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    • September 22, 2019 4:01 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist. September 20/2019


      1. Royal Hounds….The Walk….from the Low Class Songs For High Class People release we just got in at the station….Nashville rock’n’rollers.
      2. Leathers….Bad News….brand new Class Action release from this UK duo of troublemakers.
      3. Duncan Kid Reid….Baby Baby….from the Crocodile Records release and RIP to Russell Taylor who ran that label.
      4. Jordan Jones…Nu Makeup….from the brand new self titled release that just arrived at the station.
      5. Mark Sultan….Heart Attack….brand new single.
      6. TVD….Smoke Weed….from their Salvation Through Distraction release and they were playing at the St Regis last night.
      7. Randall And the Rivieras…All Work And No Play…from their self titled release and they played with TVD last night.
      8. Andy Butler….Gonna Be Your Man….from the Garage Heartbreak release and Andy’s other band, the 905s are about to release some vinyl.
      9. Lowdown Dirty Mojos….Hey Shady….from their Scramin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release from earlier this year.
      10. Peter Laughner talks…..recorded live from WMMS back in the mid 70’s and to paraphrase Peter, anyone can do some recording and send it in to the radio for possible airplay.
      11. Peter Laughner…..Ain’t It Fun….from the Box Set on Smog Veil Records.
      12. Pere Ubu….Pushin’ Too Hard….from the Pere Ubu Rarities Terminal Drive release.
      13. Vypers….Deep Save….from their Champion 100 release and they were in town last weekend.
      14. Long Day Journey…..Spreads Of The Psychedelic Sandwich….from their recent 7” and from Hamilton.
      15. Telepathic Butterflies….A Final Word….from their Introducing release on Rainbow Quartz Records and from the Winnipeg area.
      16. Harold Nix….Tomorrow’s Another Day….from his Open Up the Sky release from 1997 and from British Columbia.
      17. Simply Saucer….Do The Mutation….from their Cyborgs Revisited release and from Hamilton Ontario….mid 70’s recording and finally released in 1989.                                                                                                   Right around this time, Ruth Skinner showed up to yammer about her Anti Profit: Independent Publishing In London exhibit that is happening right now at McIntosh Gallery on the Western University campus. It’s an exhibit of the fanzines/art publications released here in London from the late 60’s up to the early 2000’s. Lots of rock’n’roll fanzines like Fringe Benefits, Livin’ End, What’s The Poop, Heartwar and What Wave all on display until October 26th.  Catch this once in a lifetime display in all its glory!
      18. Sorels….She’s In A Gang….brand new release from this Winnipeg female combo.
      19. Pale Lips….Jangaroo….from their Wanna Be Bad release and from Montreal.
      20. The Dishrags….Tormented….from their Love/Hate release and part of the early Vancouver punk scene.
      21. The Curse….Shoeshine Boy…..from their 7” and part of the early Toronto scene. The Curse were one of the very first punk bands to play London, Forest City Gallery 11/25/1977.
      22. The Zellots….Soldiers…from their 1981 demos and from London Ontario.
      23. The Cars…You’re All I’ve Got Tonight…from the Mass. Ave. compilation on Rhino Records and goes out to Ric Ocasek who recently passed away.
      24. Smalltown….Turn It Around….from their Implosion release on Deranged Records and from Sweden.
      25. Backdoor Men…..Dance Of The Savages….7” from this Swedish combo and goes out to keyboardist Hans Ingemansson who passed away this week.
      26. Backdoor Men….Out Of My Mind….from another 7” and as above.
      27. The Creeps….Down At The Nightclub….from their Enjoy The Creeps release and Hans was also in this combo.


      Big Thanx to Ruth Skinner for taking the time to yammer about her Anti Profit: Independent Publishing In London exhibit that is on at the McIntosh Gallery. And a Huge Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, messages and Heys!!

    • October 5, 2019 8:19 AM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 4/2019


      1. Hiroshima Hearts….Wreckage….their latest recording and they had a show earlier this week at Call The Office.
      2. The Thing From Outer Space…. Mai Tai….and they had a big show at the Richmond last nite, Surfo-Rama 4.
      3. The Thing From Outer Space….Penetration….another demo.
      4. The Mongols….Nautiloid Reef….from the compilation Time Machine, The History of Canadian 60’s Garage Punk and Surf (1985-1995). Montreal combo who released one record and then their singer/guitar player had a tragic accident.
      5. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet….Bennett Cerf….from the above compilation and also from their first single from 1985.
      6. 63 Monroe….Hot Mess…from their recent Faded Glory release and they played last night at Call The Office.
      7. Red Arms….Midwinter….from their recent  Critical State release and they have their record release party next Friday (Oct 11) at Rumrunners.
      8. Tsushimamire….Absolutely OK…..Japanese trio who will be at EBar in Guelph on Oct 17. Former CHRW DJ Adam Parish is putting this one on, so you know it’s going to be a great show!
      9. Tsushimamire…Human Coating…. As above.
      10. Fiends….I’ll Be Fine…from a self titled release and they have a show tonite at Winks here in London.
      11. The Mongrels…..All Systems Go…..from their demo and they have their monthly show at the Richmond on Sunday.
      12. Lowdown Dirty Mojos….Gunna Pray….from their Screamin’ Hoodoo R’n’B release and they have a show at the St Regis on November 2.
      13. Mike Jacoby….Play Like Richards….from the recent Long Beach Calling release and a new one at the station.
      14. Royal Hounds…..Pizza Party….from the recent Low Class Songs For High Class People release and from Atlanta.
      15. Plan 9…..Can’t Stand This Love Goodbye…..from the Frustration release on VOXX from 1982. This goes out to Eric Stumpo, guitarist/vocalist/visionary of Plan 9 who passed away last week. Plan 9 made several visits to London, and Eric was always a pleasure to talk with.
      16. Plan 9…I Like Girls….from the Dealing With The Dead release on Midnight Records from 1984.
      17. Plan 9….Hat Comes First….from the Sea Hunt release and this one, as well as a few of their other releases, were available in Canada.
      18. Plan 9….Step Out Of Time….from the Dealing With The Dead release. RIP Eric!
      19. The Gripweeds….Out Of Today….from their House Of Vibes release from 1994 on the Twang label out of Germany. Mike Korbik, who ran the label passed away earlier this week. We used to trade What Wave zine to Mike many years ago and he got us some distro in Germany.
      20. The Chud….Don’t Call Me Batman….from a 7” on Twang Records and from Gernamy.
      21. Curlettes….Waitin’…..another Twang 7” as Twang released loads of records back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
      22. Pandoras…..That’s Your Way Out….from their Stop Pretending release on Rhino from 1986. Kim Shattuck (who went on to fame in The Muffs) played bass in this band for a few years. Their first appearance here in London had Kim in the band…RIP to Kim Shattuck.
      23. Pandoras….You Don’t Satisfy….It was 4/19/1986 when The Pandoras played at Bullwinkles (formerly Kellys, later the appropriate Hard Times) and local scribe Robert Pegg had written an article for the London Free Press about The Pandoras and their novelty as an all girl combo. For some reason, loads of young women came out to see the band, and for some even odder reason, they all sat in front of the stage, where the so called dance floor was. Anybody that had been to Bullwinkles prior, would know that’s not a wise thing to do. Bullwinkles was housed in an ancient building (which still stands, but has large metal supports on its east wall to prevent collapse) which wasn’t the most sanitary. There would be the odd black sticky drip of goo that would fall from the ceiling…and if that shit got on you, good luck getting if off….LOL. Probably blood from the ghosts that haunted that relic of a building.
      24. Das Clamps…..New Kind Of Fix…from their recent Shit Music For Shit People release on Dirty Water Records….Cramps tribute/worship 2 piece out of the UK.
      25. The Cramps….Get Off The Road….from the EP of the same name and from 1986.
      26. Gogo Loco….Rattle Your Mind…..recent demo they sent us and from the UK.
      27. Real Sickies….Top Down….from their recent Out Of Space release and they were in town at Grooves a couple weeks back.
      28. Eddie And The Hot Rods….Do Anything You Want To Do…from their 1977 Life On The Line release  and goes out to singer Barrie Masters who passed away this week. Thanks for kicking the fledgling London Ontario punk rock scene in the balls by playing for 2 nights at Fryfogles back in November 1977! 6 weeks later and London’s first punk rock combo, The Demics appeared for their first ever show at Niederman’s loft!
      29. Eddie and the Hot Rods….Quit This Town…. As above.
      30. Eddie and the Hot Rods…..Teenage Depression….from the release of the same name and also from 1977.
      31. The Inmates….Back On The Street….from their Five release and features Barrie Masters on vocals. RIP to Barrie!
      32. Fabienne Shine….Mr President….from her 2007 release with The Planets. Timely tune, predicting our present issues south of the border.
      33. Underground Divas…..Devil With A Matchstick…..demo from this Montreal combo.


      Big Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, texts, Heys etc!!!!


      Back in 2 weeks time!

    • October 20, 2019 1:09 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist Oct 18/2019


      This one goes out to Ted Treibner, Possibly Stompin’, Positively Stompin’, UIC and all around good guy!!RIP


      1. Genya Ravan…… Pump It Up….from her latest, Icon, and a legend! Genya’s been in this game longer than most have been around, Goldie and the Gingerbreads, 10 Wheel Drive and her most known job as producer of the first Dead Boys LP. A true Icon in this biz!!
      2. Hook Up….Burnin’…from the soon to be released download of the Call Up The Devil release and for some reason, the CD player locked up on this one….got her fixed in the background, thanx to our Program Director Zahra! And it wouldn’t be a Radio WW without some screwups!
      3. The Creation….Sylvette…from the Action Painting re-ish on Numero Group. All you could want from The Creation in a double CD and this track is from 1966.
      4. The Touch…Listen To Me….from the recent Lost and Found release and this one has been really growing on me! UK combo that recently got back together for a highly successful reunion in the UK.
      5. The Dig….Mr Nobody….7” from 1985 that features Ed Ackerson who passed away way too young. Ed helped start Susstones Records based out of Minneapolis, a label I have many records from. And Ed was a studio guy, working with everyone from The Replacements, Soul Asylum and so many others!
      6. Graham Bond Organization….Long Tall Shorty…from a compilation called History Of The British Blues on Sire Records. This one, and the next 3 songs go out to Ginger Baker, drummer extraordinaire, and raving looney! This is a 1964 recording and also features Jack Bruce on the bass, whom Ginger would join in Cream.
      7. Graham Bond Organization….Wade In The Water….from Live At Klooks Kleek and recorded back in 1964.
      8. Cream….Politician….from the studio Wheels On Fire album and timely as Monday is election day here in Canada….don’t forget to vote on Monday!
      9. Cream…..Dance The Night Away….from the Disreali Gears LP and the first LP I bought by Cream so many years ago! Way back in 1968 these cats introduced me to the blues and opened my eyes and ears up to a whole other world of music I never knew existed! And I should thank CHUM FM for playing full albums on air back then!
      10. Jeremie Albino…..Last Night….from his Hard Time release. Picked this song as it was last night we learned about Teddy T’s passing.
      11. Andre Bisson….I Got The Right….from his 2017 Break release and Andre is coming to London Music Club on Sat Oct 26th. We caught his show last time, and were quite impressed. The 3 piece horn section really got things rocking!
      12. Occasional Angels….That’s What It Takes…from the Angels In Exile release and from Ottawa.
      13. Dashboard Rattle….Fla Blues…from their self titled debut and from right here in London Ontario!
      14. Dany Laj and the Looks….Annie….from the brand new Everything New Is New Again release on Yeah Right Records and T66. Montreal powerpoppers that are constantly touring North America and always a fun live show!
      15. Sorels….She’s In The Gang….Winnipeg combo that are tougher than you’ll ever be! Coupla Angry Dragons getting together to rip through some rough and tumble 60’s girl group sounds.
      16. The Smoggers….Tonight….from their very recent 7” on Lost In Tyme Records out of Greece.
      17. Drivin’ Beats….Radiation Baby….demo dedicated to a friend of the band that is going through cancer treatment…..and this whole show is dedicated to all the warriors, survivors and support people behind the scenes!!!
      18. Running From Daylight….Deadman’s Crossing….from their 7” released earlier this year, and RFD have a brand new split 7” with Doghouse Rose that is just out. You can catch both of these bands at Call The Office this Sunday eve.
      19. Nervousmen…..Stride Adjustment….from their Vexatious release and they are playing Saturday at Call The Office, along with….
      20. Teenanger….Singles Don’t Sell….from the album of the same name and so true! And they’ll be playing with….
      21. Ancient Shapes….Public Hymns….from their self titled debut from 2016.
      22. Possibly Stompin’….To It and At It… recording from the Brunswick Hotel from 5/30/1990. This (as well as the rest of the show) goes out to Ted Triebner who passed away yesterday. This trio started out as a tribute to Stompin’ Tom Connors and took on a life of its own. Murray Heywood does an excellent trib to Ted on Facebook in which he explains how this little group started and some of the many triumphs they had.
      23. Positively Stompin’….Ain’t I’m A Dog….from a compilation called Cat’O’Nine Tails that came with What Wave zine 21. Ted gave this old Ronnie Self tune a whole new life! Note the slight name change of the band, as by this time they were literally positively stompin’!
      24. Positively Stompin’….Man In Black….from their 1994 Junk Drawer release. Too rockin’ for country and too country for the rockers as the band was ahead of its time. These guys shoulda been big!! And obviously this song is all about Ted!
      25. Positively Stompin’….Nashville Dreamin’….also from Junk Drawer and seem to remember a video for this one.
      26. UIC….Our Garage….from the release of the same name and from 1986. Vividly remember the first time we saw UIC….Fred was wearing these black rubber boots with the red at the top and bottom like many of us wore as kids. And he was wearing a green farmer type work outfit, all the while leaning and crawling over the monitors and ripping noises out of his guitar. Other side was Ted looking oh so cool with his thick burns, tearing up his guitar. There’s a Reg Quinton pic of the band looking like this on the UIC FB page. So priceless to see what you remembered was accurate as UIC made such an impression on us upon first seeing/hearing them!!
      27. UIC…All Together Now….also from Our Garage and it came out in 1986. There’s been a very recent re-ish on the Like 90 imprint.
      28. UIC….Anything At All….from the 1989 Wiseman Sessions release that should have come out in 1989 and would have put these guys on the map! Yeah Right Records finally brought this to reality a couple years back.
      29. UIC….Light It And Fly….as above, and this one also appeared on the compilation It Came From Canada Volume 5 on OG Records.
      30. UIC….Green Lady…. as above and also appeared on the compilation The 8th Wonder that came out in 1991.
      31. UIC…..Crop Dustin’….from the Our Garage release and if you’re from the county, you sure know what this song is all about!!! RIP Ted Triebner!!

      Huge Thanx for all the crazy phone calls, messages, emails and Heys!!!  This will be the last Radio What Wave for awhile as I go in for major surgery on Tuesday. Thanx for all the best wishes and good lucks!!! It means a lot to me!!! And this show is not about me, it’s all about the music and its creators! And getting their sounds out to you guys!  Back once I’m recovered. Best!!!

    • September 9, 2020 3:51 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist September 7/2020
      Started this show with our regular complement of new releases, then submerged into Canadian powerpop/new wave from the late 70’s/early 80’s for the rest of the show.
      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood LP from 1989 on OG Records.
      2. Fuzzstains….Thinking ‘bout Me….from their recent Sick Sick Sick release on Beluga and from Sweden.
      3. Bloodshot Bill….Cookout….from his latest longplayer, Get Loose Or Get Lost.
      4. Sin City…..Room 305….from their recent Sin City Or Bust release and from Spain via New Zealand.
      5.Krista D….Left  Of Me….recent release from Krista who is from Edmonton and is also a displaying visual artist/sculptor.
      6. Black Donnellys….Little Bit….local combo who just created a video of this song.
      7. TVD….Come On And Tell Me Off….local combo and this is a sampler from their upcoming release.
      8. Thunder Queens….Stereo Cat….local duo and from their only release on Yeah Right Records.
      9. Jenn Marino and the Hearts….Smoke….their latest release and there is a very cool video for this one.
      10. Muck and the Mires…One Way To Know….from the latest Rumbar compilation and from Boston.
      11. Marshmallow Overcoat….Wait For Her….their very last release as leader Timothy Gassen passed away last fall and is sadly missed by the 80’s/90’s garage band fans. The attached picture is of Marshmallow Overcoat when they played Call The Office here in London Ontario 4/11/1989.
      12. Jack Cades….Run Paulie Run….from their recent Perfect View release on Beluga Records and from the UK.
      13. Creatures of Condition…..Heartaches….from their recent release on Indy Tunz.
      14. Popular Spies….Chinatown….from a 1980 single and from Toronto. This is the start of our Canadian late 70’s/early 80’s special.
      15. Numbers….Won’t You Call…from their 1979 release, Add Up and from Toronto.
      16. Hifis….Look What You’ve Done….from a 1980 single and 2 of the members went on to form Blue Rodeo.
      17. The Shakers….California….from a1983 single and features Dave Rave on vocals/guitar and from Hamilton.
      18. Mods…. Step Out Tonight….from a 1978 release and from Toronto. Drummer David Quinton went on to work with Stiv Bators and was in a late version of the Dead Boys.
      19. Popular Mechanix….Ice Box City….from their debut long player and from Winnipeg 1980.
      20. Pointed Sticks….Destitute….from their Part of The Noise compilation that included several tracks, including this one, that were supposed to be on their ill fated Stiff Records long player.
      21. B Sides….Underground Radio Stars….from their1981 single and from Vancouver. This song could be about many of the featured acts on this episode.
      22. Metros…Don’t Like It At All….from the Vancouver Independence release from 1981.
      23. Metros….In With The Crowd….as above. Don’t know anything about Vancouver’s Metros, but these 2 songs are powerpop gems!
      24. Droogs….JKO….as above, from the Vancouver Independence release from 1981.
      25. Secret V’s…Modern Boy….from a 1980 release and features Ray Condo (listed as Radial) on the bass. Many years ago, I asked Ray what he remembered about playing the Cedar Lounge (circa 1980) and all he could remember was how scummy the upstairs rooms which housed the bands were.
      26. Modernettes….Rebel Kind….from their View From The Bottom release from 1982 and from Vancouver.
      27. Diodes….Red Rubber Ball….from their self titled longplayer and from 1977 which I believe was the first punk/new wave longplayer by a Canadian combo.
      28. Secrets….I’ll Cry Tomorrow… from their Teenage Rampage release and from Toronto 1979. 3 former Viletones and a former Diode form what should have been a combo that broke out big time.
      29. Zoom….School Girl Hitchiker….recorded in 1978 but not released until 2016 on the Ugly Pop imprint Sweet Desperation release. From Toronto and this combo pre-dates the rest of the punk/new wave explosion. It was basically a duo of John Hamilton (Diodes, Secrets and others) and Chris Haight (Viletones, Secrets and more) and they only released a 7” in the band’s lifetime.
      30. The Sharks….Get Off The Radio….from the Toronto compilation No Pedestrians that came out in 1980.
      31. Winston Hancock….Girls Girls….. as above and have no info on Winston.
      32. B Girls….B Side….from their 1979 Bomp single and from Toronto. Londoner Marcy Saddy drummed on this one, and this is one of those bands that coulda and shoulda, but it just didn’t happen. They made the move to NYC, opened for the Clash and many other big names but just couldn’t make the next career step.
      33. Maniacs and Cadillacs….Drastic Measures….from their 1980 debut long player that is supposed to be re-ished shortly. And from Toronto.
      34. The Ugly….Stranded In The Laneway….from their 1978 single and radically different from their loud, wild and somewhat violent live shows.
      35. Onits….Weekend Wrestler….1980 single and have no info on this combo. Picked this one up at Star Records many years ago.
      36. Government….Sponge…..from their 1979 release and from Toronto. One of my fave Canadian bands from this era. Most of their songs would be considered art punk and later they moved in a more funk direction before disbanding.
      37. BB Gabor….Nyet Nyet Soviet….from a 1980 release and from Toronto. This one got a lot of airplay here on CHRW back when it was released.
      38. Stoves….Can’t Slow Down….live recording from 1979 of this local combo.
      Thanx to all that took the time to tune in and listen.
      Next week is an all London Ontario show, as London Music Week runs from September 13 to 20. We’ll be playing some of the amazing local acts that are in our London Music Hall Of Fame (Demics, Sheep Look Up, Uranus, 63 Monroe and more), as well as some of the acts that are nominated for awards.
    • October 1, 2020 5:25 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist Sept 28/2020
      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood released by OG Records in 1989.
      2. Gruesomes….Someone Told A Lie…from the recent Gruesomes 7” that you can get via Ricochet Sound in Montreal.
      3. Roger C Reale and Rue Morgue….Rock It To The Kremlin….from the recent The Collection release on Rave On Records. This is a compilation of Radio Active (released in 1978) and Reptiles in Motion (recorded in 1978 and never released) and is some mighty fine late 70’s Stiff sounding power pop!! Digging this one so much, it’s been stuck in my CD player for days!
      4. More Kicks…Your Vibration….from the Your Vibration release on Beluga Records and they are from Germany.
      5. 905s…Sub Zero…..from the recent Sub Zero release and they are from Brampton Ontario. Available at some Sunrise Record stores in Southern Ontario.
      6. Heap…No Mas…from the brand new release by this NYC based combo. They’ve been around since 1995 and this latest release is produced by Eric Rosco Amble.
      7. Creatures Of Condition…Heartaches….from an EP on Indy Tunz and they are from Windsor.
      8. Jacobites….Big Store….from the Robespierres Velvet Basement release from 1985 and goes out to Dave Kusworth who passed away last week.
      9. Jacobites…Shame For The Angels….from the Lost In A Sea Of Scarves release from 1985.
      10. Telegenic Pleasure….Sealed Off….from their self titled release and from London Ontario. TP and Mononegatives both feature London artist Rob Brake.
      11. Mononegatives…. Sure Shot….from a recent 7” and from London Ontario.
      12. Thunder Queens….And Then We Go….from their recent 7” on Yeah Right records and this duo of pre-teens is from London Ontario!!
      13. TVD…Come On And Tell Me Off….from their upcoming release and from London Ontario.
      14. The Beat….There She Goes….from the 7” that came with the brand new Paul Collins book, I Don’t Fit In. The book is a great action packed read and reveals some interesting behind the scene information about the record industry.
      15. Breakaways…. Walking Out On Love….flip side of the above 7”
      16. Nerves….One Way Ticket….From the One Way Ticket release on Alive Natural Sound from 2008. This song and the next were supposed to be released by Bomp back in 1978 but it never happened as the band disintegrated.
      17. Nerves….Paper Dolls…. As above.
      18. Nerves…..Hanging On The Telephone….from their 1976 self released 7” and this tune was later turned into a minor hit by Blondie.
      19. Downliners Sect… Why Don’t You Smile Now….from The Rock Sect’s In from 1966 and features Terry Gibson on buzzsaw lead guitar. Believe this was the first ever cover of this Lou Reed/John Cale song that pre-dates The Velvet Underground. This and the next song are dedicated to Terry who passed away recently.
      20. Downliners Sect… He Was A Square…. As above.
      21. Steel River….Southbound Train…..from their A Better Road release from 1970 and the rest of the show is all Canadian artists from the 70’s, pre-punk/new wave era.
      22. Max Webster….Toronto Tontos….from their self titled debut album 1975. Remember seeing these guys a couple of times at Ye Olde City Hall, Ronnie Hawkins old club here in London. Later they opened for Rush at the Gardens here in town.
      23. Thundermug….Africa….from their 1972 Strikes release and from London Ontario.
      24. Stampeders….Wild Eyes….from a 1971 7” from this Calgary combo.
      25. Gordon Lightfoot…Black Day In July….from his Did She Mention My Name release from 1968. Remember seeing a video for this on television when it came out in 1968 and couldn’t believe some of the pictures of what was happening in Detroit, which really isn’t that far away. This song was banned in 30 states when released.
      26. Murray McLauchlan….Linda Take Me In….from the live Only The Silence Remains release from 1975. This one was banned locally on CFPL AM as some of the lyrics may have been about Deep Throat, a porn movie that somehow achieved mainstream attention when released.
      27. Stompin’ Tom Connors….Tillsonburg….from a 1971 7” on Boot Records. Tillsonburg is just down the road from London Ontario.
      28. Joe Mendelson….My Engine Won’t Idle…from his Sophisto Joe release from 1975. Joe was in Mainline prior to his solo career and is also a very talented visual artist.
      29. Rough Trade….Take Me….from their Rough Trade Live release which is a direct to disc recording produced by London’s Jack Richardson. Michael Fonfara is on the keyboards for this one and he was Lou Reed’s band leader for several years prior to this.
      30. Robbie Rox….The World Is Mad….from his debut album from 1978 and Robbie is from Toronto. The title of this one sums up our present state.
      31. Flivva….Northern Girls….from the Sympathetic Ear release from 1977 and from Toronto. On bass is Andy Paterson who would go on to form the art punk combo The Government.
      32. Simply Saucer….I Can Change My Mind…from their debut release on Pig Records from 1978. Leader Edgar Breau has another solo release about to come out, Shadows Of Ecstasy and we’ll be playing a track or 2 on the October 12th edition of Radio WW.
      33. King Biscuit Boy w/Crowbar….Shout Bama Lama….From the Official Music release from 1972.
      34. Guess Who….Heart Broken Bopper….from the Rockin’ release from 1972 and one of my fave 70’s songs by Guess Who.
      35. Pagliaro…Some Sing Some Dance…from a self titled release from 1975.
      Thanx for all the comments, emails, messages and Heys!!! That’s what makes it all worthwhile!
      Next week’s show will be a tribute to Al Cole, passed away this spring and was a former DJ here at CHRW, poster artist, booker, band manager for The Hippies, singer for The Bloodbrothers and a whole lot more!!
      The show is aired (pre-recorded these days due to covid) Mondays at 6PM EDT on CHRW 94.9FM Radiowestern.  Here's a link to listen live:
    • October 5, 2020 7:15 PM CDT
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      Untitled title

      Playlist For Radio What Wave October 5 2020, Tribute To Al Cole


      This edition is a special tribute to Al Cole who passed away this spring. Al moved to London approx. 1980 and from there did everything from; create posters (over 30 in Graphic Underground: London 1977-1990), was one of the first DJ’s on CHRW with his Young Fast And Scientific radio show, booked shows, managed The Hippies, sang in The Bloodbrothers, started What Wave zine and so much more!! And that was just diring his approx. 4 years while living in London and going to school!

       Prior and afterwards he was an employee at Star Records in Oshawa, helper at the Star Club, created posters and so much more!!! And his vast knowledge and enthusiasm about music was never ending and contagious!! Turned so many on to great music that most of us still appreciate to this day!

      This one’s for you Al!


      1. Gruesomes…..What Wave…..from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood and lately been our show opener.
      2. Flamin’ Groovies….Shake Some Action….from the 12” EP from 1976.  First heard the Groovies on the radio on Al’s fantastic Young Fast And Scientific Radio Show. We’d read about the Groovies in Cream, Trouser Press, New York Rocker, Trouser Press and all those other rock mags, but they’d never play them on the radio!
      3. Panther Burns….She’s The One That’s Got It….from Behind The Magnolia Curtain release from 1981 and another band Al introduced me to. Panther Burns played Fryfogles here in London right around this time and it was great!
      4. Zantees….Please Give Me Something….from their 1980 Out For Kicks release and another that Al intro-ed me to via the radio show. They finally make it to London in 1990 under the new name of The A Bones.
      5. Zellots….On The Dole….from a 1980 practice and a band that Al did many posters for.
      6. Shakin’ Jack and the Rattlesnake Jakes….Ice Cream Man…from the Domestic Animals release and another band that Al did many posters for.
      7. Hippies….How You Gonna Live…from their 1982 7” and Al was their manager.
      8. Hippies…Simple Song….demo from 7/22/1983 and as above.
      9. Gun Club….Sex Beat….from their 1981 Fire Of Love release and Al and company interviewed the band in What Wave #3.
      10. The Shakers….Out The Door….from a 1979 7” and another combo that Al interviewed in What Wave #3. Dave Rave, now vocalist for Teenage Head was in the band and part of the interview.
      11. Tom Wilson and the Florida Razors….NYC….from an early 80’s 7” and the band was interviewed in What Wave #3.
      12. Durango 95….Lorraine….from their 1983 Lose Control release. Al was a huge fan of D95 as they came from Oshawa, his home town. Remember Al brought them into Cultural House (part of the Embassy Hotel here in London) and they put on a great show, but delayed as the opening band, The Catch didn’t want to quit playing and let Durango on to do their show.
      13. X….The Unheard Music….from their 1980 Los Angeles release and somehow appropriate as Al loved the obscure and cool music that rarely made the radio. X were interviewed in WW #4.
      14. Feast Of The Mau Maus….Feast Of The Mau Maus….recorded live at Joe Kools by Tim McLaughlin and were interviewed in What Wave #4.
      15. Carolyn and the Wayouts…How You Gonna Know….home recording with Al on vocals and probably Bryan Young on bass. No idea who else was involved in this.
      16. Bill Barr…..At The Brunswick….Al under his alias that he used in What Wave (and probably other places) in which he would discuss the merits of the older taverns and hotels of downtown. This was documented in many issues of What Wave zine over the years.
      17. Deja Voodoo…Monsters In My Garager…from their 1982 7” records. It was at a DV show at the Victoria (here in London Ontario) that Al passed over the reins of WWzine to myself and Rena. And not longer after this (Sept 1984) Al moved back to his hometown of Oshawa.
      18. Deja Voodoo…Big Scary Daddy….from their 1984 Cemetery release. DV were huge supporters of WW over the years.
      19. Boy From Nowhere…..I Need You….recorded live at the Brunswick mid 80’s.  Al was in The Bloodbrothers as vocalist, when he decided to leave, Jon Traut came in and the band was re-named Boy From Nowhere.
      20. Jon Traut…..talking about The Brunswick
      21. Purple Toads….Gonna Have A Good Time….live recording at the Star Club from 10/12/1985 and Al was most likely present at this show.
      22. Raunch Hands….Ford….from a live recording at the Star Club 10/12/1985 and Al was definitely at this show as he shows up in a picture or two.
      23. Charlie Pickett and the Eggs….American Travelust….recorded live at the Star Club 2/9/1985 and Al was most likely at this show.
      24. Charlie Pickett and the Eggs....Meigs County... as above
      25. Cheshyres….I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine….recorded live at the Star Club 9/20/1986 and Al was most likely at this show.
      26. Smithereens….Groovy Tuesday….recorded live at The Star Club 3/22/1986. Pretty sure Al shows up in a picture from this show. This was Smithereens second show in Canada, the previous night they played in Toronto. And this was right before their international breakout!
      27. Smithereens….Beauty and Sadness….as above. Should mention The Smithereens had a replacement guitar player for these 2 shows as their regular guitar mangler Jim Babjak couldn’t make it for some reason.
      28. Evan Johns and the H Bomb…..Instrumental….recorded live at the Star Club recorded 6/11/1988. Al was definitely at this show.
      29. Starkweather….Aluminum Baseball Bat…from the 1993 release This Band Has Seconds To Live and No Foregiveness To Spare. Local combo featuring Simon Oates who has some really nice quotes about Al in the Wooly Toque fanzine dedicated to Al.
      30. Brown Hornets….South Oshawa Drug Mule…from their self titled release from 2007 and another of the local bands that Al supported. We got to see Brown Hornets a couple of times and they were fantastic live!
      31. Bradley Boy…Old 59…from his 2011 Salt Gun release and another local artist that Al helped out. Bradley Boy was one of the artists who played at Mike Shulga’s Memorial Show in Oshawa. Sadly, that show was the last time we saw Al.
      32. Catl….Outlaw Blues…..from their 2009 first release that Al and his wife Dana put out on their record label Coletrain Music. Catl have appeared many many times here in London over the years. Radio WW was the first to bring them in, long before we knew about the Al Cole connection. Guess we learned well from Al.
      33. Catl….Ragged and Dirty….. as above.


      Thanx to all that tuned in!! And Thanx for all the fantastic feedback for this one!!! This one is for Al Cole, wherever you are, hope you dug the show!!!


      On next week’s episode, we’ll play a couple more tracks recorded with Al singing. We’ll have The Clumps (short lived band in which Al was singer and Rob Sweeney played guitar) and Al and Lindsay Young doing a couple tunes. Huge Thanx to Rob and Lindsay for digging out these ancient tapes!!!

    • November 9, 2020 7:01 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave Playlist November 9/2020


      1. Gruesomes….What Wave….from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood from 1989 on OG Records.
      2. Garry Jackson….The Orange….brand new single from this accomplished song writer who has been based out of Nashville in the past, travelled the world making music and now lives in smalltown Ontario.
      3. Chris Jacks…Train Of Thought…from his brand new Miles To Go release. Chris normally spews out wild psychedelia or fuzzed out 60’s garage punk with his Japan based combo The Routes. His latest is way different, acoustic and laid back, but there’s still something lurking there.
      4. Edgar Breau….New Sacred Cow Blues…from his recent Shadows Of Ecstasy Release. Edgar is the leader of the long running Simply Saucer based out of Hamilton.
      5. Creatures Of Condition…Stuck In Hell…from their recent EP and from Windsor Ontario. Former Lost Patrol guitarist Dave Whiteside is in this combo.
      6. Vicious Dreams….Matter Of Time….from an upcoming release and based in Florida.
      7. Andy Butler and the Isolators…Down In The Basement…Andy put out the word he was looking for others to record during the pandemic, and this is the result! Reminds me of Teenage Head and that ain’t a bad thing around these parts. Peter Hudson played and put this all together, and speaking of…
      8. The Dundrells…Nothing On TV….1986 7”, were based out of Toronto and Peter Hudson played guitar in this combo.
      9. Muck and the Mires….Don’t Start Running Away…from their brand new Greetings From Muckingham Palace and from Boston.
      10. Judys….Another Goddamn Man… from their brand new More release and based out of Vancouver. Former Londoner Pete Feend plays basin this and several other bands.
      11.  Merinuks….King Merinuk…from their brand new release and from Hamilton Ontario. They are of course referring to Darren Merinuk, the Winnipeg based artist who has graced the covers of at least 4 issues of What Wave zine and done countless records, CD and cassette covers over the years.
      12. Angry Dragons….Girlfriend…from their 2009 EP and from Winnipeg, Darren did the cover art for this one.
      13. The VooDuo….World’s Greatest Sinner….from the Exotic Erotic Reverb compilation from 2010 that Darren did cover art for.
      14. Rockdoras…The Sinister Urge….from the Winnipeg Riot compilation that came out in Dionysus from 2005. Darren compiled this one and supplied the art. It’s a taste of Darren’s Winnipeg.
      15. Real Kids…Now You Now…from the Roots Of Power Pop release on Bomp Records from 1996 and again, Darren did the cover art.
      16. Warren Smith….Rock and Roll Ruby….from the Legendary Performer release and this song came from 1956 and recorded at Sun. This is the beginning of our tribute to Stan Kesler who passed away recently. Stan played steel guitar on this on and did a lot of behind the scenes work at Sun Studios.
      17. Charlie Feathers…I Forgot To Remember To Forget….from the Rockabilly’s Main Man release from 1979 and Stan co-wrote this one with Charlie. Elvis made a hit of this song.
      18. Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs….Mystery Train….from their 1966 Greatest Hits release which Stan produced and most likely it was his idea to take this rockabilly song and give it a Bo Diddly beat.
      19. Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs….Li’L Red Riding Hood…as above with Stan Kesler producing.
      20. James Carr…The Dark End Of The Street….from his 1968 A Man Needs A Woman release which Stan engineered.
      21. Satan’s Pilgrims….Ben Tenaka….from the Flaming Burnout compilation from 1977 on Estrus and goes out to Dan Sich.
      22. Satan’s Pilgrims…Psycle Pswami…from the Continental Magazine #17 compilation from 2010. Continental Mag is still running and still has CD compilations coming out.
      23. The Astronuts….The Gooch…from their self titled cassette release. Might be a coupla Gruesomes and one of Ray Condo’s Hard Rock Goners involved in this one.
      24. The Unknowns…Cool…from a cassette compilation called Surf Party from 1988 and from Vancouver.
      25. Thing From Outer Space…Mai Tai….their latest and from London Ontario.
      26. UIC….Superstar….from their brand new FM Hill release. On next week’s show, November 16, we’ll be doing a UIC special as they have a big show coming up on November 21 at the Horseshoe. Check the UIC FB page for all the details.
      27. Shark Graffiti…Jungle Of Rock’n’Roll….from their debut cassette from 1988 and they played many shows with UIC. SG were based in Whitby Ontario.
      28. Legend Killers…Rattlesnake Beer….from a 1991 cassette (possibly a promo only thing) and they were from London Ontario and played with UIC many times.
      29. Hook Up….Driftwood….from the C60 Go! cassette that came out on Record Store Day in 2011. At the time, they were based in Montreal, but later moved to Hamilton and then Saskatoon before disbanding.
      30. Lonesome Ghost….Haunted By God….from their self titled cassette that came out on Record Store Day in 2011. From Aylmer Ontario and don’t hold that against them as both members have long since moved to London.
      31. Fine  Print…Haunt You No More….from their self titled cassette that came out on Record Store Day in 2011 and they were from London Ontario.
      32. Randall Pee Coltrane…Self Medicated Man….from his upcoming The Gnu Normal release and based out of Barrie Ontario.
      33. CW Stoneking…The Zombie…from his Gon’ Boogaloo release from 2014. Rumours have it that CW is retiring later this year. We never did get a chance to see him, as we missed his Toronto appearance a couple years back.
      34. CW Stoneking…We Gon’ Boogaloo…. As above.
      35. Thunderqueens….Bulldozer….from their recent release on Yeah Right! Records and this duo lives here in London Ontario.


      Big Thanx for all the comments, messages, emails and Heys!!!  And Thanx to all that took the time to give this show a listen.

      Back again next week and we’ll be doing a special on UIC as they are doing a big show at the Horseshoe on November 21.  

    • November 16, 2020 7:01 PM CST
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      Untitled title

      Radio What Wave November 23/2020 UIC Special


      This was a special on the band UIC and its various offshoot bands. UIC was supposed to be doing a live show at the Horseshoe the Saturday after this show aired, but it was postponed until January due to covid.  The show is arranged chronologically and there many more songs I wanted to include but due to time constraints this is what you get. 

      This show is pre-recorded about a week prior to airing as we don’t have access to the CHRW studios, again due to covid. Everything you hear on these shows is tossed together in my makeshift home ‘studio’ and all material comes from my collection.


      1. Gruesomes….What Wave…from Mr Garager’s Neighbourhood release from 1989 on  OG Records. UIC was also on this release.
      2. UIC….Superstar….from the recent FM Hill release and what better way to get things rolling.
      3. UIC…Telephone….recorded live 3/16/1985 at Call The Office, London Ontario. There might be video of this one as well as the next tune.
      4. UIC…. Instrumental….as above.
      5. UIC….When I’m Crazy….recorded live at St Stephens Hall 6/15/1985. This was our wedding bash and also playing that night were 3D Invisibles from Detroit and London’s Boy From Nowhere.
      6. UIC….I Got Nerve…from a cassette labelled First Demo 1986
      7. UIC….Cheap Generation….as above. This cassette was given to us by one of the members of UIC back then.
      8. UIC…Who’ll Start The End….from a cassette labelled Accusonic December 1985, and again given to us by the band. This song was also on Garunge, the cassette that came with What Wave zine #14 and released December 1987.
      9. UIC….Honest Can’t Survive…from the same cassette as above.
      10. Crop Dustin’….from the Our Garage release from 1986.
      11. UIC….You’re Gonna Miss Me….recorded live at Bullwinkles, London Ontario 2/14/1986. Also on the bill that night were the Purple Toads and making their London debut, Shark Graffiti (with their original singer and the only time we saw the band with him).
      12. UIC….Neat Neat Neat….recorded at Lee’s Palace, Toronto 6/28/1986
      13. UIC…Struck By An Once Of Madness…. recorded live at Les Fou Fonnes (sp?) in Montreal and probably on the same bill as The Gruesomes.
      14. UIC…. Cracked Actor….recorded live at Key West, London Ontario 11/6/1987
      15. UIC….Livin’ In The  Past….from the Live Like 90 release and recorded live at Lee’s Palace 11/4/1988
      16. UIC….Outta Hand….from The Wiseman Session, released in 2016 but should have come out in 1989.  If this had been released as planned, things might have been a bit different for UIC.
      17. UIC….Outta Hand….as above. Wiseman Sessions is easily my fave UIC release!
      18. UIC….The Grey and the Black….recorded live at CTO 7/14/1990.
      19. UIC….400 Blows… as above.
      20. UIC…Is It My Body….recorded live at CTO 2/16/1991


      1. UIC…. Poor Boy….from the Witches In Credible release from 1993 and the only UIC full length to not come out on vinyl, or be re-issued.
      2. UIC….It’s Alright….as above
      3. UIC….Do You Wanna Go?...from the Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Volume 1 from 1994.
      4. Positively Stompin’…Little Bit Longer….from the 1994 Junk Drawer release. This was Teddy (RIP) and Murray’s combo that started as Possibly Stompin’, doing all Stompin’ Tom covers and evolved into a real band. PS is one of those bands that coulda and shoulda, but for some reason it didn’t happen. They had real management, a unique sound/style, appeared on television a number of times, got radio play and did showcase live shows.
      5. El Speedo….Rock’n’Roll Explosion…..probably from the El Speedo cassette (this might be a different version than is on the cassette) and features Dave on lead vocals.
      6. El Speedo…Speed… as above.
      7. Chickens…. White Squirrel Town….from the 2000 release Prepare To Plug In. Another of those bands that coulda and shoulda but it just didn’t happen. They made the trek to Cleveland to battle it out for Little Steven’s Garage Band awards and came in second.
      8. Chickens….Heart That Bleeds…from the 2003 Bring It On release.
      9. Smokestack Lightning….Volcano….from a 2003 demo and features Murray on the tubs, Roger Toad on bass, Paul Toad on bass and vocals on one other member.
      10. UIC….Mystery Train….from the recent FM Hill release and a long time UIC tune written by Richard Carstens. The Chickens used to do a really long drawn out version of this one, but there wasn’t time on the show to include it.
      11. UIC….Honest Can’t Survive….as above, from FM Hill
      12. UIC…Thunder From The Left…. As above….RIP Danny
      13. UIC…..Richard May… above and RIP to Dick. Dick was one of the constants at the Cedar Lounge but never actually met him until we ran into each other at a Demics show in Toronto in early 1981.

      Had a blast putting this one together, digging through all the live and demo cassettes and actually being able to find them! And this show goes out to Danny, Teddy and Dick!!

      Thanx to all that took the time to listen. And Huge Thanx for all the comments, messages, emails, and Heys!!!

      Back again next Monday at 6PM with another edition of Radio What Wave.

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