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    • June 3, 2017 6:35 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday June 3rd from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen to your garagepunk favorites at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • May 20, 2017 7:33 AM CDT
    • Today is Commencement Day at R.I.T. and I will be braving huge crowds and terrible parking conditions to bring you The Jeff of the Future Radio Show. There will be loads of brand new garage-punk tunes along with some golden oldies. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • May 6, 2017 2:08 PM CDT
    • Playlist 05-06-17

      4-Skins – One Law For Them
      GBH – Drugs Party in 526
      Hospital Food – I've Got A Gun
      Anti – I Try
      Mudhoney – Revolution
      D.O.A. - Class War
      Dirt Byrds – Janie Jones
      99ers – Rockaway Beach
      Barracudas – This Ain't My Time
      Charms – So Romantic
      Contrast – Caught in a Trap
      Damned – Billy Bad Breaks
      Ty Segall – Break a Guitar
      Intended – Huguenot
      Warm Soda – Young In Your Heart
      Archaea – Absent Minded
      Rhino 39 – J Alfred
      Angry Samoans – I Lost My Mind
      Shattered Faith – Right is Right
      X – I See Red
      Legal Weapon – Caught in the Reign
      Sinners – High Risk Investment
      Wayward Souls – See Inside Your Mind
      Watermelon Men – Back in Your Dreams
      Stomach Mouths – I Leave
      Fox Sisters – Stuck On You
      Penetrators – Keep On Rollin' (Stones)
      Stupidity – Set Me Free
      Roky Erickson & The Explosives – Bloody Hammer
      Rollin Machine – Movin' On
      Snide – Disorder
      PaperWolf – Death of Me
      CJ Ramone – Run Around
      Wyldlife – Contraband
      Routes – Worry
      Lyres – Lily
      Baby Woodrose – Never Coming Back
      APB – Shoot You Down
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • May 6, 2017 7:08 AM CDT
    • Broadcasting from WITR's old Studio A, The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be back on the air and the web on Saturday May 6th from Noon-2:00PM EST. You can listen to your garage-punk favorites at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • April 8, 2017 1:53 PM CDT
    • Playlist 04-08-17

      Magnapop - Here It Comes
      Fur - Blondi
      Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls
      Radio Birdman - What Gives?
      Mekons - Memphis, Egypt
      Impatient Youth - Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition
      Love Battery - See Your Mind
      Never Betters - Fair Warning
      Cult - Peace Dog
      Hellacopters - Gimme Shelter
      D Generation - No Way Out
      Clash - What's My Name?
      Ty Segall - Break A Guitar
      King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake
      Cherry Glazerr - Trash People
      Penetrators - What They Said They Would
      Fox Sisters - Stuck On You
      Daisy House - Yellow Moon Road
      True West - Lucifer Sam
      Monster Magnet - I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time
      Routes - Make You Hate Me More
      Snide - Disorder
      Rollin Machine - Roller
      Dirt Byrds - Prime Mover
      Johnny Thunders - Pipeline
      Ramones - Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
      Stupidity - King Midas
      Giuda - Tartan Pants
      Hospital Food - Punk Rock Heart
      Mr. Happy Chainsaw - Charlie
      General Chaos - I Don't Care!
      Addictive Philosophy - Supernatural Race Fiend
      Savage Gringo - Dope School
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • April 8, 2017 8:03 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday April 8th from Noon-2:00PM EST. (That would be 5:00-7:00PM in the UK). Tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live at

    • June 2, 2017 7:05 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist June 2/2017


      1. The Mongrels….All Systems Go….from their only demo and they are playing on Sunday at the Richmond Hotel as part of their ongoing Rock’n’Roll Rent Party series.
      2. The Thing From Outer Space….FBI….from their recent CD and they will be playing on Saturday night at SOHO, formerly the Victoria.
      3. The Kingbeez….Swarm….from their latest and they will be playing Saturday night at SOHO.
      4. Blue Demons…..Penetration….from their self titled CD from 2009 and from Toronto.
      5. The Ventures….Wild Angels….from the Guitar Freakout LP, one of the first LP’s I ever bought back in 1967 and this is from my original 50 year old copy!
      6. Dirty Fences…..Keep Your Kitten….from their recent EP on Dirty Water Records out of the UK. The band is from New York and have several other releases.
      7. The Judys….Human Fly….from Vancouver and this is a brand new demo, not on the recent CD. Features former Londoner Pete Feend on the fuzz bass.
      8. Archie and the Bunkers…..You’re My Pacemaker….from their upcoming release, most likely on Dirty Water Records out of the UK. Archie and the Bunkers are 2 teenaged brothers from Cleveland who really have the early punk/proto punk sound and attitude down quite nicely.
      9. Playboy Manbaby…..Don Knotts In A Wind Tunnel….from their recent Don’t Let It Be release on Dirty Water Records and they are from Phoenix.
      10. Miesha and the Spanks….Motorin’…from their recent 7” and they just finished recording their latest LP in the UK with some of The Buzzcocks crew.
      11. The Buzzcocks….You Say You Don’t Love Me….from their A Different Kind of Tension LP from 1979.
      12. The Diodes….Child Star…from their Greatest Hits CD and it was 30 years ago this week, The Diodes opened Canada’s fist punk club, The Crash And Burn in Toronto. Also on the bill for opening night was….
      13. The Nerves….Hanging On The Telephone…from their 1976 EP and goes out to drummer Paul Collins who is on tour in Europe right now.
      14. Pale Lips….Hiding From The Moon….from the brand new Pentagon Black Compilation put out by The Famines. Pale Lips are from Montreal.
      15. The Betrayers…..For The Kill…..from the above compilation and from Edmonton.
      16. The Shiverettes…..Betty….from their recent Dead Mean Can’t Cat Call CD on Transistor 66 Records and from Calgary.
      17. 3 O’Clock Train….The Devil Likes Me…from their 1985 EP, Wig Wam Beach and features Mack MacKenzie on vocals and guitar. Mack is presently on a solo North American tour and will be our live to air guest on June 16th, 2 weeks from this show.
      18. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners….Burn Your Playhouse Down….just recently re-released on CD and from Montreal.
      19. Wanda Jackson….Tore Down…from her 2012 CD Unfinished Business. This goes out to her husband/manager Wendall Goodman who  passed away recently.
      20. Randall and The Rivieras…..Drinkin’ From The Well….recent demo and from London via Exeter and Happy Birthday to Randall!
      21. Coaching For Sara….Tonight’s The Night….from their recent demo and from London Ontario.
      22. The Ramones…..The Shape Of Things To Come….from the Acid Eaters CD from 1994.
      23. The Methadones….Heart Of The City……from the 21st Century Power Pop Riot CD from 2006 and from Chicago.
      24. MC5…..Tonight….from the Greatest Hits CD on Rhino and a great way to start this summer weekend.
      25. MC5….Shakin’ Street….. as above.
      26. Evil Farm Children…..Border Blaster…..from the Evilling CD from 2008 and from Ottawa.
      27. Polymophines….Anna Lee….from their 2011 The Slip EP and recorded by Tim Kerr down in Austin. Polymorphines are from Ottawa Ontario.
      28. Bureaucrats…..She’s An American….from their self titled LP and probably from around 1979/80 and also from Ottawa.
      29. The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol…..Penguistics….from the Pathfinder LP and also from Ottawa. This features John from Birdman Sound Record Store/label on the skins.
      30. Artful Dodger….Think Think….from their 1975 debut LP. Used to hear this one on the Cleveland FM stations I listened to in the mid 70’s when London had nothing for radio and it wasn’t always possible to get the Detroit stations.
      31. 1910 Fruitgum Company….Goody Goody Gumdrops….from their Greatest Hits CD and from 1968. This is the kind of music that warped my mind as a kid.
      32. Fine Print….Last Night….from their only CD and from London Ontario. An amazing band that didn’t last long enough.
      33. The Figgs….Bus….from the Low Fi At Society High CD from 1994.
      34. The Odds….Jackhammer….from the Bedbugs CD from 1993 and they will be in Tillsonburg on June 16th. Melissa, who hosts the show prior to Radio WW is scheduled to interview the band next week.
      35. The Cokes….Love Elevation….from their First Album CD from 2003 and from Japan.


      Big thanx for the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!


      Back again next week, with Ian Gifford, former CHRW host who is putting on London Railway Heritage Day on Saturday June 10th.


      You can catch the archived show at:


    • May 26, 2017 7:15 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 26/2017


      1. Bath Salts…Cool Like The Music….from the recent Mardi Gras CD and they will be playing on Saturday at SOHO with The Painted Dogs and 63 Monroe. Bath Salts are also playing Wednesday at Fitzrays.
      2. Oiseaux….See My Face…from the brand new Pentagon Black 2 Compilation put out by The Famines in Montreal.  The compilation is a good cross section of Canuck indy/alternative/whatever kind of music and even has some soul as heard here.
      3. Not You….Two Four….another track from the Pentagon Black 2 Compilation.
      4. The Heavy….Oh No Not You Again…from the 2009 The House That Dirt Built CD. UK based soul/rock combo that is big there, but not here.
      5. Richard Hell and The Voidoids….Destiny Street…from the LP of the same name from 1982. Just finished reading the updated version of From The Velvets To The Voidoids, The Birth Of American Punk Rock by Clinton Heylin and Richard Hell plays a pretty big part in the beginnings of the NYC punk scene. The book is a great read if you’re into the early and pre-punk scene and will surely introduce you to some music you’re overlooked.
      6. The Thing From Outer Space….The Thing From Outer Space from their recent CD and they have a gig next Saturday at SOHO along with….
      7. King Beez….Rumble Bee….from a recent demo and from the Toronto area.
      8. Link Wray….Rumble….from 1957. Was talking with our station manager Timothy Glasgow about the Link Wray show at Call The Office Sept 1999….we both agree it was a Killer show and the only time we ever got to see Link.
      9. Link Wray….Big City After Dark….from the Norton LP of the same name.
      10. Deathdrive…..Deathdrive….from a recent demo and from Montreal.
      11. UIC….Honest Can’t Survive…..a demo that Dave Dysart brought down when he was onair a couple weeks back, the day before the UIC reunion at Call The Office.
      12. The Scenics….In The Summer….from the CD of the same name….early Toronto punk/new wave.
      13. Birds Of Paradise….Beehive State….from a recent 7” on Hidden Volume Records.
      14. Paul Collins….Rock and Roll Girl…from the 2014 Feel The Noise CD. Paul was in Sweden playing last night and you can find video on FB.
      15. Nikki Corvette…..Trapped In The City….from the Back To Detroit CD from 2006.
      16. The Barracudas….The Way We’ve Changed….from the Endeavour to Persevere CD from the early 80’s.
      17. Ohio Express…. Down At Lulu’s….from a Greatest Hits CD and from 1968.
      18. Ohio Express….Yummy Yummy Yummy….as above and one of my fave songs as a kid. This and similar tunes may have permanently warped my musical taste.
      19. Blue Peter….Neon Girls….from the Radio Silence LP from 1980 and on Ready Records. Toronto combo that played London many times back then.
      20. Steve Blimkie and the Reason….It Only Happened Twice….from his debut LP, also on Ready Records.
      21. Dany Laj and the Looks….Sweet Pretender….from a brand new 7” from this Montreal based combo.
      22. The Barreracudas…..Because….from their Nocturnal Missions LP from a couple years back. This Atlanta based combo played the Black Shire Pub, opening up for the New Barracudas several years back.
      23. The Vibrators…..London Girls….from their Pure Mania LP from 1978. One of my fave LP’s from the era.
      24. Pinx….Rock All Night….from the recent Best of 2016 CD from Pop Geek Heaven.
      25. 63 Monroe….You Can’t See It…from their brand new Jeff Lp and they play Saturday night at SOHO.
      26. The Fiends….30 Something…..from their recent EP and from London Ontario.
      27. Edgar Winter….Hanging Around….from They Only Come Out At Night from 1973.
      28. Pagliaro….What The Hell I Got….from one of his self titled LP’s.
      29. 5 Man Electrical Band….Money Back Guarantee….from their Greatest Hits LP and from 1972.
      30. 3 O’Clock Train….Train Of Dreams….from the It Takes A Lot To Laugh CD. Lead singer/guitarist Mack MacKenzie will be live to air June 16th on Radio WW and will be playing at Fitzrays on Wednesday June 21st.
      31. Blue Shadows…If It Ain’t Rockin’….from the On The Floor Of Heaven CD from 1993. Vancouver based pop/county combo that featured Billy Cowsill. As a child, Billy was part of the Cowsills, the family band that the Partridge Family TV show was based upon.
      32. Magic Christian….Run and Hide….from the Evolve CD from 2008 and features Flamin’ Groovies Cyril Jordan on guitar.
      33. 905s….Sight and Sound….from the Shake Down CD from 2015.
      34. The Raspberries….Tonight….from their Greatest Hits Lp and from 1973.


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • May 19, 2017 8:11 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 19/2017


      1. The Curators…..Catch Fire….from their self titled debut CD. Buncha Toronto vets from such combos as The Supreme Bagg Team, UIC, Von Drats and others.
      2. The Viletones…..Dog Style….from the A Taste Of Honey CD and the start of our trib to guitar player Freddy Pompeii who passed away earlier this week.
      3. The Viletones….Rather Be With Me…. As above.
      4. The Secrets….Teenage Rampage…from the OPM CD of the same name. After leaving The Viletones, Freddy formed The Secrets, more of a frat/garage rock combo.
      5. The Secrets….I’ll Cry Tomorrow…. As above.
      6. The Secrets…Tattoo City… as above.
      7. Immaculate Hearts….Sugar Pussy….from a 7” on SFTRI and one of Freddy’s bands from when he moved back to Philly from Toronto.
      8. Pale Lips….Wanna Be Bad….from the CD of the same name and from Montreal.
      9. Dany Laj and the Looks…..Mr Screaming Attitude….from the recent Alive and Kicking CD.
      10. Coaching For Sara…These People….from the recently remastered debut CD and from London Ontario.
      11. Long Day Journey….Exotic Travelogue….from their most recent CD, a homage to Hamilton and the start of our Hamilton set.
      12. Chris Houston….Einstein’s Brains in Hamilton….from a 7” on Schizophrenic Records.
      13. Cadillac Bill and The Creeping Bent….Leather Pants….from their self titled CD.
      14. Trouble Boys….Bored Little Schoolgirl….from their Pass The Bottle LP from 1985 and features long time Hamilton scenester Tim Gibbons on vocals/guitar.
      15. Florida Razors…..New York Screamin’….from the mid 80’s Half A Rock’n’Roll Record and features Tom Wilson on guitar/vocals.
      16. Catl….Gotta Thing For You…..from the Soon This Will All Be Gone CD from a couple years back and catl will be at Call The Office on Thursday May 25th.
      17. Catl….Save Myself….from their latest LP This Shakin’ House.
      18. Dex Romweber….Trouble Of The World….from his latest CD Carrboro.
      19. Immortal Lee County Killers….Revolution Summer…. From their These Bones Will Rise To Love You Again CD from 2005.
      20. 63 Monroe….Punk Rock Goalie….from their brand new Jeff LP.
      21. UIC….Leave Me Alone….from the Wiseman Sessions LP on Yeah Right Records out of London Ontario.
      22. The Judys….Freedom 85….from their brand new self titled CD and from Vancouver. Features former Londoner Pete Feend on the fuzz bass.
      23. NYDolls….7 Day Weekend….from the A Hard Night’s Day CD on Norton Records.
      24. 3 o’Clock Train…..Stolen Thunder….from the Moon CD and guitarist/vocalist Mack MacKenzie will be coming in to do a live to air on Friday June 16th and will also be at Fitzrays on Wed June 21.
      25. Randall and the Rivieras….All Work and No Play….from a brand new demo and features 63 Monroe bass player Pete Dekoker on vocals/guitar.
      26. Pacanomad….Strung Out….from their recent Take It Slow CD.
      27. Bum….Weekend….from a 7” on AuGoGo Records and from Victoria British Columbia.
      28. The Ledge….I Hate CD’s….from a 7” on Norton Records.
      29. Ray Campi….Pinball Millionaire….from the Rockabilly Rebellion LP from 1981.
      30. Jimmy Wages….Take Me From This Garden Of Evil…..from the compilation CD Let’s Bop, a Sun Records compilation.
      31. Dead Kennedys….California Uber Alles….from an early 7” and the start of our political set. This one went out to Danny the Bee Keeper!
      32. The Stiphnoyds….Afraid Of The Russians….from the History Of Portand Punk CD and a timely tune.
      33. The Neo Boys….Give Me The Message….from the above CD.
      34. Robin Lane….When Things Go Wrong…..from the Boston Scene CD from 1980.


      Big Thanx for the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! Back again next week with more noise to annoy.


      Here’s a link to where the archived show should be:



    • May 12, 2017 7:17 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 11/2017


      1. Hiroshima Hearts…..Fool Me Twice….from their debut CD from 2015 and they are playing at Rumrunners this evening.
      2. Frankie and Jimmy….Death Letter….from their latest download and F&J will be at Call The Office tomorrow night.
      3. Frankie and Jimmy….Let It Rock….from their debut LP, Scream The Blues from 2013.
      4. Harmonica Frank….Rockin’ Chair Daddy….from the Sun Box set and originally released in 1951 and this could be where F&J got some of their ideas.
      5. Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners….Wild Guitar…from the re-release of the Hot’n’Cold on CD.
      6. Coaching For Sara…..Stick With You….extended remix. This is when Shane Sawyer, guitarist/vocalist for CFS joined us to talk about the band, upcoming shows and upcoming releases.
      7. Coaching For Sara…..Matter Of Time…. As above.
      8. Coaching For Sara….Tonight’s The Night…. As above.
      9. The Judys….Walking Talking Fertile Man….from their brand new self titled CD and features former Londoner Pete Feend on the fuzz bass.
      10. The Judys….Mothers Day…. As above and timely.
      11. Battered Wives….Everybody Loves A Loser….from their Live On Mother’s Day LP from 1980.
      12. Durango 95….Guitar Guitar Guitar…from their 1990 Mother’s Day LP on Star Records. Durango 95 morphed into The Purple Toads.
      13. The Shiverettes….Shout Your Assault…..from their recent Dead Men Can’t Cat Call on Transistor 66 Records and from Calgary.
      14. Miesha and the Spanks….Stranger…from their recent 7” and big thanx to Miesha for dropping by on last week’s show!
      15. Surprise Party….Psychedelic Girlfriend….from their self titled CD on Transistor 66 Records and from Winnipeg.
      16. Death Drive….I Wanna….from their recent demo and from Montreal.
      17. Pagliaro…..Loving You Ain’t Easy…..from one of his self titled LP’s. UIC covered this one a couple weeks back when they were here in London.
      18. Big Star…Till The End Of Day….an outtake from the Ryko Sister Lovers/Third CD release.
      19. Badfinger….No Matter What….from their Greatest Hits CD.
      20. Dany Laj and the Looks….We Were A Gang….from their recent Alive and Kicking CD and from Montreal.
      21. The Darts….Take What I Need….from their brand new Dirty Water release and presently on tour in Europe.
      22. Vertical Pillows…..Jump Back….1985 7” and from Detroit. The rest of the show is all 7” singles we didn’t get to last week.
      23. The Pandoras…You Don’t Satisfy…..1984 7” and from the US west coast.
      24. Dead Moon….Hey Joe….7” from 1988 and on the Tombstone label. Features Fred Cole on vocals/guitars and he was in the Lollipop Shoppe back in the mid 60’s.
      25. The Mo-Dettes….Dark Park Creeping….1980 7” and from the UK.
      26. The Scientists….We Had Love….mid 80’s 7” on Au Go Go Records and from Australia.
      27. Leopard Society….Screaming…..1981 7” and from Albany New York.
      28. Unknown Soldiers….I Quit Today…..from a 1987 7” and from the north west US. The ultimate put down song!
      29. Panther Burns….Surfside Date….from a SFRTI 7”.
      30. Ben Vaughn… My First Band….mid 80’s 7” on Lindsay Hutton’s Next Big Thing Label.


      Big thanx to Shane Sawyer for taking the time to drop by the studio and talk about Coaching For Sara and they have a gig tonight at the Back Alley in St Thomas.

      Big thanx for the phone calls, emails, facebook message and Heys!!! That’s what keeps us going!!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:




    • May 5, 2017 7:12 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist May 5/2017   Teenage Rampage On A Senior’s Discount….7” Of Pleasure


      Started the show with a visit from Miesha and The Spanks (Miesha and Shawn) who were in town to play at Call The Office on the evening of this show. All the way from Calgary to play in our little town!!

      From there, it was a TON of 7” singles that I really dig! Loads of rare stuff and some of my faves.


      1. Miesha and The Spanks…..Stranger….from their brand new self released 7”
      2. Miesha and The Spanks….Motorin’….the flip of the above 7”.
      3. Miesha and The Spanks….Leather Jacket….from the Gods Of Love LP on Transistor 66 Records from a few years back. Around this time we finished with a quick interview of Miesha and Shawn and they are playing tonight at Call The Office.
      4. Sacred Miracle Cave….Summertime….from a 7” on SFTRI from 1989 and a collaboration of sorts as some of the members of Clawhammer are involved in this project.
      5. The Cramps….Drug Train….from 1980 release on Illegal Records
      6. Tex Rubinowitz….Hot Rod Man….from a 1979 7” on Ripsaw Records. Lux Interior once said of Tex, that he gets down so far, there’s nothing but a hiccup between the floor and Tex, to paraphrase.
      7. Martha Hull…Feelin’ Right Tonight….another Ripsaw 7”, this from 1981. Martha was at one time lead vocals for DC’s Slickee Boys.  Martha really lets loose on this one, but you already knew that.
      8. The Customs….Bring My Cadillac Back… On Shake Records out of Cincinnati from around 1980. Features Peter Greenberg on the killer guitar, presently in Barrence Whitfield and the Savages.
      9. Cherry Vanilla….The Punk….1977 release on RCA Records and at one time was on the jukebox at the Cedar Lounge here in London.
      10. Immaculate Hearts…..Sugar Pussy….from a 1990 release on SFTRI and features Freddy Pompeii on lead vocals. Freddy is in hospital in Philly and needs our love and support!
      11. Sydicate Of Sound….Hey Little Girl….from 1966 and on the Bell label. Freddy was in a late version of this combo.
      12. The Yardbirds….Stroll On…from the Blow Up 7” soundtrack for the movie.  Locally the Boy From Nowhere cover this one.
      13. The Nerves….Hanging On The Telephone….from their self released EP from 1976. Blondie later covered this one and had a bit of a hit with it.
      14. Flamin’ Groovies….Shake Some Action….from a 7” on the Line Records label from Germany. Way different than the album version.
      15. Barracudas…..1965 Again…from a 1980 7” on Zonophone Records. Features X Ottawa Jeremy Gluck on lead vocals.
      16. Taxi Boys….I Can’t Kick…from a 7” EP on the Star Rhythm label. This is actually the Real Kids under a different name for some odd reason.
      17. The Dawgs…Shot Of Your Love…..from a 1979 7” on Greenline Records and out of the Boston area.
      18. The Blasters…..American Music…from a 1982 7” on FBEAT Records.
      19. The Fleshtones….The World Has Changed….from a 1981 7” on IRS Records. The Fleshtones celebrate their 40th anniversary of a band this year!!! One of my all time fave live combos, still doing it 40 years on!!!
      20. The Last….She Don’t Know Why….from a 1978 7” on Bomp Records.
      21. Miracle Workers…..Hung Up….from the Moxie EP from 1984.
      22. The Ruts….Babylon’s Burning….from a 1979 7” on Virgin Records.
      23. The Rezillos….I Wanna Be Your Man….from a 1977 7” on Sensible Records. Every Rezillos single I have, has way different versions of the songs as on the longplayer. Just love the bass playing on this one, so powerful!
      24. The Buzzcocks….Boredom….from the Spiral Scratch EP from 1977. This has vocals by Howard Devoto who left the band to form Magazine.
      25. The Crimson Shadows….You Can’t Come Down….from a 1985 7” on Sunlight Records and from Sweden.
      26. Misanthropes….Why Do You Treat Me So Bad….from a late 80’s 7” on Get Hip Records.
      27. The Cynics….Painted My Heart….from a 1985 7” on Dionysus Records. This is the only Cynics record without longtime vocalist Micheal Kastelic.
      28. The Cunts….. Date With Disaster….from a 1982 7” on Disturbing Records and from Chicago.



      Ran outta time, certainly not records as we had planned to play many more. We’ll play a few more on next week’s show and we have Shane from Coaching For Sarah as a visitor next week.


      Big thanx to Ando for letting me play with the content rules for one week only, Huge Thanx to Miesha and the Spanks for taking the time to come on air live and yammer about their show tonight at Call The Office. And thanx for all the emails, facebook messages, phone calls and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!


      You might be able to catch the archived show here:




    • April 29, 2017 9:43 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist April 28/2016….Steven R. Stunning as Special Guest


      First show in a coupla weeks, we had a special guest in Mr Steven R. Stunning, frontman, CEO of longlasting local combo 63 Monroe, a band that has helped put London Ontario on the map. Shoulda looked at my notes as there were a coupla questions on the agenda that got missed, but we went in way different directions than originally planned. Free form radio in the modern age only happens on college airwaves….and we had a TON of fun!


      1. The New Christs….Born Out Of Time….played the Sonics Records 7” French press of this one and challenged the Boy From Nowhere to cover this one!! Had to get some anger out of my system due to some shit that happened today and no better way than this and the next blast o’sonic splash and free form vocalization courtesy the Boy Wonder Rob Younger. Grrrr!
      2. The New Christs….No Next Time….flip of the above and the dueling guitars on this one always slay me… nice!
      3. Downbeat 5….Kicked Around….from their debut CD dating around 2003 and on SFTRI. Singer Jen Rassler just lets loose and the anger leaves my system….whew!! Guitar crunch courtesy of DMZ vet JJ Rassler…maybe you remember him from the Queers. And he was probably a Lyre at one time or another as well. But I feel much better now.
      4. The Hippies….Nuclear Disaster….from their only 7”, early 80’s and from London Ontario. This one went out to musicologist Jesse Locke who is looking for this record. And 2 of these guys are in The Boy From Nowhere…..who happen to be playing tonight at the SOHO here in London Ontario.
      5. The Hippies….Can Teens….from the cassette, Slippery’s Club Hits, that came with What Wave 24 and also goes out to Jesse, as he hadn’t heard this one yet.
      6. 63 Monroe….At The Boot….from the same cassette as above and recorded in 1980 at the Cedar Lounge here in town and the intro to Mr Steven R. Stunning who got caught in the Tim’s lineup due to exam week happening here on campus.
      7. 63 Monroe….You Can’t See It….from the brand new Jeff LP. For late drummer Jeff Depew who did his last ever drumming on this recording.
      8. 63 Monroe….Oh No You Again…. As above. Steven informed me this is a Rolling Stones song. And he did all the proper paperwork for this release.
      9. 63 Monroe….Luxury….as above. And this is where Steven found out that the track order is incorrect on the LP sleeve.
      10. 63 Monroe….TV Is Brain Damage…. As above.
      11. 63 Monroe….Tickle Whisper Kiss…. As above.
      12. 63 Monroe….Hijack Victim….from a live recording 11/26/2016 at the Dawghouse here in London. Recording by longtime CHRW host John Gardi, The NiteBat.
      13. 63 Monroe….Battle Of New Orleans…. As above and this went out to local scribe Robert Pegg.
      14. 63 Monroe….Weekend Punx…. As above.
      15. 63 Monroe….Waiting…..from a live recording from Easter 1980 at the Cedar Lounge. I taped this one from the radio back in 1980 and it may have been recorded by Grammy winner and former CHRW host Peter Moore. He was known as Simon Less during his stint here many years ago.
      16. 63 Monroe….Johnny B Goode…. As above.
      17. 63 Monroe…..Road Runner…. As above
      18. 63 Monroe….Bad Boy…. As above.
      19. NFG….. After….. from a recording supplied by Robert Gliddon, bass player for NFG, the pre-cursor to 63 Monroe. Probably from 1979.
      20. NFG….House Of The Rising Sun…. as above.
      21. NFG….Give ‘Em Up… as above.
      22. 63 Monroe……Punk Rock Goalie….from the recent Jeff LP
      23. 63 Monroe…..Horizontal Hold….from the Hijack Victim LP on Rave Records out of Italy.


      Big Thanx to Steven R. Stunning for taking the time to join us and answer a load of stupid questions, live on air. It was a blast, and judging by the feedback I’ve received so far, people had fun listening to us old farts yammer about things long gone!


      Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, facebook messages and texts!!


      You might be able to hear the archived show at:

    • April 15, 2017 8:20 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist For Friday April 14th All Local Edition

      Yet another all local edition as the Jack Richardson London Music Awards were held on Sunday. Our good pals Uranus were inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame.


      1. Fiends….Falling In Line….from their self titled debut CD and they were live to air on the March 31st edition of Radio WW.
      2. Boy From Nowhere….Wild In The Streets….live recording from 11/26/2016 at the Dawghouse here in London. Coincidentally, Boy From Nowhere was playing live at exactly this time at the Really Good, Good Friday show in Exeter Ontario.
      3. Boy From Nowhere….Tonight…. as above.
      4. Randall and the Rivieras….All Work And No Play….brand new demo from this band of long time London/Exeter gang of lunatics.
      5. Randall and the Rivieras….Drinkin’ From The Well…. As above
      6. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip….from the recent Salvation Through Distraction CD.
      7. 63 Monroe…You Can’t See It….from the brand new Jeff LP from this longtime London combo.
      8. Mogs….Gravy Train….from a mid 90’s demo from this combo formed by the late Rob Munro. A couple of years back, Rob finally released this as a CD with a brand new band. Rob passed away not long after the release.
      9. Excelsior….Pornos….from the 2015 Punk Floyd EP.
      10. Terminal Wallys….City Saviour….from the 2007 CD, The New Old School. Street punk from the east end of London Ontario and proud of it.
      11. Bill Durst….Devil’s Man…..from a 7” on Axe Records from 1980. Bill was in Thundermug and still plays to this day.
      12. Marcellus Wallace…Dollar Bill….from a CD a couple of years back. Only got to see them once, opening for Barrence Whitfield and the Savages and both bands put on killer shows.
      13. Pacanomad…..Paranoid…from the recent Take It Slow CD.  Caught them at the Aeolian Hall a couple weeks back and they put on a great show.
      14. Jim Ashby….Speed City….from a re-issue 7” on Speed City Records. Originally came out back in 1970.
      15. Frank Ridsdale….Little Red Riding Hood….from a live to air on Radio WW, 10/13/2016
      16. Feast Of The Mau Maus….Young Al Gleason…..from a live recording at Joe Kools, 7/84. Al Gleason was mayor of London many years ago.
      17. 10 Heads….Mood Elevator….from the Swimming and Singing CD from 2001. This band has re-formed with a couple of new members under the name 10 Heads On 10 and put on a great live show.
      18. J Geils…..It Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party….from the 1973 Bloodshot LP. This goes out to guitarist J Geils who passed away earlier this week.
      19. J Geils….It Ain’t What You Do….from the 1971 The Morning After LP.
      20. J Geils….Love-it is….from the 1975 Hotline LP.  Some may remember that Canadian white soul combo Mandala recorded this a few years prior to the J Geils version. Both are great party inducing originals.
      21. Bath Salts…Cool Like The Music…..from the recent Mardi Gras CD.
      22. Coaching For Sara…..These People….from the debut self titled Cd from last year. We had Coaching For Sara doing a live to air on Radio WW a couple months back.
      23. The Mongrols….Plastic Girl…from the Four Whom The Bell Tolls EP that came with What Wave zine #16 from 1988. Not to be confused with the present day Mongrels (note spelling difference)
      24. Uranus….Secret Agent Man…from their 1980 7” on Trilogy Records and Uranus were inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame on Sunday.
      25. B Girls….Fun At The Beach….from a 1979 7” on Bomp Records and features Londoner Marcy Saddy on the drums.
      26. The Thing From Outer Space….Apache…from their recent self titled debut CD.
      27. Dragsville…..Royal Drag….from a 2015 dowload and features a couple members of The Fine Print.
      28. Ruth’s Hat……Rock’n’Roll 2006….from the Nostalgic For Now CD from 2006.
      29. Condo Christ….Weekend Punx…from the 1986 CHRW compilation LP London Underground.
      30. The Terminals…..Spiderman….from their We Killed CD and this stopped about 10 seconds into the song for some odd reason.
      31. Heart Attack Kids….Eh Ok…from their EP on Speed City/ It’s Trash Records.
      32. The Finks….Now….from their self released single from 1987.
      33. The Zellots….Soldiers….from their 1980 demo recordings.


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!! And a HUGE thanx to all at the UIC/Boy From Nowhere/Myrtle Earl show that came up to say how much they enjoyed last week’s show!!! All these kudos are really helping with my sanity right now!!!

      Next week…’s gonna be another special; Teenage Rampage On A Seniors Discount!!!!  Gonna screw the Canadian content and just play what I really love for one show only, and drool and rant about the songs/combos! You might hear music by such combos as; The Cramps, Flamin’ Groovies, Fleshtones and who knows what else.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:


    • April 7, 2017 8:42 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Extra Long Show Playlist April 7/2017


      We started this show at 3:30 (Thanx to our Program Director Ando for giving us the extra time!) and the first half hour was pretty much all Uranus recordings. Uranus recordings as they will be inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame this Sunday. The show is happening at the London Music Hall, starts at 7PM and is a free show! Hope to see lots of you out at this event!

      Then around 4PM we did the world radio premier of 63 Monroe’s latest LP, Jeff, which is dedicated to the late Jeff Depew, drummer in many of London’s finest bands over the last 20 or so years!

      Then we had a special guest in Dave Dysart, guitarist for UIC who are returning to London Ontario for the first time in about 25 years! Dave is the new guy, but familiar to most of us via The Supreme Bagg Team and he has worked with most of the members of UIC in other projects over the years. We yammered like 2 old farts after having way too many beers and had a lot of laughs. Learned a few things too!! UIC will be at Call The Office on Saturday night with Boy From Nowhere and Myrtle Earle.


      1. Uranus....Highschool….recorded live at the Embassy Hotel 3/22/1982 and broadcast on CHRW. Probably recorded live by Peter Moore.
      2. Uranus….Route 66….live recording from a car show in Toronto and broadcast on CFNY, probably 1980.
      3. Uranus….Around And Around….recorded live at Kellys Boogie Parlour and broadcast over the airwaves of CKSL here in London….early 80’s? Kellys later became Bullwinkles, which became Hard Times, then a mall and much later Salt Lounge and even later….
      4. Uranus….Maybe Baby…..recorded live at Call the Office 10/27/12 as part of the Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990 art show and extravaganza.
      5. Uranus…..Secret Agent…. As above.
      6. Uranus….You’re So Square….from the 1980 Trilogy LP You’re So Square….this is the song that made top 10 across Canada and number 3 on CKSL in 1980.
      7. Uranus….53 Buick….from the You’re So Square LP
      8. Uranus….Along The Watchtower…. As above.
      9. 63 Monroe….Punk Rock Goalie….from the brand new LP called Jeff, for late drummer Jeff Depew. This is most likely the radio debut as the record just came out this past Wednesday when 63 Monroe played at Rumrunners as part of the Jack Richardson London Music week. Also on the bill that eve was The Mongrels and Black Donnellys.  Great turnout and a really fun eve of music!
      10. UIC….Pushed In To The Hole….from the brand new Wiseman Sessions that came out on Yeah Right Records. The record release party is happening Saturday night at Call The Office and at this point, we were joined by Dave Dysart, guitar player for UIC.
      11. Boy From Nowhere….. Southward Bound….recorded live at the Dawghouse, 11/26/16 and the Boy are one of 2 (the other Myrtle Earle) combos opening up for UIC on Saturday night.
      12. Boy From Nowhere….Back In The USA….. as above.
      13. The Supreme Bagg Team…. Crankin’ With Elvis….from the Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood LP on OG Records from 1989. The Bagg Team was a band that Dave Dysart was in and they appeared on a couple of What Wave compilation cassettes as well. In my opinion, my fave tune by these guys and this shoulda been a hit!!
      14. The Supreme Bagg Team….20th Century Dog Faced Boy….from their only longplayer, Stereo on OG Records.
      15. UIC….Light It And Fly….from the Wiseman Sessions LP.
      16. UIC….Outta Hand….from the Wiseman Sessions LP.
      17. UIC….Green Lady…..from the Wiseman Sessions LP.
      18. UIC…2 + 2….from a rarities CD that Dave brought and most likely from the Accusonic demos from 1985.
      19. UIC….Blade In The Back…. As above.
      20. UIC…..Who’ll Start The End….. as above.
      21. UIC….Cure The War…. As above.
      22. UIC…..Our Garage….recorded live at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto 9/16 and the only recording we have of Dave in the band.  Dave Dysart has only played 2 shows so far with UIC, but as he says, rehearsed a TON of times!
      23. UIC….Crop Dusting….live recording from Call The Office 3/16/1985. This one goes out to regular listener Mike Burton as he phoned to ask if UIC was going to play this tune at the show.
      24. UIC…..Shamrock Bang…. As above.
      25. UIC…..I Got Nerve…. As above.
      26. UIC…..Let’s Work Together…. As above
      27. UIC….Telephone…. as above.
      28. UIC…..Nashville Dreamin’….from the Our Garage LP on Fringe Records.
      29. UIC….All Together Now…. As above.
      30. UIC…..You Drive Mad…. As above.
      31. UIC...I’m Alive… as above
      32. The Chickens….Chicken Ride….from the Prepare To Plug In CD from 2000. 4/5 of this band was UIC and this same 4/5 are in the present UIC…..make sense?   Ken Mikalauskas was the other guitar player in The Chickens,  he moved out east and Dave Dysart came in when UIC reformed to do one show a year ago. Since then, they’ve played one more and Saturday marks their 3rd show!
      33. The Chickens….White Squirrel Town…. As above. We played this song as UIC will most likely be playing this on Saturday night.
      34. UIC….Rich Kids….from the Wiseman Sessions and we had to fade this out as we more than ran out of time.


      Huge Thanx to Dave Dysart for taking the time to come onair and yammer about UIC and things from days gone by. Hope you listeners had as much fun as I did!!!


      Sunday is the annual Jack Richardson London Music Awards happening at London Music Hall. Uranus will be inducted into the hall of fame that night and play a couple of songs live. We're nominated in one of the categories....and it's free!   See you on Sunday night!


      Next week will be a Good Friday show and we’ll continue with the almost all local tunes with a few new releases that have been dropped off at HQ…..Thanx to all the bands that take the time to send us stuff!!!


      Here’s a link to the archived show:



    • April 1, 2017 9:37 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist March 31/2017    Fiends Live To Air


      This show is dedicated to Rory The Wonder Dog, our pal of 15 and a half years that passed earlier this week. Over the years, Rory had met many of the bands that stayed over at our place and always made everyone feel welcome!

      And we had a live to air with the Fiends, who were a ton of fun to have on air! And this is an all London Ontario show as we work our way into Jack Richardson Music Week starting on Sunday.


      1. Baby Giant…..Radio Youth…..brand new download from our pal Shawn McDonald who has been in many fine bands.
      2. The Fiends…..Falling In Line….this was part of our live to air.
      3. The Fiends….Never Old…. As above
      4. The Fiends….Vacation….as above.
      5. The Fiends….Trending…. as above.
      6. The Fiends….30 Something…. As above.
      7. Hurricane and Able…The Leaves On The Ground….from The Last Temptation download from 2013. Right around this time, Fiends members Jamie Dean and Darryl James came on air to talk about the band and let us know about their next show happening July 8th at SOHO here in London. They also have a CD out that you should be able to get at Grooves very soon and the usual download methods.
      8. The Fine Print….Tonite…from their Standing Out CD from a few years back.
      9. The Comos….She Doesn’t Care….from their 2006 CD, Bandwidth
      10. Boy From Nowhere….Tonite….recorded live at The Dawg House here in London 11/26/16 and they will be opening for UIC on Saturday April 8th at Call The Office.
      11. UIC….Heartache…from the Wiseman Sessions LP and they will play for the first time here in London in many years! Next week we’ll have one or 2 members of UIC on air to talk about the show and maybe some history.
      12. Can Too’s….I Don’t Wanna Shake Your Hand….from their only CD and from 2005.
      13. Giggleswitch….Pollyethylene….from theie Lucky CD from 2007 and they have reformed and played a show or 2.
      14. Generics….Oh Well…..from a 1983 recording and originally by The Demics.
      15. The Demics….Heart Of The City…..from a live recording from 1978 at the Cedar Lounge.
      16. Uranus….You’re So Square….from their single on Trilogy Records that made the top 10 radio charts across Canada in April 1980. Uranus will be inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame on Sunday April 9th as part of the awards night. They will be playing a short live set as part of the show. This will be a free show, in the London Music Hall, starts at 7 and should be over by 10PM or so. This is a really good opportunity to check out some of London’s amazing talent!
      17. Shakey Jack….Won’t See You No More….from The Demics Covers CD that came out several years back and was compiled by original Demics drummer Nick Perry.
      18. Positively Stompin’….Nashville Dreamin’…from the Junk Drawer CD that came out in 1993. Couple of former UIC members and a Legend Killer and his brother play some country rock type tunes.
      19. Jane Doe….There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop…..single from the mid 80’s that features a lot of the local musicians from the time period.
      20. The Haunted…..Mona….from a 7” and this goes out to Jurgen Peter, guitarist and founder of The Haunted who passed away earlier this week.
      21. The Haunted….1 2 5….from a 7” on the Amy label.  This is the song that put The Haunted on the map of 60’s garage bands. Covered by just about every band and just one of the greatest songs of the era!
      22. The Mongrels…..All Systems Go….from their 2013 demo and they will be doing their once a month shot at the Richmond Tavern on Sunday from 4 till 7PM. Then they are playing Wednesday April 5th at Rumrunners along with 63 Monroe and the Black Donnellys as part of a pub crawl as part of the Jack Richardson Music Week here in London. There are about 7 clubs downtown all featuring local talent that night. Some of the shows start at 7PM and others start at 9PM and all free. We’ll be at Rumrunners to see Mongrels, 63 Monroe and Black Donnellys!
      23. 63 Monroe….Weekend Punx….recorded live at The Dawghouse 11/26/2016.
      24. The Dropouts…..Bored Stiff….from their debut CD from 2003.
      25. The Black Holes….One Cup Of Coffee….recorded live at the Brunswick many years back.
      26. Pink Cadillac Scat Cats….Ain’t No Rest For Elvis….from the Rip It Up CD and we had these guys on a live to air last July to celebrate Nick Perry’s birthday.
      27. Larry Lee and the Leesures…..Odd Man Out….from their self titled LP from 1965 and a song sometimes covered by The Black Holes and this one should have been recorded by The Cramps as it’s definitely in their style.
      28. Nihilist Spasm Band…..This Is A Test….from London Ontario’s longest running band???
      29. Sheep Look Up…..Propaganda Train…..unreleased demo from this band that was inducted into the Jack Richardson London Music Hall Of Fame last year.
      30. Suffer Machine…..Suffer Machine….from the LP of the same name and released in 1986.
      31. Flying Squad….Brian Mulroney…..a demo about our former Prime Minister.
      32. Strait Jacket…Dance To The Beat Machine….from a 7” from the mid 80’s.


      Huge Thanx to the Fiends for taking the time to come in to play live to air here on Radio What Wave. And a Huge Thanx to Adam and his crew for making it sound so good!

      Next week we’ve got one, possibly 2 members of UIC coming on air live to talk about the UIC reunion show happening next Saturday, April 8th with Boy From Nowhere and Myrtle Earl!!

      And this coming week, starting Sunday April 2nd is Jack Richardson London Music Week with literally TONS of events happening. Check facebook for all the details.

      Here’s a link to the archived show:


    • May 26, 2017 1:52 PM CDT
    • Iceland still rocks, there are no fuckin elves. Funk tourists and fuck everybody that plays music in Iceland.

    • May 23, 2017 12:14 AM CDT
    • And if you're interested in the lost episodes of Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio Show you can access them here:



    • May 21, 2017 10:56 PM CDT
    • Been a part of the garagepunk network for many years...just wanted to let you all know I recently launched Earache Radio.  If you aren't subscribed to radio mutation, would love you to check it out. 

      Earache RadioEarache Radio is a bi-weekly podcast (for the most part) from Seattle, WA, brought to you by the same folks as Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Radio (if you ever got into that one).  Earache Radio plays 45's and some LP cuts, mostly all kindsa garage rock, punk, rock n' roll, and grunge music with lots of stuff from the great northwest, around the country and around the world.  You can check it out here:  and access the prior episodes.

      Latest episode info is posted here:

      You can subscribe to the podcast here:

      You cannot also connect w/ me on twitter:  @eldouchebagel and @earacheradio206 (which i just started for the cast)

      Feel free to post comments, make requests, tell me to pound sand, etc.


      Here's the playlist for Episode 10 in case you're interested what we're up to:

      Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - "Punk Rock Secret"
      Yummy - "Piss N' Boots"
      Mudhoney - "Sonic Infusion"
      The Screaming Trees - "Flashes"
      The Scientists - "Atom Bomb Baby"
      The Statics - "Sooprize Package For Mr Mineo"
      The Last Sons of Krypton - "Teenage Trash"
      Gino &/the Goons - "Push Your Luck"
      The Pristeens - "He's Luckier Than You"
      Gaunt - "No Hope"
      The Boys From Nowhere - "No Reason To Live"
      TAD - "Jinx"
      Davie Allan &/the Arrows - "Chopper"
      The Bulemics - "Austin Strangler"
      Zeke - "Spoonful"
      The Hanson Brothers - "You Are Not For Me"
      M.O.T.O. - "On Top of the World"
      The Gloryholes - "That's All There Is"
      Coffin Break - "Pop Fanatic"
      Skin Yard - "Hey Bulldog"




    • May 22, 2017 11:10 AM CDT
    • I FOUND ALVIN STARDUST'S FIRST UK ALBUM , RECENTLY. I've always liked what little I'd heard , but , apart from a couple of singles , I've never seen anything turn up. In fact , I already found a Shane Fenton (Stardust's previous hit venture in the 60's , where he assumed the identity of his band's previous frontman , who had died suddenly . ) CD comp, years earlier.  The Stardust LP is surprisingly good , at times ,           T Rex/Slade good. His vocal style owes a lot to Gene Vincent and Vince Taylor.    In fact , so did his stage personna.  So , if you like the Chinnichap/Mike Leander sound , and are at all intrigued by Glam's more than casual flirtations with Rockabilly , seek him out.

    • May 8, 2017 12:15 PM CDT
    • Two recent programs of Revolution Rock featured intervew with members of Guided By Voices.  I speak with Doug Gillard (who currenlty plays with the band and originally played with the band from 1997-2004) and Tobin Sprout who played with the band from 1992-1996 and again when they reformed from 2010-2014.  The shows also feature music from Guided By Voices, Gem, Doug Gillard, Tobin Sprout, Brain James, Zoom, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, The Clash, The Evaporators and Iggy & The Stooges and several others.  

      Show 655 Playlist (Doug Gillard Interviw):

      1. Juliana Hatfield - Good Enough For Me
      2. Tacocat - I Love Seattle
      3. Slowdive - Don't Know Why
      4. Chad Vangaalen - Clinically Dead
      5. No Fun - Planet
      6. Gem - Suburban Girl
      7. Doug Gillard - No Perspective
      8. Guided By Voices - Goodbye Note


      9. Robert Pollard & Doug GIllard - Pop Zeus
      10. ESP Ohio - Royal Cyclopean
      11. Guided By Voices - An Unmarketed Product
      12. Zoom - Sweet Desperation
      13. Cousins - Lullaby
      14. Tuns - Throw It All Away
      15. Slow Down Molasses - Secret
      16. Construction & Deconstruction - Onomatopoeia
      17. Shotgun & Jaybird - Borrowed Minivans
      18. Woods - Bleeding Blue
      19. Warm Soda - Don't Stop Now
      20. The Finks - Now
      21. The Scenics - Western Hills (Live - Toronto 2016)
      22. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - Judy
      23. Pavement - Unfair
      24. Tim Darcy - You Felt Comfort
      25. Guided by Voices - Dr. Feelgood Falls Off the Ocean
      26. Guided By Voices - Universal Truths and Cycles
      27. Guided By Voices - Hold On Hope

      Download/listen to this show here:

      Check out my blog post on Guided By Voice's August By Cake album and for a direct link to the interview here:

      Show 654 (Tobin Sprout Interview):

      1. The Clash - Police & Thieves
      2. The Congos - Sodom & Gomorrow
      3. Robyn Hitchcock - I Pray When I'm Drunk
      4. Brain James - Why? Why? Why?
      5. Feefawfum - No Content
      6. Tobin Sprout - The Universe and Me


      7. Tobin Sprout - Moonflower Plastic (You're Here)
      8. Tobin Sprout - To My Beloved Martha
      9. Guided By Voices - Awful Bliss
      10. Fig.4 - Behind Her Eyes
      11. The Kinetics - Take A Train
      12. Ron Gallo - Pleasure Yourself
      13. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Always Sad
      14. The Evaporators - Welcome To My Castle
      15. Lush Buffalo - Jane The Ripper
      16. Jay Som - 1 Billion Dogs
      17. Middle Sister - The Sea
      18. Beams - Black Shadow
      19. Elliot Smith - Speed Trials
      20. Spoon - First Caress
      21. Blessed - Endure
      22. Mad Ones - It Never Rains
      23. Iggy & The Stooges - I Got A Right (Raw Power Sessions Outtake)

      Download/listen to this episode here:

      Check out my blog post on Tobin Sprout's The Universe and Me and for a direct link to the interview with Sprout here:

    • April 4, 2017 6:24 PM CDT
    • Here are two programs taht feature a larage selection of Chuck Berry songs and covers, in addition to healthy doses of garage, punk and new wave.  

      Show 650 (Chuck Berry Tribute Show):

      1. Chuck Berry - Reelin' And Rockin' (Alternate Version)
      2. Chuck Berry - Rock And Roll Music (Demo)
      3. Chuck Berry - I Want To Be Your Driver
      4. The Rolling Stones - Come On
      5. The Rolling Stones - Around And Around
      6. The Courtneys - Silver Velvet
      7. The Courtneys - Minnesota
      8. Skye Wallace - Stronghold
      9. Dean Drouillard - Mid Sea Flood
      10. Bo Diddley - Fireball
      11. Of The Pack - Feel The Same
      12. Century Palm - Inner Vision
      13. AC/DC - School Days
      14. The Kinks - Beautiful Delilah
      15. The Sonics - Roll Over Beethoven
      16. Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Rock n' Roller (Take 11A)
      17. Chuck Berry - Viva Viva Rock n' Roll
      18. Chuck Berry - 21 Blues
      19. The Famines - Zero Sum
      20. TV FREAKS - Don't Read The News
      21. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - Talk 2 Her
      22. Dany Laj & The Looks - Sweet Pretender
      23. The Matinee - Figure It Out
      24. The Rolling Stones - Carol
      25. The MC5 - Back in the USA
      26. Chuck Berry - Big Boys
      27. Chuck Berry - Wee Wee Hours

      Download/listen to this program here:

      Check out my blog post on this episode and Chuck Berry here:

      1. Chuck Berry - Bio
      2. Chuck Berry - Around And Around
      3. Chuck Berry - Back In Memphis
      4. The Routes - Thousand Forgotten Dreams
      5. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter
      6. Cawama - Come Around
      7. Specifics - 13
      8. B.A. Johnston - I Need Donair Sauce
      9. Cheap Trick - He's A Whore
      10. Blank Square - Empty Head
      11. Meatbodies - Scavenger
      12. Tim Darcy - Tall Glass of Water
      13. Temples - Certainly
      14. Mick Futures - Mini Mag
      15. T. Rex - Dandy In The Underworld
      16. T. Rex - Teen Riot Structure
      17. T. Rex - Celebrate Summer
      18. The Velvet Underground - Femme Fatale (Alternate Version)
      19. The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man (Live - The Complete Matrix Tapes 1969)
      20. The Feelies - Flag Days
      21. Whoop-Szo - Another Show
      22. Leonard Cohen - Leaving The Table
      23. The Sadies - There Are No Words

      Download/listen to this program here:

    • April 7, 2017 6:17 AM CDT
    • Hi everybody, we're the Tasty Wangs!  We're new to the group and just wanted to say hello and that we're glad to be here.

    • April 5, 2017 11:13 AM CDT
    • music can also be given away for free,

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    • April 5, 2017 2:50 AM CDT
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      Drug laws, and laws which out of paranoia invade the rights of Muslims and other kinds of dissidents. 

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      An anarchist slack economy may also be proposed, wherein no % of income is dedicated to anything other than the discretion of the individuals consenting to dollar for dollar tax free exchange, and bartering. And social attempts to induce global slack from disciplined evolving.

      For bands that cannot use other kinds of economic systems, promotional advice, including on art patronage resources? Stories of having lived as such bands legally?