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    • October 21, 2017 1:44 PM CDT
    • Playlist 10-21-17


      Crazy Squeeze - Let's Go Down
      Wonderstuff - Unbearable
      Woggles - Pitch A Fit
      Mono Men - Burning Bush
      Routes - My Hardened Skin
      Forty Nineteens - Another Day
      Escobar - Salvation
      Smoggers - Razones Para Odiar
      Peter118 - Wasting
      Chinese Burn - Shut Your Mouth
      Brix & The Extricated - Damned For Eternity
      Wave - Up Against
      Drag - Neurotica
      Anarchistwood - Answer To War
      Human Wreckage - Dying Inside
      Killing Joke - Wardance
      Electric Prunes - Get Me To the World On Time
      Les Breastfeeders - Qui a deaux femmes
      Teddybears - Cobrastyle
      Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
      Miscalculations - Tame The Ocean
      Shemales - Bitch
      SLT - Dirty Sleep
      Terminal Rage - Where's Our Democracy
      Slow Faction - Poundland Society
      Sickfist - Let The Angels See Me
      Wipes - One Chance
      Templars - Propaganda
      Volcanics - We Don't
      Professionals - Some Play Dirty
      Hospital Food - Intimidatin Man
      Dead Boys - Down In Flames
      Ramones - We're A Happy Family
      Newtown Neurotics - Wake Up
      Oh Sees - Jettisoned
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • October 21, 2017 5:29 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday October 21st from Noon-2:0PM EST. I have a bumper crop of new garage-punk bands and songs that have never been played on the show before today. Tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live at

    • October 7, 2017 1:44 PM CDT
    • Playlist 10-07-17

      Crass - Where Next Columbus
      Flipper - Way of the World
      Mob - Another Day, Another Death
      UK Subs - Endangered Species
      Woogles - Luminol Test
      Hi-Risers - ATM Inside
      Screaming Tribesman - Ice
      Divine Horsemen - My Sin
      Professionals - Some Play Dirty
      Slow Faction - 59 Minutes Past 11
      Hospital Food - Small Man In A Big World
      Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Pirate Love
      Wipes - One Chance
      Jam - Funeral Pyre
      Clapham South Escalators - Leave Me Alone
      Flys - Love and a Molotov Cocktail
      Oh Sees - Jettisoned
      Death by Unga Bunga - Into the Night
      Forty Nineteens - Easy Come Easy Go
      Total Yuppies - Ever Ever
      Miscalculations - Blurred Photographs
      Mission of Burma - Hunt Again
      Flat Worms - Motorbike
      Mary's Kids - Time Has Come
      Generators - Street Justice
      Backyard Babies - U.F.O. Romeo
      Shemales - Beat Generator
      Volcanics - Eyes On A Better Day
      Snaps - Polka Dotted Eyes
      Miracle Workers - Infected With You
      Link Wray - Ace of Spades
      MC5 - Looking At You
      Escobar - Misbehavior
      Smoggers - Eres Asi
      Cramps - Confessions of a Psycho Cat
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • October 7, 2017 8:31 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday October 7th from Noon-2:00PM EST. Tune in at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or stream it live at

    • September 23, 2017 1:53 PM CDT
    • Playlist 09-23-17

      Hüsker Dü - Turn On The News
      Hüsker Dü - Diane
      Hüsker Dü - Pink Turns To Blue
      Hüsker Dü - Keep Hanging On
      Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night
      Kraut - N.G.R.I.
      Lunachicks - Jerk of All Trades
      Devil Dogs - Sweet Like Wine
      Volcanics - Natural In a Way
      Brix & The Extricated - Damned For Eternity
      Generators - Street Justice
      Slow Faction - The Definition of Madness
      Golden Dawn - My Time
      Three O'Clock - In My Own Time
      Norvins - Here I Am, Here I Always Am
      Smoggers - Tu Maldad
      Miscalculations - Tame The Ocean
      Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
      Flat Worms - Motorbike
      Wipes - My Head
      Hüsker Dü - Dead Set On Destruction
      Hüsker Dü - She's a Woman (And Now He Is A Man)
      Nova Mob - Woton
      Grant Hart - 2541
      Hospital Food - Oblivian
      Mary's Kids - Time Has Come
      Zex - No Sanctuary
      Heck - Waiting In Line
      Professionals - White Light, White Heat
      Operation Ivy - Knowledge
      Shemales - Shake That Rat
      Crash Mats - Watchmen
      King Khan and His Shrines - Got The Itch
      Lyres - How Do You Know
      Harmonia Lewinski - Pyramid Scheme
      Death by Unga Bunga - Into the Night
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • September 23, 2017 8:20 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday September 23rd from Noon-2:00PM EST. In memory of Grant Hart of Hüsker Dü, I will be playing a couple of sets of his music in addition to the usual punk and garage tunes. You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • September 9, 2017 2:02 PM CDT
    • Playlist 09-09-17

      Clash - 1977
      Electric Frankenstein - My World
      Dictators - Faster & Louder
      Generators - Street Justice
      Brix & The Extricated - Damned For Eternity
      Sons & Daughters - This Gift
      Mary's Kids - Again and Again and Again
      Shemales - Wake Up The Dead
      Miscalculations - Blurred Photographs
      Masshysteri - Var Del Av Stan
      Adverts - One Chord Wonders
      Buzzcocks - You Say You Don't Love Me
      Wipes - My Head
      Flat Worms - Motorbike
      Heck - Waiting In Line
      Dialtones - So Many Girls
      Slow Faction - 59 Minutes Past 11
      New Model Army - Master Race
      Cock Sparrer - Every Step of the Way
      Wire - Champs
      Smoggers - Porque Te Quiero
      Norvins - No Money
      Harmonica Lewinski - Pyramid Scheme
      Fox Sisters - What You Want
      Hospital Food - Intimidatin Man
      Dirt Byrds - Police On My Back
      Crash Mats - Watchmen
      Strays - Don't Mither Me
      Volcanics - We Don't
      Bullet Proof Lovers - Knock Down the Door
      Zex - More Time
      Doll Hands - She Sells Sanctuary
      Side Eyes - Get Lost
      Wyldlife - Desperate Times
      Bleached - Turn To Rage
      Safes - Streets and Sanitation
      Fiendz - Don't Point
      Bad Checks - Seventeen
      Eyes - TAQN
      CH3 - You Make Feel Cheap
      Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas

    • September 9, 2017 7:55 AM CDT
    • The Jeff of the Future Radio Show will be on the air and the web on Saturday September 9th from Noon-2:00PM EST. I will be playing loads of new garagepunk tunes and bands, in addition to some oldies and goodies You can listen at 89.7 WITR-FM in Rochester, NY or streaming live at

    • August 26, 2017 1:45 PM CDT
    • Playlist 08-26-17

      Mothers of Invention - Trouble Every Day
      Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead
      Stranglers - Nuclear Device
      Cock Sparrer - I've Had Enough
      Rattlers - On The Beach
      Hymans - Outcast of Society
      Bullet Proof Lovers - Knock Down the Door
      99ers - Calhoun Beach
      Dialtones - So Many Girls
      Missing Souls - Got To Have Your Lovin'
      Norvins - Love
      Monsters - Happy People Make Me Sick
      Hospital Food - Small Man In A Big World
      Soft Boys - He's A Reptile
      Vibrators - Pure Mania
      Chelsea - Right To Work
      Volcanics - Eyes On A Better Day
      Shemales - Bitch
      Mary's Kids - Time Has Come
      Zex - No Sanctuary
      Fleshtones - Way Down South
      Fox Sisters - What You Want
      Harmonica Lewinski - Risky Bizness
      Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army - Me, I Disconnect From You
      Epoxies - Synthesized
      Strays - TV Dinner
      Devo - Smart Patrol/Mr DNA
      Pegboy - Line Up
      Wipes - Broken
      Dirt Byrds - Looking On The Street
      Dollhands - She Sells Sanctuary
      Heck - Why?!
      Fallen Leaves - Prodigal Son
      CJ Ramone - Run Around
      Upper Crust - I Stand Corrected (Corrected Version)
      Bleached - Turn To Rage
      Godfathers - Gone To Texas


    • October 21, 2017 9:10 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist October 20/2017   Jane Zellot Colligan as guest


      1. Tuerto Loco….Nancy Sinatra….recorded live on Radio WW 5/12/2011 as a live to air. Nancy Sinatra was originally done by Hank’n’Frank and released on a cassette called Garunge that came with WW zine #14 December 1987. One of my all time fave tunes to come out of London Ontario and Tuerto Loco just happens to be playing at the St Regis on Saturday October 21st.  They may even play this song if you ask nice.
      2. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings….Something’s On My Mind…..from the 2007 Let’s Frolic CD. This song was originally done by Teenage Head, and coincidentally, this week is the anniversary of Frankie Venom’s passing. Frankie, was the original singer for Teenage Head.  And Blackie and The Rodeo Kings are doing a double show on Thursday night at the Aeolian Hall here in London.
      3. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings….Stoned….from the BARK CD from 2003 and sung by Tom Wilson.
      4. Mountain Of Wolves….Poison….from the brand new LP of the same name. Released on the brand new record label Forest City Records and obviously from London Ontario. They’ve got a live to air scheduled for Saturday April 28th here on CHRW to start our annual fund raising event.
      5. Tragically Hip….Suzy Q…recorded live at Call The Office 3/3/1988 as they played that venue many times. Goes out to their singer Gord who passed away this week.
      6. Mean Motor Scooter….Intro and Wave Spotting….from their brand new release on Dirty Water Records called Hindu Flying Machine and they are from Austin Texas.
      7. Expanda Fuzz…..Last Of The Who Heads….from the Last Of The Who Heads release that just came out. From Ottawa Ontario.
      8. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….The Grey and The Black….from their brand new Half Wits Lp on Speed City Records.
      9. UIC….Leave Me Alone….from the recent Wiseman Sessions LP on Yeah Right! Records. Recorded in 1989 and finally sees the light of day.
      10. Coaching For Sara…..Tonight’s The Night….from their remastered CD and they are playing tonight at the 765 Old East and will be doing a live to air on Radio WW on Nov 10th.
      11. The Dahlmanns….Connie Converse….from their brand new split 7” on Beluga Records out of Sweden and the are from Norway. Reputable sources call this the best powerpop combo on the planet!
      12. Escobar….Terrible Man….from their brand new The Biggest Sound release on Dirty Water Records USA and they are from France. They will be on tour with The Darts on their US tour for the next month or so.
      13. Stunning….Party Like a Rock Star….from their Punk Rock Soldier release and are playing at the Eastside tonight.
      14. The Saints….Follow The Leader….from the Casablanca LP from 1982 and goes out to drummer Iain Sheddon who passed away earlier this week. Iain picked up the sticks for The Saints when they moved to the UK and appeared on several albums. He was also a well respected music writer in Australia and had authored several books. He was not in The Saints when they played here in London a dozen or so years ago.
      15. Randall and the Rivieras….Drinkin’ From The Well….from their recent self titled CD and composed of long time vets of the London scene….2 of them were in The Verge, one is in 63 Monroe and one was in The Hippies and Boy From Nowhere….all respected bands in London’s musical history. Check WW zine 24 for more details, available at Brown and Dickson on Richmond St.
      16. Dirty Fences….One More Step….from their soon to be released Goodbye Love LP and this particular track features Tina Halladay of Sheer Mag. Dirty Fences are a NYC combo who started as more of a punk rock type thing, switching gears into one of my fave genres, powerpop. This whole new album comes highly recommended!!
      17. NYDolls….Don’t Mess With Cupid…from the Rock’n’Roll CD on Polygram from 1994. Thought you’d heard it all by The NYDolls and here’s this little blistering number to make your ears smile….couple of other unreleased tunes on this one as well, all from 1974.
      18. Empty Hours….Frankie and Delilah….from the It’s About Time LP and these guys are from Brantford Ontario. They were around 30 years ago, had a coupla tunes released on WW tapes and resurfaced a few years back. Gotta get these guys to come to London Ontario real soon.
      19. Heather Haley…..3 Blocks West Of Wonderland….from a few years back and Heather was the original singer for The Zellots, when they started in Vancouver back in about 1978.
      20. The Zellots…..On The Dole….from the brand new 7” of unreleased demos of The Zellots in their Vancouver days with Heather on vocals. You can pick this record up at Speed City Record here in town or at the London Record Show on the 29th from me.
      21. The Zellots….Vampyre Love…as above. These demos came from a cassette tape that someone found as the original reel tapes are long gone.
      22. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….as above….and coincidentally Jane Colligan, who played bass on these tracks and was the only bass player for The Zellots, came into the studio to talk Zellots. Originally Chrissy DeVeber and Jane were scheduled to come in, but Chrissy couldn’t make it and we were going  to re-schedule… radio, so you go with whatever happens!!
      23. The Zellots….1 Way Street….1980 recording done by Peter Moore from the Kent Hotel in the Kitchener area. This and the next 2 songs were broadcast on CHRW by Peter Moore (ya, the guy that won a Grammy last year and went under the alias Simon Less back in those days) and I taped them on my trusty cassette player.
      24. The Zellots….Fire In Cairo… as above. Jane talked about the Kent, as it was a strip bar in the daytime and then band in the evening. The Zellots were on stage getting ready and were hassled a fair bit by the patrons as the 3 front members are all female.
      25. The Zellots…I Love My Dog….as above and described as a fuck song by Jane as it was just something they made up…
      26. The Zellots….One Or The Other….recorded live at The York Hotel (no known as Call The Office) probably by Mike Niederman on his little trusty cassette deck. Probably from 1980 or there abouts.
      27. The Zellots…Blades….from a 1981 demo recorded at EMAC Studios in London. Coincidentally, this song was played the previous night on a TV show called Supernatural on the Space Channel. It was used in the background when a tattoo artist was at work! The things you learn on the fly from your guests!!!
      28. The Zellots….Social Elite….from the above demo and a request by Jane. These demos have been released by the band in small quantities and were sold at the Graphic Underground show back in 2012, the last time the band played.
      29. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….from August 1981 at the Cedar Lounge, and this was Doug and Rose’s wedding bash show…..also appearing that night were Certain General from NYC (with Marcy Saddy on the kit), Sheep Look Up (or were they Radio 4 that night) and the debut of Spiral Scratch. This was recorded by Dead Rabbit Kerry Piper on his trusty cassette deck and Doug is one of our regular listeners here on Radio WW as we played a couple of his requests a few weeks back.


      Huge Thanx to Jane Colligan for showing up to talk about the brand new record and all things Zellots. You can pick the record up locally at Speed City Records, or at the London Record Show on Sunday October 29th, Centennial Hall.

      And speaking of the London Record Show, Mike Todd will be talking next week about it on this show!

      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails and FB messages, you can catch the archived show here:


    • October 13, 2017 8:06 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist October 13/2017


      1. Pack AD….Build….from their Funeral Mixtape CD from 2008. Pack AD are at Call The Office on Thursday night.
      2. DOA….They Hate Punk Rock….from their Talk-Action =0 CD  from 2010.
      3. DOA….War….from their War On 45 LP from 1982. Right around this time, Joey Shithead from DOA called in to talk about tonite’s show at Call The Office. And he talked about their recent Asia and European tours and Joey now has his own guitar model that you can purchase.
      4. DOA….I Hate You… as above.
      5. DOA….War In The East…. As above.
      6. The Thing From Outer Space….The Thing From Outer Space….from their self titled debut CD. These guys are putting on a big surf show on Saturday night at SOHO right here in London. 5 instrumental surf combos!!
      7. The Thing From Outer Space….Too Drunk To Surf….from their latest demo.
      8. Fridge Magnets….Hypodermic Beach….from Baloney Sandwich, the cassette that came with What Wave zine #19 back in 1990. Fridge Magnets are from the west coast.
      9. Surfaris…..Surfer Joe….from a 7” on the Dot label and picked this up about 50 years ago when I was a kid. The flip side is Wipeout which is pretty well worn out from so many spins!
      10. Agent Orange….Pipeline….from a 7” on Posh Boy Records from 1981 and probably my fave version of this song.
      11. The Volcanos…Girls Girls Girls….from a 1997 7” on the Get Hip Label and from Detroit. 2 of these guys were in the 3D Invisibles that played London back at a wedding in 1986.
      12. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….from a live to air from 6/16/2017 right here on Radio WW. Mack is due back in town on November 29th at Fitzrays.
      13. Underground Divas….This Train Is Running Out Of Faith….recent demo from this Montreal based combo.
      14. Lee Harvey Osmond….Hell Boy…from a demo and Tom Wilson, the guy behind this combo, is coming to town on October 26th with his Blackie and The Rodeo Kings to Aeolian Hall.
      15. Birds Of Paradise…..Beehive State….recent 7” from this Montreal combo and it’s on Hidden Volume Records out of Baltimore.
      16. Running From Daylight…..Coffin For Two…from their recent demo and these guys are at the Richmond Hotel tonight.
      17. Hiroshima Hearts….Got Me Movin’….from their recent 7” and from London Ontario.
      18. Cub….My Flaming Red Bobsled…from their Cuddlecore 94 CD on Mint Records and played this as the cover is a take off of DOA’s Hardcore 81 LP.
      19. B Girls….Fun At The Beach….from their brand new LP on Bomp Records and they have a reunion show scheduled for next month in Toronto.
      20. Oh! Gunquit….Walkin’ The Streets….from their recent Lightning Likes Me release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK.
      21. Pack AD….This Terror….from their first release, Tintype from 2007. Pack AD played their first ever London show at the Brunswick Hotel, right after this was released. They were playing with another two piece combo, Paperboxes who were absolutely fantastic! Both bands went over so well, they played again at the Brunswick a week or so later!
      22. Dirty Fences….I Can’t Sleep At Night…from their Goodbye Love release on Dirty Water Records and these guys are from NYC.
      23. Julian Taylor Band….Heard Good Things….from their Desert Star CD from last year and they are at the Aeolian Hall this Thursday night. Right around this time we gave away a couple of tickets to this show, Rick Kelly was the lucky winner.
      24. Flamin’ Groovies….Don’t Talk To Strangers….from the Fantastic Plastic CD and originally done by the Beau Brummels (I had a brain fart on air and couldn’t remember the BB’s).
      25. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Dougall’s Drop…from the brand new Half Wits LP on Speed City Records and we had singer/guitarist Paul on with us last week.
      26. Mountain Of Wolves…..Don’t Call My Name….from their brand new Poison LP and from London Ontario.
      27. Empty Hours….Radio….from the brand new It’s About Time LP and from Brantford Ontario.
      28. Dr Feelgood….All Through The City….from their Down By The Jetty Lp from 1974 and leaders of the pub rock sound from the UK.
      29. Dr Feelgood….Watch Your Step….from the Malpractice LP from 1975.
      30. Dr Feelgood….20 Yards Behind….from the Down By The Jetty LP.
      31. The Chickens….My Obsession….from their Prepare To Plug In CD from 2000 and 80% of the members of UIC. And my obsession seems to be Dr Feelgood, especially the really early stuff with Wilko Johnson on the guitar.
      32. Godfrey and Company….Whittier Boulevard….from the East Side Sound LP on Dionysus Records and the sounds of East LA from the mid 60’s.


      Big Thanx to Joey Shithead for calling in to talk about all things DOA prior to the show that night. And big thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!!  Next week we’ve got Chrissy and Jane Zellot bringing in their brand new record, only 39 years in the making!!


      You can find the archived show here:



    • October 6, 2017 7:32 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist October 6/2017


      1. Coaching For Sara….These People….from their about to be released, re-mixed CD. They are scheduled for a live to air on Novmeber 10th right here on Radio WW.
      2. The Dahlmanns…..Connie Converse….from a brand new split 7” on Beluga Records. The Dahlmanns are from Norway, Beluga is based in Sweden, and the other side of the record is….
      3. The Stanleys….Amy….from a split 7” with The Dahlmanns. The Stanleys are from Australia, making this a world wide endeavor.
      4. Escobar…..The Biggest Sound….from their brand new, just released on Dirty Waters USA CD, The Biggest Sound. Escobar are a 2 piece from France.
      5. Randall and the Rivieras….All Work And No Play….from their brand new self titled CD and they are from Exeter and points  between London.
      6. The Thing From Outer Space…..Too Drunk To Surf….their latest demo and they have Surf-O-Rama 2 happening on Saturday October 14th at SOHO here in London. More about that next week.
      7. Long Day Journey….Space Age 5 Theme….from their brand new Stereo-Phonic Adventures In Space CD and from parts unknown.
      8. Jim Ashby….Speed City….from a 7” on Speed City Records and Saturday night is the 20th anniversary party for Speed City Records and also the record release party for Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants new LP, Half Wits.
      9. Heart Attack Kids….Platonic Love Bomb…..a 7” on Speed City Records and HA Kids are playing tonight at London Music Hall.
      10. DOA…The Enemy….from a 7” on Alternative Tentacles UK from 1981 and DOA are playing Call The Office on Friday Oct 13th. We’ll be talking to Joey Shithead on next week’s show.
      11. The Judys….Revolution Blues…..a demo from this Vancouver based combo that features many vets of the Vancouver punk scene.
      12. Emergency…..What You Gonna Do….from the 1234 LP and features Fergus who’s current combo is The Strike and they will be playing at Call The Office on Saturday as part of the Speed City/Johnny Terrien Bash.
      13. Thee Empty Hours…..Promised Land….from the Disgraceland cassette that came with What Wave zine 15 back in 1988. Thee Empty Hours re-formed a few years ago, and just released an LP, which is just below this….
      14. Thee Empty Hours…..Same Time Same Place…from the Baloney Sandwich cassette that came with WW zine 19 back in 1990.
      15. Thee Empty Hours…..For Real….from their brand new LP called It’s About Time. Thee Empty Hours are from Brantford Ontario, which is about an hour east of London.
      16. Thee Empty Hours….Fix You….as above. You’ll be hearing lots more from this LP in the upcoming weeks.
      17. Tom Petty….American Girl….from his self titled debut Lp from 1976 as Tom passed away this week.
      18. Tom Petty….Listen To Her Heart….from the You’re Gonna Get It LP from 1978.
      19. Tom Petty….Don’t Do Me Like That…from the Damn The Torpedoes LP from 1979.
      20. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..I Lost My Mind….from their brand new Half Wits LP that we are having the record release party at Call The Office tomorrow night. Paul Terrien dropped by about this time for a Meet Your Local Band session and talk about all things JT and the Bad Lieutenants.
      21. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Night Vision….. as above.
      22. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…. El Camino….from their very first 7” on Speed City Records.
      23. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…Happy Wanderer… above.
      24. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Only Game In Town….from the Half Wits LP that is on Speed City Records.
      25. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…The Grey and the Black…. As above
      26. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Riff Randall…. As above.
      27. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants….Enigma Machine…..from a split 7” with The Ponches and not on Speed City Records.
      28. Dany Laj and the Looks….Sweet Pretender…from their recent Alive and Kicking CD and are from Montreal.
      29. Dirty Fences…..Goodbye Love….from the recent Goodbye Love release on Dirty Water Records out of the UK, but Dirty Fences are from NYC.
      30. The Tranzmitors…..Dancing In The Front Row….from a 7” from 2006 and features Fergus on bass.
      31. Slyboots…..I Don’t Know You Now…from the International Pop Overthrow Volume 20 CD that came out recently and from NYC.


      Big Thanx to Paul Terrien for dropping by to yammer about all things Johnny Terrien and the big show happening at Call The Office tomorrow night!  And thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!

      Next week we’ve got Joey Shithead from DOA scheduled to talk about their recent Asian tour and big show on Friday October 13th at Call The Office.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:

    • September 30, 2017 9:10 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist September 29/2017


      1. Randall and the Rivieras…..Heartbreak and Sorrow….from their brand new self titled CD. Features a member of TVD/63 Monroe, a Boy From Nowhere and a guy by the name of Randall who was in a combo called The Verge circa late 70’s.
      2. Positively Stompin’….Barbwire….from their Junk Drawer CD from 1993. Offshoot combo from UIC and you can see some pics of these guys in the UIC FB page.
      3. Newport Electric….One Of A Million…from their So It Goes CD from 2015 and they had a gig at the Richmond the day this show aired.
      4. Hiroshima Hearts….Reach Out….from their brand new 7”, self released and available locally at our finest record stores.
      5. Twin Finn…Rocco Perri…..from their Whiskey Wine and Venom Love LP that came out in the last month or 2.
      6. Mr Haney’s Revenge….Justine….1991 7” from this Windsor combo that featured our pal Paul Langan, who was just inducted into the Windsor Music Hall Of Fame (or whatever they call it) for his long and tireless work in the Windsor music scene. This song was also featured on a WW cassette called The 8Th Wonder back in 1991.
      7. Lost Patrol….Second Time Around….from a 7” from this Windsor combo that Paul Langan commandeered. Probably late 80’s/early 90’s this band played London many times, were one of the first  bands produced/recorded by Juno Award winner Dan Brodbeck (when his studio was in his parent’s basement) and one of the few (if only) English Canadian bands to have an LP released in France, but not in Canada! And they played many WW benefits and shows for us and were featured on several WW cassettes and Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood.
      8. The Hypnotics….New Wave Monday….from their Modern Art Entertainment CD and we had them doing a live to air last week, right before they played the Richmond that evening.
      9. The Flamin’ Groovies….What The Hell’s Going On….from their brand new Fantastic Plastic CD and on tour in Europe right now.
      10. Mountain Of Wolves…..Poison….from their about to be released Poison LP and they have their record release party tonight at 186 York St.
      11. Oh! Gunquit…..Never Sorry…from their brand new Lightning Likes Me LP on Dirty Water Records. And speaking of Dirty Water Records, there is now a US outlet/division of the label that will be releasing some different records as well as distro for the UK division. The US part of the label is run by a member of one of our fave Dirty Water Records bands, The Darts!
      12. Dirty Fences….Dance….from their brand new Goodbye Love release on Dirty Water Records. This is an NYC based combo that have moved in a more powerpop direction for this release.
      13. Underground Divas….This Train Is Running Out Of Faith….from a brand new demo from this Montreal recording project.
      14. Killing Joke….War Dance….from their self titled first LP from 1980 and a request.
      15. PIL….Careering….from their 1979 Second Edition LP and also a request.
      16. Death Drive….Death Drive….from their self titled demo and from Montreal.
      17. Smithereens….Mr Eliminator….from a 12” EP and we posted a bunch of pics of The Smithereens on the Radio WW FB page, right before the band took off for the big time. And it goes out to Pat DiNizio, who had a fall in his home and had to cancel a couple of shows for recovery time. All the best to Pat!!
      18. The Smithereens…..Wall Of Sleep….from the 1986 LP Especially For You. One of my fave Smithereen tunes and I still vividly remember hearing the band play this long before the record came out and thinking this song should be a hit!
      19. Buddy Holly….Rave On…..from 1958 and goes out to Brian Logie who passed away this week. Brian name the London Knights, designed their uniforms, and was a HUGE hockey fan/collector whose specialty was hockey sticks. His collection went to the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto where he dedicated much of his time and expertise.
      20. B Girls….Who Says Girls Can’t Rock….from the brand new B Girls LP on Bomp Records and there is a B Girls reunion set for Toronto in November. Local drummer Marcy Saddy was a part of that band for several years.
      21. BB Guns….Bang Bang….live recording from CIUT’s Moondog Ballroom from 2/12/13.
      22. Charles Bradley…..God Bless America….from the Changes LP and goes out to Charles who passed away earlier this week. One of the greatest soul singers who could bring a packed house to tears and he’s gonna be missed big time!
      23. Charles Bradley….Good To Be Back Home… as above.
      24. Charles Bradley…..Changes….as above and Charles brings a whole new approach to this Black Sabbath song….so much emotion!!!
      25. King Khan and his Shrines….Land Of The Freak….from the Supreme Genius Of CD on Vice Records and goes out to Princess Sam who was in the studio with us last week.
      26. Barrence Whitfield and The Savages….Bloody Mary….from the 1985 LP Dig Yourself and goes out to Ryan In The Red, who does a show every couple of weeks on Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 right here on CHRW. Introduced Ryan to Barrence Whitfield and many other soul records when he dropped by a couple weeks back. BW was in town a couple years back, and this combo opened up for them…..
      27. Marcellus Wallace….Take It Higher….from their self titled CD and from right here in London Ontario.
      28. Kumonga….Here Come The Spiders….from their self titled CD from 2012 and from Oshawa Ontario. Lead singer/keyboard Dan Walters was in The Brown Hornets, who used to play here a fair bit.
      29. Quik…..Bert’s Apple Crumble…..from 1967 and a mod/soul dance floor filler! Taken from a Kent compilation called Rhythm and Blue-Eyed Soul and has some great Chris Farlowe tracks on it!
      30. Small Faces….Afterglow….from the Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake LP from 1968.
      31. The Artwoods…..Can You Hear Me…from the CD Art Gallery that collects some unreleased Artwood tracks and this song is from 1966. Art is the older brother of that Ron Wood guy, who’s presently in a little combo called The Rolling Stones. But getting back to The Artwoods, they were one of my fave mod/soul combos from the early to mid 60’s from the UK and profiled in detail in Ugly Things a couple years back.


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails and facebook messages!!! And congrats to Dan Holstead for winning The Hypnotics prize package! We’ve got another to give away next week.

      And speaking of next week’s show, Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants have their record release show the day after, and a couple of those guys will be dropping by to yammer about the show. And it’s gonna be a big one, as it’s also the 20th Anniversary Party for local record shop Speed City! If you haven’t been already, check out the selection at Speed City on Springbank Drive here in London.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:





    • September 23, 2017 2:10 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist Sept 22/2017 The Hypnotics Live To Air


      Some shows I feel like a duck on the water….all looks calm on the surface, but below, the feet are going insane! But it’s all for fun and we even had rock’n’roll royalty in the onair booth as a young student dropped by, and asked if she could watch the band play! Turns out the young student, Sam, is the cousin of King Khan!!! Told her about the time King Khan played Call The Office to all of about 12 people and still put on an absolute Stunner of a show! Shoulda taken pics at that show.


      And we had Windsor’s The Hypnotics doing a live to air during the show…had a few tech issues, but Adam and our Excellent sound crew here at CHRW were able to iron everything out and the boys blasted out the rock’n’roll for all you crazy listeners!!   And they sounded great later in the eve at the Richmond, playing with Running From Daylight (finally got to see these guys and they didn’t disappoint!!) and Space Slave played as well but had to leave.


      1. Oh! Gunquit……Fireballs….from their about to be released LP, Lightning Likes Me, on the Dirty Water Records label outta the UK.
      2. Dirty Fences….All You Need Is A Number….from the about to be released LP, Goodbye Love on the Dirty Water label. These guys are outta NYC.
      3. B Girls….B Side…from the just released LP on Bomp Records and recorded back in about 1978. B Girls have a reunion show set up for November in Toronto.
      4. Dave Rave….Anne Marie….from the recent A Little Messed Up In Rock’n’Roll LP. Dave, and our good pal Mack MacKenzie were playing a show together in California the day this show aired. And coincidentally, both have done live to airs here on Radio What Wave.
      5. Hiroshima Hearts…..Get Me Movin’….from their brand new 7” and we had a blast at their record release party on Saturday night. First time ever, we’ve had to wear earplugs at the Aeolian Hall!
      6. Underground Divas…..Devil With A Matchstick….demo from this Montreal combo. They record and we play on the air….
      7. Hurricane and Able….Suddenly….from a demo, couple years back and features Shawn MacDonald who is in Space Slave. Was trying to play some Space Slave to hype the show that night and oddly, it wouldn’t play.
      8. The Fine Print….Tonight….from their self titled CD from about 5 years ago and also features Shawn MacDonald.
      9. Running From Daylight….Coffin For 2….from their debut download and they were the opening band that night at the Richmond. They are well worth checking out if you dig thick, fast rockabilly sounds.
      10. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants…..Dougall Drop….from their brand new 12” on Speed City Records. Record release party is in a couple of weeks and details closer to the show.
      11. Noble Savages….I Don’t Wanna Be A Boy No More….from their recent Trouble Brewing CD on Transistor 66 Records.
      12. The Nervousmen…..Stride Adjustment….from their recent download and from London Ontario.
      13. The Judys….Human Fly…..demo that isn’t on their recent CD and from Vancouver.
      14. Flamin’ Groovies….Let Me Rock….from their brand new Fantastic Plastic CD that we actually have in the CHRW library!!! You’ll be hearing lots more from this release!
      15. The Undertones….When Saturday Comes….from their Positive Touch LP from 1981. Over the years, I’ve really grown to appreciate this LP and now understand the movement towards a soul sound by the band.
      16. The Spectors….In My Grave…..from a 1992 7” on Prospective Records from Minneapolis…been going through some of my Prospective 7”’s and there was a lot of cool and forgotten music on that label.
      17. The Sherbs….Time Is Waiting….from the compilation Lost In The Haze #19 from the Not Lame Powerpop label. The Sherbs were from Australia, and had a couple of their LP’s released in Canada in the early 80’s.
      18. The Skyhooks….Living In the 70’s….from the above compilation and released in Australia in the mid 70’s. The Skyhooks released several LP’s, most were released here In Canada and many in London may know the song You Just Like Me Cause I’m Good In Bed as 63 Monroe used to cover that one.
      19. Shaun Cassidy and Utopia….So Said About Us….from the above compilation and the first time we’ve ever played former teen heart throb Shaun Cassidy on this show! Expect the unexpected!
      20. The Hypnotics…..New Wave Monday….live to air, the first 30s or so of this one didn’t go over the airwaves as you gotta press that red button too!! If there wasn’t a screw up of some sort, it wouldn’t be a Radio What Wave!!
      21. The Hypnotics…..You Know You Got It Right….as above.
      22. The Hypnotics….All Yesterday’s Parties….as above.
      23. The Hypnotics…..Isn’t It Fun…. As above.  Then the band took a quick break so that Dave and Mike could swap guitar/bass for the second part of the live to air.
      24. Angry Dragons….Girlfriend….from their self titled CD from 2009.
      25. The Hypnotics….Can’t Stand It Any More….live to air.
      26. The Hypnotics…..Don’t Cry No Tears…. As above.
      27. 905s….Direction….from their 2015 CD Shake Down and from Brampton Ontario. Right after this one, The Hypnotics came on to talk and hype the show that happened that evening at the Richmond Hotel. Big Thanx to the band for taking the time to come and play live to air.
      28. Popular Mechanix….Ice Box City….from their 1981 debut LP and from Winnipeg. Still remember being blown away by these guys when they played The Cedar Lounge here in London right after this record came out!
      29. Pop Rivets……Fun In The UK….from their Fun In the UK LP from 1985, originally recorded back in about 1979. This is a Childish band, prior to The Milkshakes and all the following bands.
      30. Pop Rivets….Lambrettavespascoota….as above and part of a series of connected tunes….
      31. Pop Rivets…..Beatle Boots…as above.


      Big Thanx to The Hypnotics, Adam and the CHRW sound crew and all the crazies that phoned in, emailed and sent facebook messages! As always a blast!  Back next week with lots more ear candy and noise to annoy.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:



    • September 15, 2017 8:13 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist September 8/2017

      1. The Darts…..Not My Baby….from the soon to be released LP called Me.ow on Dirty Water Records.
      2. Pale Lips….Don’t Take Your Switchblade to New York City….from a recent 7” and from Montreal.
      3. Joe King Carrasco….Houston El Mover….from a 1980 self titled LP from 1980. They were actually from Austin, but the song is certainly appropriate for what is happening in Houston right now. And this LP came out around the time Joe and band made a couple of stops here in London Ontario.
      4. Red Krayola….Hurricane Fighter Plane….from a compilation called Epitaph For A Legend on the IA label. This song came out in 1967 and RK were from Houston.
      5. The Nomads….Little Red Book….from a compilation LP called Three O’Clock Merrian Webster Time on the Cicadelic imprint from 1982. The song was recorded back in 1967, and was unreleased until this LP came out. The Nomads were also from Houston.
      6. Long Day Journey….Count Down….from their brand new CD, The Space Age 5. From Hamilton Ontario, or are they from outer space?
      7. Duke Sedan and the Hi-Tones…..Hi-Tone Cats…from their self released debut CD from 2008. This is the beginning of our tribute set to the Brunswick Hotel reunion happening on Saturday at SOHO here in London Ontario. Prior to this song, we had Jon Traut talking about the Brunswick. And we tried to play a live CD by the Boy From Nowhere a couple of times and had some tech difficulty…..but we got that issue all fixed up with a bit of luck!
      8. The Sci-Phonics….Mystery Train…live recording from The Brunswick 1/28/1989. Frank and Jerry from the Sci-Phonics were both in Uranus and now, both are in the Stetson Brothers.
      9. Boy From Nowhere….Borderline… recording from the Brunswick, late 80’s/early 90’s recording.
      10. 10 Heads…..Fading Out…from their Swimming and Singing CD from 2001. A slightly revised edition of this band, now called 10 Heads On 10 will be playing at the Brunswick reunion tomorrow night.
      11. Positively Stompin’…..Ain’t I’m A Dog…..from the Cat’o’Nine Tales cassette that came with What Wave zine #21 back in 1992.
      12. Bill Barr….At The Brunswick….from Wave From The Grave cassette that came with What Wave zine #10 from about 1986. Tales of what the Brunswick was like prior to being taken over by a younger crowd.
      13. The Hypnotics….Inside Pop Revolution….from the Modern Art Entertainment CD from a year or so ago. The Hypnotics are going to be doing a live to air here on Radio WW on Sept 22. They are also playing that eve at the Richmond with Space Slave and Running From Daylight.
      14. B Girls…Fun At The Beach….from a 1977 7” and the B Girls have a brand new LP on the Bomp label.
      15. The Dahlmanns….Forever My Baby….from the recent 7” on Next Big Thing Records.
      16. Diamond Hands…..Just Another Day….from the brand new International Pop Overthrow CD, which is #20 in the series.
      17. Underground Divas….Roll Over Nixon….brand new recording from this Montreal based combo. You can find some of their tunes on Bandcamp.
      18. The Judys….Freedom 85….from their recent self titled debut CD and from Vancouver.
      19. Steely Dan…..Do It Again….from their 1972 LP, Can’t Buy A Thrill and goes out to Walter Becker who passed away earlier this week.
      20. Dany Laj and the Looks….Defending Champion….from their recent Alive and Kicking CD and they will be in town on Friday at Call The Office.
      21. Peter and the Wolves…Move Little Judy….from their 2015 CD, Papa’s Goin’ Out Of Town. Caught this band at the Richmond last night here in London and had a total Blast!!! 2 sets of screaming red hot rockabilly that had the sparse crowd up and dancing and having so much fun!!! Catch Peter and the Wolves live if you get a chance as they seem to tour a fair bit….from Calgary, Alberta.
      22. The Beatles….A Hard Day’s Night….from the LP of the same name and this weekend it’s Beatlefest here in London Ontario.
      23. The Beatles….Help….from the LP of the same name.
      24. The Beatles….And Your Bird Can Sing….from the Yesterday and Today LP. Played my original mono copy from 50 years ago and it still sounds great!
      25. Arthur Alexander…..Anna….from his A Shot Of Rhythm and Soul Lp on Ace Records and the start of a set of playing songs The Beatles covered.
      26. The Marvellettes…..Please Mr Postman…..from the 3LP Greatest Hits compilation.
      27. Arthur Alexander… A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues…..from the above Ace Records.
      28. Little Richard…..Good Golly Miss Molly….from the Specialty Sessions Box Set that came out in 1989.
      29. Arthur Alexander….Soldier Of Love…from the above Ace record. 
      30. Larry Williams….Bad Boy….from a Specialty 7”.
      31. Larry Williams…..Dizzy Miss Lizzy…..from a Specialty 7” record.
      32. Carl Perkins….Honey Don’t….from an 80’s Greatest Hits double LP. Carl played Fryfogles back in the early 80’s and I went to the Cedar to see The Forgotten Rebels instead. Still regretting that decision to this day.
      33. Hiroshima Hearts…..Spend Your Money….from their recent Bone EP and they have a record release party happening on Saturday Sept 16th at the Aeolian Hall with Pacanomad.

      Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!! That’s what keeps me going. Next week, we’ve got Mark Kearney lined up as a guest. Mark and his partner Randy Ray, recently released the book, As The Years Go By…..Conversations with Canada’s Folk, Pop and Rock Pioneers. We’ll be concentrating on bands from London and area in our onair conversation. But if you’ve got any questions for Mark, be sure to send them this way.

      Here's the Archived show:

    • September 15, 2017 8:03 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist September 15/2017   w/Mark Kearney As Special Guest


      Mark Kearney, co-author of the book As The Years Go By was our special guest for the first half or so of the show. Mark talked about most of the bands from London that are in his (and partner Randy Ray’s) latest book. The book is just over 400 pages of info and stories on many of Canada’s forgotten bands/artists from over the last 60 years or so. It’s a great read for the throne room, as each listing only last a couple of pages. And available locally at Brown & Dickson or the University Book Store.

      And near the end of the show, Dany Laj called in as Dany Laj and The Looks are in town tonight at Call The Office for a show.


      1. Uranus….Shake Some Action….from a live 1980 recording in Toronto. And we started the show by talking about Uranus, their hit and the fact the band made little money despite a hit in Canada.
      2. Uranus….You’re So Square…..from the 1980 7” and this one made #3 on the CKSL charts in May of 1980.
      3. Uranus….Tommy Get Your Gun….from their 1978 self released 7”.
      4. Uranus….I’m Wonderful….as above.
      5. Bluesmen Revue….Spin The Bottle….from their 1965 7” record on Columbia Records. Around this time we talked about Bluesmen Revue, how they won a battle of the bands contest, yet got none of the  promised prizes! Local man about town, Jim Chapman was a long time member of this combo.
      6. Thundermug….Africa….their top 10 single on AM radio back in 1973.  And right about here we talked about how Thundermug was the loudest band in London (and their rehearsal space) in Toronto.  One listener called in with a Thundermug request I didn’t have and said he saw the band about 40 times!
      7. Thundermug…..Duckworth Stomp….from the Ta-Daa LP from about 1975.
      8. Grant Smith…..Keep On Runnin’…..from a 7” record and around here we talked about Grant Smith and The Power who had this top selling record. One story that came out, was that when Grant was playing Las Vegas, he told Tom Jones (yep, that Welsh guy) to Fuck Off in front of a packed crowd! And right after this we talked about Truck, Gary and Dave and Priscilla Wright, all Londoners who have done, or are still doing wonderful musical things!!
      9. Grant Smith….Her Own Life….the flip side of the above single. It was a blast having Mark Kearney on the radio to talk about these London bands from the past. The reaction to the show was quite amazing, so we may bring Mark back at some future date to talk further about the history of Canadian music.
      10. The Hypnotics…..Radio City….from the Static Fuzz Radio LP from 2011. The Hypnotics are from Windsor Ontario, and they will be doing a live to air on next week’s show. And then later that eve, they play a show at the Richmond with Space Slave and Running From Daylight.
      11. The Hypnotics…..Can’t Stand It Anymore….from the Modern Art Entertainment CD from 2015.
      12. The Hypnotics….Our Generation….from the Static Fuzz Radio Lp.
      13. Hiroshima Hearts….Fool Me Twice…from the Bones EP and HH have their record release party at Aeolian Hall on Saturday night.
      14. Pacanomad…..Raspberry Jam….from their recent Take It Slow CD and they will be opening up for Hiroshima Hearts on Saturday.
      15. Dany Laj and the Looks…..Mr Screaming Attitude….from their recent Alive’n’Kicking CD and right about this time, Dany phoned in to talk about the show about to happen that night and what’s been going on in Dany Laj and the Looks world….ie opening for The Fleshtones, Teenage Head’s 40th Bash, Rubinoo’s and playing/recording with some of the kids of Cheap Trick members for starts!!
      16. Dany Laj and the Looks….Sweet Pretender….from the Alive’n’Kicking CD.
      17. Dany Laj and the Looks…..Small Town Kid….from the Word On The Street LP from a year or so ago.
      18. Steel River….Dream Is Country….from their 1970 LP, Weighin’ Heavy and we had to fade this one out due to time constraints.


      Big Thanx to Mark Kearney for taking the time to drop by the studio and talk about his book. It’s a great read for all that are interested in the history of Canadian music. And a big Thanx to Dany Laj for taking the time to talk to us about the show happening tonight at Call The Office!

      And Thanx for all the phone calls!!  There was a lot of interest in what we were talking about during this show judging by the number of calls that came in! And Thanx for all the emails, messages and Heys!!!

      Next week, we have The Hypnotics playing live to air before they head down to the Richmond to play with Space Slave and Running From Daylight.


      Here’s a link to the archived show:



    • September 1, 2017 7:53 PM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist September 1/2017


      1. The Mongrels….All Systems Go….from the usual demo and they have their monthly Rock’n’Roll Rent Party happening at the Richmond on Sunday from 4 till 7.
      2. Underground Divas…..This Train Is Running Out Of Faith…..brand new demo from a Montreal friend of Mack MacKenzie (who was live to air on last week’s show).  Timely and true this one.
      3. John Schooley….Black Diamond Express Train….from his self titled LP on Voodoo Rhythm Records and John is from Austin.  We had John in town at the Victoria Tavern along with Lonesome Ghost and Speaking Tongues several summers back.
      4. Lightning Hopkins…..Highway Blues….1953 recording from the Arhoolie LP, Historic Recordings. This one and the next go out to all the folks in Houston who are dealing with Hurricane Harvey.
      5. Lightning Hopkins….My Starter Won’t Start….from the Arhoolie LP, Po Lightnin’.  For years, Lightning was the King of the Blues in Houston.
      6. Satan’s Little Helpers….Another Girl….brand new release on Beluga Records out of Sweden.
      7. The Hypnotics…New Wave Monday…..from their Modern Art Entertainment CD from 2016. We’ve got The Hypnotics for a live to air on Friday September 22nd, and they have a show that eve at the Richmond here in London.
      8. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip….from the recent Salvation Through Distraction CD and they are playing tonight at Call The Office.
      9. Suicide Generation….London Blues….from the brand new self titled release on Dirty Water Record out of the UK.
      10. Long Day Journey….Space Age 5….from the brand new Stero-Phonic Adventures in Space! CD. From Hamilton and this is the soundtrack from a fictitious television show.
      11. The Thing From Outer Space…..Too Drunk To Surf…..latest demo from this London Ontario surf combo.
      12. Kathy Lynn and the Playboys….Rock City….instro from the Girls In The Garage Volume 2 LP, which is all 60’s female garage combos. Played this, as there was a picture of this combo at the Brass Rail Tavern here in London  on one of the FB history groups.
      13. 24th Street Wailers….Wicked….from the CD of the same name. This is from a Toronto based combo that moved to Austin and have been there a couple of years.
      14. Rough Trade….What’s The Furor About the Fuhrer…..from the 1980 LP. Avoid Freud.
      15. Sparks….Big Boy….from the 1976 LP, Big Beat.
      16. Chambers Brothers…..Time Has Come Today….single version and is on the CD of the same name.
      17. DOA….War….from the War On 45 Lp from about 1982. DOA come to Call The Office with The Black Donnellys October 13th.
      18. Belmondos….Have You Got Someone…..from the brand new International Pop Overthrow CD, #20 .
      19. Virtues….One Eyed Car…. As above.
      20. Leslie Periera and the Lazy Heros….Fly Like A Bird…as above.
      21. Ronnie Lee….Dare To Be Different…from the Permanent New Wave LP from about 1980 or so.
      22. Peter and the Wolves…Rock It Back In Time… recording and this combo hits the Richmond Tavern on Thursday.
      23. Agnelli and Rave….Let’s Shake….from the recent A Little Messed Up In Rock’n’Roll LP from Dave Rave.
      24. The Bop Cats….Rockin’ A Dream….from their first full length from 1981. Based in Toronto, but features the bass talents of Londoner Cam Marshman.
      25. The Road….James Brown….2009 recording from a former Ugly Duckling or 2.
      26. Ugly Ducklings….10:30 Train….from the Somewhere Outside Lp from 1966.
      27. The Paupers…..If I Told My Baby….1965 recording and goes out to drummer Skip Prokop who passed away this week. Skip was also drummer for top 40 combo Lighthouse.
      28. Dave Edmunds….Sabre Dance….from the Singles A’s and B’s LP and this song is from 1968. Finished the show with a tribute to Dave Edmunds as he announced his retirement this past summer.
      29. Dave Edmunds….Down Down Down….1972 recording from the Rockpile LP.
      30. Dave Edmunds….I Hear You Knocking….also from the Singles A’s and B’s LP and Dave’s top of the chart single from 1970.
      31. Dave Edmunds…..Get Out Of Denver….from the 1977 Get It Lp as are the rest of the songs from this show. This is one of those albums that really packs a punch and these songs deserve to be heard together…..and some of them are quite timely.
      32. Dave Edmunds…..I Knew The Bride….
      33. Dave Edmunds…..Back To School Days….


      Thanx for the phone calls, emails, FB messages etc….that’s what makes it all worthwhile!!


      Back again next week with lots more noise to annoy.


      You might find the archived show here;


    • August 26, 2017 11:55 AM CDT
    • Radio What Wave Playlist August 25/2017. Live to Air with Mack MacKenzie


      1. Flying Squad….Fie On You….from Four Whom The Bell Tolls, the 7” EP that came with What Wave zine #16 ,  came out fall 1988. This was our first record and we learned a lot from the experience. This whole set goes out to Kerry Piper, drummer for Flying Squad, who is at home on the highway to recovery!!

      2. Flying Squad….Ronnies Raygun/Question Of Temperature….late 80’s demos and Ronnie’s Raygun appeared on the cassette Wave From The Grave #2 that came with What Wave zine #12 back in the spring of 1987.

      3. Flying Squad….Brian Mulroney…..early 90’s demo with Kerry Piper moved up to vocals.

      4. Flying Squad….Health Food…from the compilation LP Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood, came out in 1989 on the OG/What Wave label. This is the song that most remember Flying Squad for…a classic shot of guitar noise and attitude!

      5. Sonny Burgess….Red Headed Woman….from the Legendary Sun Sessions LP and Sonny’s best known song. Sonny passed away last weekend, one of the last of the original Sun Session crazies! Sonny and Conway Twitty came up to Canada on the advice of Rockin’ Ronnie Hawkins, Sonny stayed for part of a year before heading back to Memphis. Haven’t been able to find proof, but there’s a really good chance he played here in London back in 1960….Conway definitely did shows here in London, but he stayed in Canada much longer than Sonny.

      6. Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders….Known To Stumble, Known To Fall….from a recent single on Beluga Records out of Sweden. Pat was in The Lazy Cowgirls for many years and remember going down to Call The Office to catch them, and they were stuck at the border trying to enter Canada. They never did make the show….not the first or last time for this kind of thing to happen, as London is often the first stop for US touring bands.

      7. Sonny Burgess…We Wanna Boogie….the flip side of Red Headed Woman and another cooker. RIP to Sonny!

      8. Hiroshima Hearts….Pistol….from their recent Bone EP and they’ve got a record release happening at Aeolian Hall on September 16th. We did the world premiere of the record a couple weeks back on Radio WW. Thanx to Jenn and Michael for dropping by on that show!

      9. Mack MacKenzie….Not Your Indian Boy….this is our live to air with Mack MacKenzie and was being filmed for part of a documentary by Marc De Mouy.  From what I could hear in the onair booth, the sound going out was just Excellent!! Huge Thanx to Adam Courts and his crew here at CHRW for making it sound so good!!

      10. Mack MacKenzie….Second Hand Couch….as above.

      11. Mack MacKenzie…Ballad Of An Ignorant Man…. As above

      12. Mack MacKenzie….The Devil Likes Me….as above and sent out to the DJ….LOL

      13. Mack MacKenzie….Nightmares…. as above.

      14. Mack MacKenzie….Muscle In… as above

      15. Roger Zuraw….I’ve Got A Hunch….from our good pal in Etobicoke and he’s going to the  horse races and going to win a fortune….LOL.

      16. Peter And The Wolves….Hey Hey Veronica…from a live download and they are coming to the Richmond Tavern on Thursday September 7th. Rockabilly via Calgary Alberta.

      17. The Darts….Strange Days….from their soon to be released LP Me.ow on the Dirty Water label out of the UK. This song was released as a video this week to help get the news out about the upcoming LP.

      Right around this time Mack came into the onair studio to talk about things….like his late 70’s/early 80’s combo Sid Serious and the Pseuds, the big tour he’s on, upcoming re-ishes of all his back catalogue and lots of other crazy things! Mack plays  Fitzrays on Wednesday August 30th at 11PM and it’s a free show.

      18. Sid Serious and the Pseuds….I Live For TV….from a youtube video. The band did release a cassette and Mack has promised to send the songs our way!

      19. 3 O’Clock Train…..Train Of Dreams….from the Wig Wam Beach EP from the mid 80’s Mack explained they recorded this EP 3 times before they got the sound they were after!  This is also the song many know the band from!

      20. 3 O’Clock Train….Love To Rain….from the Muscle In LP that came out Feb 14th 1987, which explains the red cover Mack joked to us off air!

      21. The Judys….Revolution Blues….from their recent CD and from Vancouver. This is the start of our revolution set due to some things happening south of the border. A peaceful revolution is what we want!

      22. Immortal Lee County Killers….Revolution Summer….from the 2005 CD, These Bones Will Rise To Love Again. Caught these guys at Call The Office just after this came out and prior to the band breakup. And they were Fantastic!! This show is etched into my brain forever and made me an instant fan that night!!

      23. Delta 72…Get Down…from The R&B Of Membership CD from 1996 on the Touch and Go Label.

      24. James Brown….Get Up, Get Down, Get Into It, and Get Involved…..from the 1971 Live in Paris CD (Love Power Peace) and sums up what we all should be doing right now!!

      25. Elvis Costello….What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding….from the 1978 Armed Forces LP and sums up everything!!! Thanx to Nick Lowe for writing this amazing song that still means so much today!!


      Huge Thanx to Mack MacKenzie for dropping by to do the live to air and talk onair about stuff and things!! It was a Blast!! You can catch Mack at Fitzrays on Wednesday August 30th and he goes on around 11PM.  And thanx to Adam Courts, his sound crew and CHRW for letting us do the live to air!!


      Back again next week playing tunes for a long weekend!

      You might be able to find the archived show here;

    • October 13, 2017 8:01 PM CDT
    • 1977 was a good year for music!!!  But so were 1978 and 1979!!

      Thanx for playing The Real Kids!!!

    • October 8, 2017 1:49 PM CDT
    • This weekend Revolution Rock did a program made up entirely of albums that were released in 1977.  Check out hte playlist and download links below:

      1977 Playlist:

      1. Buzzcocks - Boredom (Spiral Scratch - 1977)
      2. The Damned - Neat, Neat, Neat (Damned, Damned, Damned - 1977)
      3. The Clash - Career Opportunities (The Clash - 1977)
      4. The Real - Kids She's Alright (The Real Kids - 1977)
      5. Elvis Costello - Blame It On Cain (My Aim Is True - 1977)
      6. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Roller Coaster By The Sea (Rock 'N' Roll With The Modern Lovers - 1977)
      7. David Bowie - Breaking Glass (Low - 1977)
      8. David Bowie - Joe The Lion ("Heroes" - 9177)
      9. Iggy Pop - Funtime (The Idiot - 1977)
      10. Iggy Pop - Sixteen (Lust For Life - 1077)
      11. Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express (Trans-Europe Express - 1977)
      12. Suicide - Ghost Rider (Suicide - 1977)
      13. The Stranglers - Goodbye Toulouse (Rattus Norvegus - 1977)
      14. Neil Young - The Old Country Waltz (American Stars 'N' Bars - 1977)
      15. Neil Young - Winterlong (Decade - 1977)
      16. Leonard Cohen - Fingerprints (Death Of A Ladies Man - 1977)
      17. The Diodes - Red Rubber Ball (The Diodes - 1977)
      18. The Viletones - I Hate You - Without You (A Taste Of Honey - 1977)
      19. The Dishes - Monopolies Are Made At Night (Fashion Plates - 1977)
      20. Ramones - Commando (Leave Home - 1977)
      21. Ramones - Rockaway Beach (Rocket To Russia - 1977)
      22. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks (L.A.M.F. - 1977)
      23. Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Love Comes In Spurts (Blank Generation - 1977)
      24. Television - See No Evil (Marquee Moon - 1977)
      25. Talking Heads - Uh-Oh, Loves Comes To Town (Talking Heads 77 - 1977)
      26. Brian Eno - Kings Lead Hat (Before And After Science - 1977)
      27. Wire - 12 X U (Pink Flag - 1977)
      28. Ian Dury - Sweet Gene Vincent (New Boots and Panties! - 1977)
      29. The Saints - Kissin' Cousins ((I'm) Stranded - 1977)
      30. Radio Birdman - Murder City Nights (Radio's Appear - 1977)
      31. The Jam - In The City (In The City - 1977)
      32. Sex Pistols - Liar (Never Mind The Bollocks - 1977)

      Download/listen to this program here:

      Check out my blog post for this episode along with playlists for two other episodes of Revolution Rock, including one that features a tribute to Charles Bradley and Grant Hart:

    • August 27, 2017 11:13 AM CDT
    • A recent episode of Revolution Rock focused on the LA Punk music scene from the late 70s/80s and also had a re-airing of an interveiw that i did with John Doe of the band X.

      The Playlist:

      1. The Descendents – Suburban Home (Milo Goes to College - 1982)
      2. Bad Religion – We’re only Gonna Die (How Could Hell Be Any Worse? - 1982)
      3. The Dickies – Paranoid (The Incredible Shrinking Dickies - 1979)
      4. The Eyes - Don’t Talk To Me (The Eyes/The Controllers/The Skulls - Don't Talk To Me/(The Original) Neutron Bomb/Victims - 1978)
      5. The Screamers - Vertigo (Demos 1977-1978 - 2013)
      6. X - Los Angeles (Los Angeles - 1980)
      7. X - Adult Books (Wild Gift - 1981)


      8. The Flesh Eaters - River of Fever (A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die - 1981)
      9. The Blasters - She Ain’t Got The Beat (American Music - 1980)
      10. The Gun Club - Sex Beat (Fire of Love - 1981)
      11. The Alley Cats – Nightmare City [Nightmare City - 1981]
      12. The Go-Go’s - We Got the Beat (Original 1980 Stiff Records Version) (We Got The Beat/How Much More - 1980)
      13. The Weirdos – Destroy all Music (Destroy All Music - 1977)
      14. The Dils – You’re not Blank (I Hate the Rich/You’re Not Blank - 1977)
      15. The Zeroes – Don’t Push Me Around (Wimp/Don't Push Me Around - 1977)
      16. The Brat - Attitudes (Attitudes EP - 1980)
      17. Black Flag - Rise Above (Damaged - 1981)
      18. Circle Jerks – Deny Everything (Group Sex - 1980)
      19. FEAR – Let’s Have a War (Paradise Studios Demos - 1982)
      20. Wasted Youth – Problem Child (Reagan’s In - 1981)
      21. Germs – Manimal ((GI) - 1979)
      22. The Nerves - You Found Out (The Nerves EP - 1976)
      23. The Plugz – A Gain – A Loss (Electrify Me - 1979)
      24. Suburban Lawns - Janitor (Suburban Lawns - 1981)
      25. Black Randy and the Metrosquad – I Slept in an Arcade (Pass the Dust, I Think I’m Bowie - 1979)
      26. Bags – Survive (All Bagged Up..The Collected Works 1977-1980 - 2007)

      Download/listen to the show here:

      Check out my blog post on this program here:

    • October 7, 2017 5:48 PM CDT
    • New Episode:


      Earache Radio No 19

      Poison 13 – “Ain’t Superstitious”
      The Crows – “Crow Bar”
      Drive Like Jehu – “Bullet Train To Vegas”
      Kandi Coded – “Basement Lagoon”
      Alice Donut – “Demonologist”
      Gear Jammer – “Two Types of Chrome”
      Pigmy Love Circus – “Beat on the Brat”
      Killdozer – “The Pig Was Cool”
      Icky Joey – “Marron Marron”
      Mudhoney – “Need”
      The Holez – “Circle 1”
      The Kings of Rock – “I Like Drugs”
      Electric Frankenstein – “I’m a Rock N’ Roll Kamikaze”
      The New Bomb Turks – “Snap Decision”
      Scratch Bongowax – “Straight Jacket”
      Sweet J.A.P. – “I’m Only Moonlight”
      The Tyrades – “On Your Video”
      Headache City – “Teenage Grease”
      The Pierced Arrows – “Today is the Day”
      The Humpers – “Space Station Love”



    • September 23, 2017 8:31 PM CDT
    • New Episode:


      Earache Radio No 18




      Laughing Hyenas - 'Here We Go Again"

      Bottle of Smoke - "Tits & a Beard"

      The Sinister Six - "Movin' On"

      Olivelawn - "The Cat's Meow"

      Big Black - "Il Duce"

      Killdozer - "Sonnet '96"

      Surgery - "Feedback"

      Lubricated Goat - "Play Dead"

      Tractor Sex Fatality - "Dialtone"

      The Bags - "Hide & Seek"

      The Red Aunts - "Big Cans"

      The M-80's - "That Ain't All"

      Antiseen - "Two Headed Dog"

      The Humpers - "Sarcasmatron"

      Gluecifer - "The Year of Manly Living"

      The Candy Snatchers - "Ugly on the Inside"

      The Onyas - "Wanna Bet"

      Tesco Vee's Hate Police - "Crime Pays (the Bills)"

      Teengenerate - "I Don't Mind"

      Electric Frankenstein - "Demolition Joyride"





    • September 4, 2017 10:00 PM CDT
    • The ALice Cooper Group's original , rejected "The Man With The Golden Gun" theme song bears mentioning , too. Between that and "Halo of Flies" , they really captured the atmosphere of a James Bond adventure. 

    • September 3, 2017 6:57 PM CDT