Always About You release from 2012 when they reformed the band. Saw this lineup, with David Quinton on the tubs, open for the Flamin’ Groovies at Lee’s in Toronto.
      30. Animals…. Outcast…..from the 1966 Animalisms release and goes out to guitarist Hilton Valentine who recently passed. Love the fuzz on this one!
      31. Animals….Hey Gyp….from the 1966 Animalism release.
      32. Animals…I’m Crying….from a 1964 7”.
      33. Howlin’ Wolf….300 Pounds Of Joy….from a greatest hits compilation and originally came out in 1963. This was to be the start of our all black set (February is Black History Month) but people keep passing and we have to pay our tributes.
      34. Andre Williams…. Detroit….from his 2001 Bait And Switch release.

      Big Thanx to all that took time to listen to the show, send messages, emails, texts, phone calls, snail mail and share the posts!!!

      And a Huge Thanx to all the artists/bands that are making such Great music in these crazy times!!!

      Back again next week with tributes to James Purify, Danny Ray (James Brown’s MC and cape guy) and hopefully no others.  

    • February 2, 2021 8:18 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist February 1/2021


      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood from 1989.
      2. Herzegovina….In Danger….from their recent Emergency release and from Rio De Janeiro.
      3. Ngozi Family….Everything Is Over…..from 45000 Volts, which was just recently re-ished. From Zambi and somewhat protopunk sounding on this 1977 recording.
      4. Beebee Gallini….My Way Of Thinking….from the brand new Rumbar records compilation called Rebel Rousers.  Beebee Gallini is from the Minneapolis area.
      5. Cheap Cassettes….Only Lovers….from a brand new release called See Her In Action we have at the station. From Portland.
      6. Polymorphines….Shepherds Way….from their self titled release from 2008 and from Ottawa.
      7. The Sorels…. Palo Santo….from their about to be released 7” and we’ve heard that pre-orders have sold out some of the coloured vinyl version. Act fast!!
      8. Pale Lips….Jangaroo….from their 2016 Wanna Be Bad release and from Montreal. PL and The Sorels are on the same label.
      9. The Pin-Ups….Pulse and a Rhythm….from the Syrup and Gasoline compilation 1999 and from Toronto.
      10. Riff Randalls….Summer Of ’99…from Volume 2 of Syrup and Gasoline from 2001 and be careful, this one can get stuck in your noggin.
      11. Zellots….Social Elite…from the You Only Get One Shot At The Big Time compilation from 2006. This was recorded at Emac Studios here in London in 1980.
      12. The MindRide….X Ray Sight….from their brand new self titled release and from LA. This is a father son band as are the next couple tracks we played.
      13. 63 Monroe…Hot Mess…from their 2018 Faded Glory release and from London. Father son duo of Brian and Nick on the sonic guitars.
      14. Giggle Switch…Polyethylene….from their 2007 release, VII and from London Ontario. The father son on this one are Verne on guitar and Liam on bass.
      15. RL Burnside…Let My Baby Ride….from his 1998 Come On In release and this time it’s a grandfather, RL and his grandson Cedric on the drums.
      16. Johnny Otis Show….Country Girl…from his 1968 Cold Shot release and Johnny’s son Shuggie, is on the guitar.
      17. UIC….Richard May….from the recent FM Hill release and is about our pal Dick May, a regular at the Cedar Lounge in the early days.
      18. New Christs….No Next Time….from the 12” and from 1985. Ex-Birdman Rob Younger handles the  howl and yowls.
      19. Mohair Sweets….Sick In The Morning….from their Tomorrow Boogie release from 2018 and is now based in Windsor Ontario.
      20. Dictators….Faster and Louder….from their 1978 Bloodbrothers release.
      21. Junkhouse…Jet Trash….from their 1997 Fuzz release. This was Tom Wilson’s combo from Hamilton Ontario.
      22. Duotang….Karma Needs To Come Around….from their 2016 New Occupation release and this 2 piece is from Winnipeg. Caught them on this tour at Call The Office, a great, but poorly attended show.
      23. Muck and the Mires….Strange Waves…from their recent Greetings From Muckingham Palace release and based out of the Boston area.
      24. Deniz Tek….RPM….from The Battle Of The Garages from 1981 on Voxx Records, a subsidiary of Bomp Records. This one was a real game changer for me and took me down the garage path, never to return. Huge Thanx to Greg Shaw for releasing this, and the other 3 volumes in the series. Deniz Tek is a former Birdman.
      25. Hopelessly Obscure….My Best Bette….from the Boston area compilation called Nobody Gets On The Guest List from 1984. There was a couple other volumes of this series and all highlight what a great scene Boston has.  Hopelessly Obscure features Kenne Highland (who has family in Mt Bridges, just outside London) on vocals and guitar.   Remember going to see Dark Carnival at Call The Office in 1990 and they played this song, but had no idea where it came from as one of them had it on a cassette compilation. I gave them the info….
      26. The Brood…Shake And Shout….from a compilation called Crawling From Within put out by the folks at Bang Fanzine which was based out of Boston area. This track is from 1987 and the Brood were from Portland Maine.
      27. Shark Graffiti….Long Tailed Cat….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood from 1989 and they were from Oshawa. Just put some pics of SG up on the Radio WW facebook page.
      28. Hypstrz….665 4321….from Big Hits Of Mid America Volume 3 from 1980. We only got to see these wildmen once, at Wooly Weekend in Montreal in 2009. It was worth the wait as these guys are Killer live!!
      29. Chesterfield Kings…Live Life….from a Kinks tribute release called Shangri La from 1989.
      30. Fleshtones….Wail Baby Wail….from the 1981 Start Swimming release and from NYC. One of my all time fave live bands and with This Ain’t Hollywood gone, it’s unlikely they’ll ever come back up this way.
      31. Hysteric Narcotics….Anna….from the Detroit area compilation called It Came From The Garage from 1986. We got to see these guys at Key West here in London and they were amazing, switching off instruments during the show.
      32. Vertical Pillows….I Am The One….from the Detroit area compilation called Folk Songs From The Twilight Zone from 1988. VP’s were an all female band that Rob Tyner was working with before he passed.
      33. Charlie Pickett and the Eggs….Phantom Train….from the Florida compilation called The Land That Time Forgot from 1982. We got to see CP at the Star Club in Oshawa and it was jaw dropping.
      34. Tex Rubinowitz….Feelin’ Right Tonight….from the 1980 Declaration of Independents compilation. Tex was part of the Washington DC rockabilly scene from the late 70’s/early 80’s.
      35. X Ray Spex….Cliche….from the 1979 Canadian compilation called Permanent New Wave. There’s also some Canpunk on this one, ie Viletones, and The Action.
      36. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos….Put You On Hold….from the brand new Candy Coated Cannonball release on GTG Records out of Detroit. This one arrived just as I was finishing putting this show together and it had to be on….really love this song!!


      Thanx to all that took the time to listen to this show, add comments, messages, emails, texts and smoke signals!!!

      And a HUGE Thanx to all the bands/artists that keep making fantastic music in these crazy covid times!!!!

    • January 26, 2021 10:37 AM CST
    • Radio What Wave Playlist January 25/2021


      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood compilation from 1989.
      2. The Tenderfeet….The Girl I Never Had….brand new release from this Greek combo on the Lost In Tyme label.
      3. Danny Kidd…Floridian Dreaming….brand new single from this London Ontario artist.
      4. Christopher Peifer….Something To Believe In….brand new single from this NYC based artist.
      5. Labasheeda….Dark Dream….from the recent Dark Dream release and from Netherlands. They played Call The Office in 2009.
      6. Dangersex….Waiting….new release from this London Ontario band that is so new, they haven’t played out yet.
      7. The Luxurious Faux Furs….Home Cookin’…from the brand new Like A Real Shadow release on Mandinga Records. Originally based in NYC, the LFF’s are now New Orleans based.
      8. Catl….Waiting List…from their 2014 This Shakin’ House release. This Toronto duo have the same setup as The Luxurious Faux Furs (minimal drums, guitar and vocals 2 piece) and a blues based sound as well. Would be fun to see the 2 bands together in a show as catl always put on killer shows!
      9. Daddy Long Legs…Witch Hunt…from the 2012 Evil Eye On You release. Saw these guys at Call The Office and they were a load of fun live!
      10. Deadly Snakes…I Can’t Sleep At Night…from the 2003 Ode To Joy release and from Toronto. One time they played Call The Office with Greg Cartwright (Oblivians) as part of the band.
      11. Howlin’ Wolf…Watergate Blues…from his 1973 The Back Door Wolf release.  Back when things were simpler south of the border.
      12. NASDAQ…Bailout…from their brand new Young Professional release and a 3 piece that sounds somewhat similar to another satire combo.
      13. Social Distance…Run And Hide….from their recent Stay Away release and from right here in London Ontario.
      14. Can Too’s….Only The Young Die Dumb….from their 2005 Le Can Too’s release and from London Ontario.
      15. Subhumans….I Got Religion…from their 2006 New Dark Age Parade release.
      16. DOA….The Prisoner….from their debut longplayer that came out 40 years ago this year. I still remember seeing copies of this at Records On Wheels here in London when the band dropped them off after playing the Cedar Lounge.
      17. NYDolls….7 Day Weekend…from their 2000 A Hard Night’s Day release which is demos from 1973. This is the start of our tribute to Sylvain Sylvain who passed away recently.
      18. NYDolls….Courageous Cat Theme….from a NYDolls compilation called Rock’n’Roll and this song was recorded during the Too Much Too Soon sessions. It was supposed to be used for a radio commercial, but no idea if that happened.
      19. NYDolls….commercial for their show coming up next month.
      20. NYDolls….Trash….from their first longplayer from 1973.
      21. NYDolls….Puss’n’Boots….from their Too Much Too Soon release from 1974.
      22. NYDolls…Cause I Sez So….from the Cause I Sez So release from 2009.
      23. Sylvain Sylvain….The Cops Are Coming….from his 1978 78 Criminals release.
      24. Sylvain Sylvain….The Kids Are Back….same as above.
      25. Sylvain Sylvain….14th Street….as above
      26. Sylvain Sylvain….I’m Your Man….from the 1997 Sleep Baby Doll release.
      27. Sylvain Sylvain….Trash….recorded live at Call The Office 12/15/2000. Syl made at least 2 appearances at CTO and once with the NYDolls here in London.
      28. Poisoned Aeros….Puss’n’Boots…..from their 2003 Turbulence release and from Hamilton Ontario. Syl played guitar, piano and produced this track.
      29. Vanilla Fudge….Shotgun….1969 7” on ATCO and goes out to bass player Tim Bogert who passed away recently.
      30. Vanilla Fudge…You Keep Me Hangin’ On….1967 7” on ATCO Records and this was their hit.
      31. Foot In Cold Water…. Who Can Stop Us Now….from their 1972 debut longplayer and I believe from the Toronto area.
      32. Guess Who….Guns Guns Guns…from their 1972 Rockin’ release and this was the first Guess Who record I ever bought.
      33. Steel River….Southbound Train….from their 1971 A Better Road release. Locally Boy From Nowhere do a great version of this track.
      34. Sorels…Spring Break….brand new 7” from this Winnipeg trio of delinquents. There’s a video of this one that takes a cartoony Scooby Doo approach. Fun stuff! And we’re gonna spin the flip side on next week’s show.
      35. Ronettes….Be My Baby….from the Phil Spector Box Set and goes out to Phil who passed away last weekend.
      36. Ike And Tina….River Deep Mountain High… above and this one is from 1966. Many have tried, but few have reached the peaks on this great song!
      37. Ramones…Do You Remember Rock’n’Roll Radio….from the 1980 End Of The Century release.


      Ran outta time, but definitely not tunes. Thanx for all the feedback, cards, letters, phone calls etc as it helps maintain this level of sanity!  And Thanx to all that took the time to listen to part or even all of this show!

      Back again next week and looks like we’ll be playing a lot of compilation records on the next show!

    • April 17, 2021 1:43 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-17-21

      Velvet Starlings - Amazon Prime
      Th' Losin Streaks - Hate
      Routes - Broken Goods
      Smalltown Tigers - Find Myself Another Name
      Dictators - Let's Get The Band Back Together
      Heartdrops - What The Girl's About
      Freeloader - Gimme What's Left Of Your Love
      Automatics - Shine Everlasting
      Persian Leaps - PRN
      Krayolas - You're Not My Girl
      Duncan Reid and the Big Heads - Let's Skip To The Good Bit
      Armoires - Senses Working Overtime
      Atomic Zeros - Target Earth
      Beware The Wolves - Wherever You Play
      Guillotines - BoJo The Clown
      Mad Mulligans - Boop Boop Dittum Dattum Wattum Choo
      False Positives - Do It Wrong All Over Again
      Hot Laundry - What Would I Do
      Veronica Cartwrights - Frog
      Guided By Voices - Trust Them Now
      Last Carousel - Good Times
      Tommy and the Rockets - Listen To The Heartbeat
      Psychotic Youth - Action
      Jack Penetrator Lipton - It's My Life
      Forty Nineteens - We Can't Change
      Vipers - Pretty Lies
      Victors - Taking You Down
      Outta Place - We're Outta Place
      Suck - (I'm A) Secret Agent
      Ink Bomb - Mutilation Boy
      Philth Shack - I Like My Life
      Brothers Steve - Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin
      Stilleto Farm - State of Stagnation
      My Latest Failure - Demons
      TBFDCAP - Insomnia
      No Breakfast Goodbye - The Losers Club
      Susan Surftone - The Lonely Bull
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • April 17, 2021 7:20 AM CDT
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    • April 3, 2021 1:35 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-03-21

      Suck - I Told You So
      Heartdrops - Gonna Be Around
      Smalltown Tigers - Five Things
      Guillotines - Learn From Our Past
      Hot Laundry - Shake Master
      Psychotic Youth - Let The Kids Dance
      Tommy and the Rockets - Flip Out
      Krayolas - Aw Tonight
      Velvet Starlings - All About You
      Vipers - Find Another
      Outta Place - Psychedelic Siren
      Last Carousel - Slow Death
      Forty Nineteens - You've Got Stardust Eyes
      Guided By Voices - Trust Them Now
      Nuclears - I Just Wanna Have Nothin' To Do
      Brad Marino - Indian Giver
      Routes - Leave My Bed
      Spouse - Long Live the Bay State
      Victors - Tinker Tailor
      Tombstone Hands - Rumble
      The Band For Disease Control and Prevention - Insomnia
      Stilleto Farm - State of Stagnation
      Futhermuckers - Mandy
      Snide - Idiot Nation
      Dictators - God Damn New York
      My Latest Failure - Demons
      Suburban Rebels - Sick of You
      Penetrators - Gotta Have Her
      Nervous Twitch - Don't Blame Me
      Chiba Neko - Built For Speed
      Beebe Gallini - Danny
      Pale Lips - You're A Doll
      Lucky Dangerous - Subterranean Entertainment
      KEWPID - Tunnel of Love
      Marshes - I Am Providence
      Mad Mulligans - Jimmy Got Robbed
      Armoires - Ghost Of Fall Singer In Depopulated Griefscape
      Dany Laj and The Looks - Don't Keep Me Guessin
      Chris Church - Hang
      Flying Chaucers - Down With Creeps
      Southern Culture On The Skids - Night Driver
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • April 3, 2021 6:50 AM CDT
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    • March 20, 2021 1:47 PM CDT
    • Playlist 03-20-21

      Dictators - God Damn New York
      Nuclears - I Just Wanna Have Nothiin' To Do
      Heartdrops - Lesson Learned
      Mad Mulligans - Boop Boop Dittum Dattum Wattum Choo
      Maggies - Ten Long Years
      Pale Lips - You're A Doll
      Hayley and the Crushers - Jacaranda
      Nervous Twitch - Alright Lads
      Lucky Dangerous - Subterranean Entertainment.
      Beebe Gallini - Little Sister
      Last Carousel - I'm Waiting For My Man
      Tombstone Hands - Walk, Don't Run
      Even Worse - Illusion Won Agin
      Kraut - NGRI
      Misfits - All Hell Breaks Loose
      Adrenalin O.D. - Status Symbol
      Stiletto Farm - Power Fantasy
      Futhermuckers - Hey You!
      KEWPID - Tunnel of Love
      French Girls - Crazy Yo!
      Jack 'Penetrator" Lipton - Somebody
      Peter Baldrachi - Breathe
      Chris Church - Learn
      Brad Marino - Even The Score
      Velvet Starlings - HG Wells
      99ers - Kissing Johnny Ramone
      Hemmit - This Town
      Indonesian Junk - Livin' In The USA
      Angry Johnny & The Killbillies - Nuclear Man
      Snide - Go On
      Suburban Rebels - Youth Rebellion
      My Latest Failure - Demons
      M.I.A. - Tell Me Why
      CH3 - I'll Take My Chances
      U.X.A. - U.X.A.
      Crowd - Modern Machine
      Gerry Alvarez Odyssey - Candy Prankster
      Higher State - Come Winter Rain
      Tenderfeet - You Are Leaving Tomorrow
      Chiba Neko - Horoscope Machine
      Southern Culture On The Skids - Run Baby Run
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • March 20, 2021 8:17 AM CDT
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    • March 6, 2021 1:41 PM CST
    • Playlist 03-06-21

      Iggy Pop - Little Know It All
      Saints - One Way Street
      Testors - Good Stuff
      Zero Boys - New Generation
      Lucky Dangerous - Subterrean Entertainment
      Beebe Gallini - My Way of Thinking
      Tenderfeet - You Are Leaving Tomorrow
      Gruesomes - Tell Me How You Feel
      Brad Marino - What Do You Know
      Heartdrops - Gonna Be Around
      Nuclears - Siamese Connection
      Dogmatics - Gimme The Shakes
      Last Carousel - Waiting For My Man
      Indonesian Junk Feat. Kurt Baker - One More Try
      Atomic Zeros - Electric Chair The Ballad of George Stinney
      Suburban Rebels - Intoxication Nation
      French Girls - Frankenweenie
      99ers - Kissing Johnny Ramone
      Hayley and the Crushers - Suzie Is A Headbanger
      Chiba Neko - Built For Speed
      Classic Ruins - Theo's El Camino
      Bob Cat & The 9 Lives - Red Lips Divine
      Hemmit - Come Runnin'
      Hummer - WA5ive
      Higher State - Come Winter Rain
      Peter Baldrachi - Change
      Mal Thursday Quintet - Joke's On Me
      Jack "Penetrator" Lipton - Dirty Water
      Futhermuckers - Mandy
      Snide - Hard Work
      Throttles - Hate
      Nervous Twitch - Don't Blame Me
      Soviettes - Multiply and Divide
      Pleasure Kills - And Me
      Big Hello - Boys Can Be Dumb
      Epoxies - Synthesized
      Chelsea - Urban Kids
      Souxsie and the Banshees - Jigsaw Feeling
      Rezillos - Top of the Pops
      Eddie and the Hot Rods - Beginning of the End
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • March 6, 2021 7:26 AM CST
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    • February 20, 2021 1:42 PM CST
    • Playlist 02-20-21

      Radio Birdman - We've Come So Far (To Be Here Today)
      Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action
      Wanderers - Ready To Snap
      Televisionaries - No Return
      Futhermuckers - Old But Still Handsome
      French Girls - Make Me Die
      Healthy Junkies - Tricky Situation
      Dirty Babies - Born To Be Weird
      Chiba Neko - Horoscope Machine
      Heatwaves - Vampire
      Stolen Moans - Trees
      Haley and the Crushers - Church of Flag
      99ers - Kissing Johnny Ramone
      Mr. T Experience - End of the Ramones
      Motörhead - Ramones
      Young Hasselhoffs - Not Ugly Enough To Be A Ramone
      Mal Thursday Quintet - I Gotta Be Me
      Indonesian Junk feat.Kurt Baker - One More Try
      VaVaVoodoos - Garbage Can
      Hummer - WA5ive
      Mono Men - Hexed
      Devil Dogs - Gimme That Girl
      Mortals - Turn Away
      Suburban Rebels - Sub-Urban Decay
      Peter Baldrachi - Saturday
      Dolph Chaney - My Good Twin
      Matt Springfield - The End of Life
      Brad Marino - What Do You Know
      Bleed - Wasted Nights
      Nervous Twitch - Count Your Blessings
      Throttles - Hate
      My Latest Failure - Voices
      Classic Ruins - Cheap Champagne
      Bob Cat & The 9 Lives - Down The Line
      Dogmatics - Tell Me
      Gruesomes - Wish You Were Her
      Atomic Zeros - Electric Chair The Balld of George Stinney
      Slow Faction - Culture War
      Hemmit - Not Really
      Heartdrops - White Line Rhythm
      Jack "Penetrator Lipton - Search And Destroy
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • February 20, 2021 6:52 AM CST
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    • February 6, 2021 1:50 PM CST
    • Playlist 02-06-21

      Pylon - Cool
      Cult Hero - I Dig You
      Setting Son - In A Certain Way
      Shamen - Something About You
      Atomic Zeros - Electric Chair The Ballad of George Stinney
      Chuck Norris Experiment - Let The Wheels Roll
      My Latest Failure - Voices
      VaVaVoodoos - Voodoo Dance
      Peter Baldrachi - Breathe
      Heatwaves - My Baby Has Gone
      Chiba Neko - Built For Speed
      Stan Laurels - This Your Life
      Last Carousel - Storm On The Capitol
      Fuad & The Feztones - Shiver Me Timbers
      Mal Thursday Quintet - Hey Caffeina
      Stupidity - Save Me
      Classic Ruins - Bad Boy
      dRIVIN' bEATS - Radiation Baby
      French Girls - Crazy Yo!
      Muck and the Mires - I'm Your Man
      Ramones - Rock & Roll high School
      Throttles - Hate
      Cato Street Conspiracy - Can I Be More Punk Than You
      Dirt Byrds - Do Not Disturb
      Nervous Twitch - Alright Lads
      99ers - Kissing Johnny Ramone
      Hummer - WA5ive
      Haley and the Crushers - Jacaranda
      Healthy Junkies - Steets of Portland
      Hemmit - This Town
      Andy Smash & The Rustbelt Hotrods - If I Never Get To Vegas
      Dogmatics - You Say
      Brad Marino - What Do you Know
      Bob Cat & The 9 Lives - Red Lips Divine
      Slow Faction - Culture War
      Matt Springfield - The End of Life
      Tony Valentino of the Standells - I Hate California
      Stolen Moans - Trees
      Black Light Medusa - Don't Want To Be Your Baby
      Galileo 7 - The Day The World Turned Dayglo
      Les Thugs - Birthday (Why Didn't You Come For My)
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • February 6, 2021 7:29 AM CST
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    • January 23, 2021 1:48 PM CST
    • Playlist 01-23-21

      Mad Daddys - Come With Me
      Cramps - Green Fuz
      Chesterfield Kings - Trip Through Tomorrow
      Barracudas - I Can't Pretend
      Nervous Twitch - Alright Lads
      Pond Life - Stupid Girl, Stupid Boy
      Healthy Junkies - Streets of Olympia
      Hayley and the Crushers - Church of Flag
      Dogmatics - Gimme The Shakes
      EZ Tiger - Last Hurrah
      Bob Cat & The 9 Lives - Red Lips Divine
      Cassette Apes - A Day In The Strife
      Beebe Gallini - My Way of Thinking
      David A Burdick - Heart Full of Soul
      Galileo 7 - Send Me A Postcard
      VaVaVoodoos - Rowed Out
      Muck and the Mires - Messed Up Mary
      Vegas With Randolph - N.S.A.
      Uppers - In Love With Myself
      Andy Smash & The Rustbelt Hotrods - Great Grey Shutdown
      Slow Faction - Culture War
      Cato Street Conspiracy - Brylcreem Boys
      Scumbag Millionaire - White Flash
      Dirt Byrds - Prime Mover
      Mal Thursday Quintet - O Lucky Man!
      Last Carousel - Homework
      Classic Ruins - Rawhide
      Gruesomes - Jack The Ripper
      Stupidity - Save Me
      Heatwaves - Vampire
      Hi-End - Tonight
      Stan Laurels - This Is Your Life
      Right Here - Here We Go Again
      Cheap Cassettes - See Her In Action
      Len Price 3 - Noddy Goes To The Pentagon
      Fuzztones - High Tension Wire
      Tony Valentino of the Standells - I Hate California
      Shang Hi Los - Funeral Home Mint
      Dolph Chaney - My Good Twin
      New York Dolls - Trash
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • January 23, 2021 7:01 AM CST
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    • February 12, 2021 4:59 PM CST
    • Recently for an episode of Revolution Rock, we interviewed musician, author and New York Punk Icon Richard Hell!  We also had an entire program featuring tracks from his new reissue of Destiny Street.  Listen below:

      Destiny Street Complete Playlist (Originally Aired On February 6th, 2021):  

      1.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - The Kid With The Replaceable Head (Destiny Street Remaster) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)
      2.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Staring In Her Eyes (Destiny Street Repaired) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)
      3.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Time (Destiny Street Remixed) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)
      4.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Don't Die (Single Version) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)


      5.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Love Comes In Spurts (Blank Generation - Sire Records - 1977)
      6.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - I'm Your Man (1977 Demo) (Time - Matador Records - 2002)
      7.  Richard Hell - The Hunter Was Drowned (Time - Matador Records - 2002/R.I.P. - ROIR - 1984)
      8.  Dim Stars - Baby Huey (Let's Dance) (Dim Stars - Caroline Records/New Rose Records - 1992/Spurts: The Richard Hell Story - Rhino - 2005)


      9.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - You Gotta Lose (Another World EP - Ork Records - 1976)
      10.  Neon Boys - That's All I Know (Right Now) (Spurts: The Richard Hell Story - Rhino - 2005)
      11.  The Heartbreakers - Hurt Me (Demo) (Time - Matador Records - 2002/R.I.P. - ROIR - 1984)
      12.  Television - Blank Generation (Live) (Spurts: The Richard Hell Story - Rhino - 2005)
      13.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Ignore That Door (Live) (Funhunt: Live at CBGB's & Max's 1978 and 1979 - ROIR - 1990)
      14.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Lowest Common Dominator (Destiny Street Remaster) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)
      15.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Going Going Gone (Demo) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)
      16.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Funhunt (Demo) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)
      17.  Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Destiny Street (Destiny Street Remixed) (Destiny Street Complete - Omnivore Recordings - 2021)

      Download/listen to this program here:

      Read a post on the new Richard Hell release Destiny Street Complete here:

    • February 1, 2021 1:16 PM CST
    • On a recent episode of Revolution Rock we did a show with a block of music featuring Sylvain Sylvain of The New York Dolls, along with a selection of other music from Viagra Boys, Necking and The Ar-Kaics.  I've also included our most recent episode featuring rare punk from Windsor's Fireball XL5 (who eventually became Lost Patrol), Paul Jacobs, The Goldstars, Crime, The Screamers, Amyl & The Sniffers, Johnny Thunders and more.  

      Show 866 Playlist:

      1.  Viagra Boys - Ain't Nice
      2.  Sleaford Mods - Elocution
      3.  Shame - Snow Day
      4.  Lice - R.D.C.
      5.  Sylvain Sylvain - Teenage News
      6.  The Criminals - Rockin' Good Time
      7.  New York Dolls - Trash
      8.  New York Dolls - Puss 'n' Boots
      9.  Steve Earle & The Dukes - Maria
      10. Bill Callahan, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Ty Segall - Miracles
      11. White Laces - Hands In Mexico
      12. Blush - Lunching Alone
      13. Bill Callahan & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - OD'd In Denver
      14. The Kills - The Void
      15. Danny Kroha - Poor Howard
      16. The Bobby Tenderloin Universe - Sandpaper One Side, Rubber on the Other
      17. Tea Leaves - Cicada Song
      18. Guided By Voices - Electronic Windows To Nowhere
      19. Kiwi Jr. - Undecided Voters
      20. Kiwi Jr. - Waiting In Line
      21. Bad Hoo - Skim Milk Test
      22. Bike Thiefs - Connie's Got A New Phone
      23. Necking - Habbo Hotel
      24. The Young Canadians - I Hate Music
      25. Art Bergmann - Demolished
      26. Bella and the Bizarre - Delusions
      27. 49th Parallel - You Do Things
      28. Northwest Company - Hard To Cry
      29. The Ar-Kaics - To Be Free

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Show 867 Playlist:

      1.  Paul Jacobs - Half Rich Loner
      2.  Paul Jacobs - Thanks
      3.  Paul Jacobs - If You Cannot Stay
      4.  Birds of Paradise - Money Tree
      5.  Fireball XL5 - Just A Vacant Boy
      6.  The Goldstars - With This Ring
      7.  Huttch - Quick Fix
      8.  Pony - Couch
      9.  Palberta - No Way
      10. Lithics - Beat Fall
      11. New Fries - L'Express
      12. Goat Girl - Badibaba
      13. Chad VanGaalen - Samurai Sword
      14. TUNS - My Memories
      15. The Bats - Warwick
      16. Wilco - I'm Always In Love
      17. Jeff Tweedy - Natural Disaster
      18. Spencer Tweedy - Wind School
      19. Bill Jr. Jr. - Blue
      20. The Besnard Lakes - Fueds With Guns
      21. Falcon Jane - Had Enough
      22. Stinkbox - Burn 'Em
      23. The Avengers - Car Crash
      24. Crime - Terminal Boredom
      25. The Screamers - Magazine Love
      26. The Ex - Six Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other
      27. Pinch Points - Jelly Brain
      28. Amyl & The Sniffers - Cup of Destiny
      29. The Replacements - I.O.U. (Demo)
      30. The Replacements - Alex Chilton (Rough Mix)
      31. Johnny Thunders - Talk About You (Resurrected Remix)
      Download/Listen to this episode here: