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    • July 29, 2009 3:58 PM CDT
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      Break out the smoking jacket and mix an extremely dry martini: Sydney's debonair kings of suave voodoo garage rock and roll, the Intercontinental Playboys, are unveiling another ode to lust and lasciviousness in the shape of a silver CD platter. "Hymns of the Flesh" is due out on August 6 on I-94 Bar Records and will be launched at the Ivory Lounge, Ultimo, on Saturday August 15. "Hymns Of The Flesh" takes the organ-driven fuzz-tone finesse for which the Playboys are renowned around the world and adds a sharper pop hook dimension. After 10 years as unwavering, persistent constants in the airhead-sphere of Sydney, the band decided it was time for a follow-up to "Sonic Seducers" their successful debut long-player on Off the Hip. Two years of studio work later, "Hymns Of The Flesh" is here. Recorded at Sydney's Tardis Studio (Johnny Casino, The Booby Traps) and mixed by Mike Burnham, the sounds that emanate will leave you, and those with whom you are intimate, breathless. Solemn? No. Flesh-centric? Yes. There will be sweat. And delightfully so. Original Playboys Tommy, Benedict and Michelangelo have been augmented by Bobby on drums and the sound is more formidable than ever. Those impressed by their initial audacious and throbsome move to "Hammond organ as bass" will be sonically KO'd, again, by the sounds enclosed within "Hymns Of The Flesh". Newcomers? Watch Out! You will be violated, in ways unexpected, dexterous, and memorable. It's the band's fourth notable release, following "Sonic Seducers", the "Ladies May We Introduce Ourselves" and "Just Turn On" EPs. The Playboys sound has been likened to a lot of notable bands from garages and other dark places, but everyone has a different take on these remarkable gentlemen. What will they do for you? Find out when you wrap your ears around "Hymns Of The Flesh". Order at WHAT THEY'VE SAID ABOUT THE INTERCONTINENTAL PLAYBOYS: When I listen to this band, I find the answer to a question I had never thought to ask myself before: What if the Stranglers played garage rock? ... pretty f*ckin filthy... simply outstanding. - Mike Bennett on (on Sonic Seducers LP) This disc features one great song after another. A high energy affair, "Sonic Seducers" represents everything wild and wonderful there is about real rock and roll... Imagine The Stooges getting together with The Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick, and there you have it. - Twist & Shake April 2005 This Sydney four-piece have around for some time with more than a dash of the Cramps in them, but that's by no means their only influence. You can throw in the Barracudas, the Stooges, the Music Machine and the Fuzztones if you like (and that's only scratching the surface). May 2005 ... has a sing-speak vocal yap that draws comparison to both Tom Verlaine and Hugh Cornwell channeled through Lou Reed... have created a solid album of mostly great songs that sound like everything and nothing else at the same time. Hip indeed. - Uptown May2005 A powerhouse of neo-Tarantino cellar-sleaze-rock. - Obzine October 2000 Iggy im 60ties Milieu. - Moloko Plus (Germany) April 2003 Ihr Sanger verblufft zudem durch einen vielseutegen Gesangsstil, der zwischen dem von Lux Interior und Lou Reed variiert und seinesgleichen sucht. - Incognito (Germany) April 2003

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