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    • April 14, 2018 7:58 AM CDT
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      Radio What Wave Playlist April 13/2018


      Another all London playlist as we’re deep into the week of celebrations/shows/events of The Jack Richardson Music Week here in London Ontario. We come to the climax on Sunday night at the awards ceremony at London Music Hall. Hope to see some of you there!

      But we started this week with a non-London interview, Son Of Dave, infamous one man blues band, who just happened to be playing at the London Music Club that eve. Son Of Dave’s music has been used in many television shows, online adverts, he’s opened for The Stooges and done so much more! Even won a Juno Award in his  previous combo, Crash Test Dummies!

      1. Son Of Dave….Lust For Life…from the Son Of Dave Plays 13 Explosive Hits CD.
      2. Nervousmen….Joy Decision….from a recent download and these guys have a show on April 21 at Call The Office.
      3. Black Holes….Miss Pearl….live recording from the long gone Brunswick Hotel. This is the start of our London rockabilly set. Black Holes feature local artist and guitar wizard Tom Hilborn. You can catch Tom’s paintings in various galleries around the city.
      4. Viv Sun and the Black Holes….Train Kept A Rollin’….1996 demo recording of the old Tiny Bradshaw tune. Tom Hilborn was also the guitarist in this combo that evolved into just the Black  Holes. Black Holes do play around once in a blue moon, and always put on great shows!
      5. Larry Lee and the Leesures….Odd Man Out….from their self titled LP from around 1965. Rockabilly in 1965 was a step out of time as was this song. Coulda and maybe shoulda been covered by The Cramps, instead, the Black Holes covered it at live shows.
      6. Running From Daylight….Mary Jane….new demo from this local psychobilly/rbilly combo that is keeping the sound alive in London. So ends our rockabilly set.
      7. Condo Christ….Weekend Alcoholic…from the London Underground LP, the first CHRW LP compilation of London bands. CHRW has released at least 5 compilations of local combos and we’re playing a song from 5 of them. The 5th is a cassette, that is inside the Jack Richardson Music Hall Museum as part of a local cassette display.
      8. Frankenstein 5….It’s A Cryin’ Shame….from the London Underground Dig Deeper CD from 1994. F5 were the only exclusive 60’s garage combo to come out of London. They appeared on a couple of WW cassettes and also released their own cassette, recorded right here at CHRW.
      9. Salmon Blaster….Chomalungma…from the London Underground 3 CD from 1995. Salmon Blaster are re-uniting for one show at Call The Office tonite as part of the Jack Richardson London Music week.
      10. Don’t Touch The Dancers….Make Me Sick….from the LDN CD, the latest CHRW compilation.
      11. Mountain Of Wolves….Don’t Call My Name….from their Poison LP and they will be playing on Sunday night as part of the award ceremonies at the London Music Hall.
      12. Randall Pee Coltrane….Just A Heartbeat….from the recent Atomic Love Burrito CD and we had Randall live onair a couple weeks back.
      13. Shakey Jack….I Can’t See You No More….from the Demics Covers CD put out by Nick Perry, original Demic drummer.
      14. Pogo Pete….Life Is A Crazy Passion….as above and a summation of the summer of 77/78 here in London Ontario.
      15. UIC….How Deep Is Your Love….recorded live at Bullwinkles 2/14/1986 and goes out to bass player Dan Preszcator who passed away 2 weeks ago. Bullwinkles was also called Kellys Boogie Parlour, Hard Times, Salt Lounge and probably a couple other names. The building is still standing (with external support) so grab a picture while you can.
      16. The Hippies….How You Gonna Live….from the early 80’s. The picture sleeve for this one, as well as a TON of other London 7” records is on display at the Jack Richardson London Music Museum at 182 Dundas St, the old Nash Jewellers store front.
      17. Jane Doe….There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis….teamwork as musicians from various combos got together to put this one out.
      18. B Girls…. B Side….from the Bomp label from 1979 and features Marcy Saddy on the tubs.
      19. The Zellots….Let’s Play House….from their 1978 Vancouver recordings with Heather Haley on vocals. After doing this, they moved back to London and reformed with a new drummer and vocalist.
      20. Cordcalling….When I Scream….from the CD of the same name.
      21. Pacanomad….Heaven Can Wait….from the Restless CD.
      22. Baby Giant…..High Tide….from the Baby Giant 2 download and they were in the CBC contest a few weeks back.
      23. The Fine Print….Last Night…from the Standing Out CD and they released a cassette on the WW label.
      24. Fiends….Never Old…from the brand new Easy Does It CD and they will be playing at Old East 765 tonite.
      25. Terminal Wallys…..East End….from the New Old School CD and all about the east end of this city.
      26. TVD….I’d Kiss You Honey But You’re Standing On My Bottom Lip…from the Salvation Through Distraction CD.
      27. Finks….Can’t Say No….from their only 7” from the mid 80’s and features bass player Pete Feend who is still playing to this day.


      Thanx to Son Of Dave for taking the time to call in. Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages and texts!! And all the kind words!! That’s what keeps us going!!!

      You can often find me at the Jack Richardson Music Musuem on Saturday afternoons, helping the curator, Rena get things done. There’s a few displays that will be of special interest to listeners of Radio WW and we just received some new stuff yesterday from the big band era. Johnny Downs was a HUGE influence to the local big band and jazz scene through his restaurant, The Latin Quarter.


      Back again next week with a bit more local stuff from the past and lots of new stuff!


      There might be an archived show here:

    • April 20, 2018 7:13 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist April 20/2018


      1. Yur Mum….Intro and DR Zsolt….from a brand new release called Road Rage from this UK trio.
      2. The Vypers….Mr Girl….from their recent 10” and they will be playing next Friday at Call The Office. Really dig their psych sounds and we’ll either have them in studio next week or via phone to find out their story.
      3. Dong Vegan…..Switch Hitter….from the He-Job Sessions release and they are playing with the Vypers next Friday.
      4. Fashionism…..Checking Out The Checkout Girl….from the just released today Pentagon Black Compilaton Volume 4. This comp is all one take recordings and Fashionism features Jeffy Clone, who also sang in….
      5. Tranzmitors….Some Girls….7” on the La Ti Da Record label from 2006. And this is my fave Tranzmitors single as it has Dancing In The Front Row on the flip side!
      6. Mack MacKenzie….Devil Likes Me….recorded live in the Radio What Wave studio 6/16/2017. And Mack will be at Fitzrays on Wednesday April 25th.
      7. 3 O’Clock Train….Train Of Dreams….from the Wig Wam Beach EP from 1985. This was Mack’s country rock combo that jump started his career. This tune got a lot of airplay on Much Music back in its time!
      8. 3 O’Clock Train….Stupid Little Angel….as above. This guy can really write some good songs!
      9. Running From Daylight….Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet….from the CD Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet that we got just before going on air. RFD have their CD release this coming Thursday when they open for the Living Deads  at Call The Office.
      10. Krista D…..Land Mine…from the brand new re-ish of the Look At Me CD.
      11. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos….Patty’s Not Impressed….from the Don’t Worry It’s Not Contagious CD and these guys were  in town last Thursday. Only caught the first of three (ya three!!) sets and they were rocking out very nicely! American meets power pop meets story telling songs and well worth checking out if you get the chance.
      12. Dany Laj and the Looks….Left Right To One….from the brand new 7” and they are back in town on the Friday of the May long weekend.
      13. Drivin’ Beats….Drivin’ Me Crazy….latest demos from this garage meets surf meets powerpop  combo.
      14. Archie and the Bunkers…You’re My Pacemaker….from the brand new Songs From The Lodge release on Dirty Water Records.
      15. Wars In Transit….Safety….from a self released 1982 cassette and from Guelph Ontario. They played the Cedar Lounge back in the early 80’s.
      16. Labasheeda….On The Beach….from their recent Changing Lights release and from the Netherlands.
      17. Charlie Weber….Self Titled….from his Major/Minor CD and from Exeter via London. Caught Charlie at the Jack Richardson pub crawl at Call The Office. He had some of the Mountain Of Wolves guys backing him up and they rocked out quite nicely. Expect a record on Forest City Records late summer/fall.
      18. Oily Birds….Yesterday’s Numbers….from a live recording at CHRW 4/29/2010 and 2 of the guys in the Boy From Nowhere band.
      19. Coaching For Sara….Sister Won’t….from the Remastered CD and from London.
      20. Evil Hoodoos…Have You Seen My Baby…..from a live recording at the Electric Banana 6/20/1991. Sounds like 2 or 3 of the Boy From Nowhere along with James Bond on the keyboards and Wailin’ Wayne Pattern on the vocals.
      21. Long Day Journey…..Curio Shoppe….from the Count Bonniwell Electric CD and from Hamilton Ontario.
      22. Long Day Journey….I’m Giving You The Warning…. As above.
      23. Mourning Reign…..Satisfaction Guaranteed…..from The Finest Hours Of US 60’s Punk compilation on Eva Records.
      24. Shades Of Night…..Fluctuation….from the Open Up Your Door Volume 2 compilation of 60’s punk.
      25. Keith Kessler….Don’t Crowd Me….from the Ear-Piercing Punk compilation of 60’s garage punk and goes out to Michael Chandler of The Raunch Hands who is having some issues.
      26. Bureaucrats……Grown Up Age….from the Bureacrats LP that collects most of their recordings and goes out to Gaz Sidwell, vocalist who passed away this week.
      27. Bureaucrats….She’s An American…. As above.
      28. Bureaucrats….Now and Then…. As above.
      29. Bureaucrats…..Feel The Pain…. As above.
      30. Them…..Gloria….from the Endless Journey compilation of 60’s psych and punk. This was recorded after the band moved to the US and Van Morrison was long gone.
      31. Them….Baby Please Don’t Go… as above and cut off as we ran out of time.



      Big Thanx to all that volunteered and came out to celebrate Jack Richardson Music Week here in London. It was an amazing success with so many things going on over the week. And congrats to the winners at the awards ceremony on Sunday night!


      Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, FB messages, texts and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!!!


      We’ve got an interview with the Vypers scheduled for next week as they are at Call The Office next Friday.


      There might be an archived show here:

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