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  • Topic: V2 'At The Edge of Chaos' LP

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    • January 27, 2019 6:32 AM CST
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      V2 'At The Edge of Chaos' LP


      ‘At The Edge Of Chaos’

      12-track LP • 500 only

      Label: Overground Records

      Cat. No: OVER 167LP • Release Date: 8th Feb 2019


      V2 formed in March 1977 evolving from the early Manchester punk scene

      based around the legendary Electric Circus venue. Of the four Manchester punk bands around at the time - The Fall, Buzzcocks, V2 and Warsaw - V2 were the ones who fell to earth: 'as subtle as flying buzz-bombs' and destined for the same early grave.


      V2 gigs were chaotic, but this was where they really made their mark.

      Audiences were treated to a white-faced, black-eyed, bad-skinned young band wearing Frankenstein boots, who attacked the crowd with guitars hacked into cricket bats, bombed them with flour bags and once, set them on fire with cheap flash-bombs thrown by a drunken 'helper'. You either loved 'em or you fuckin' hated em!


      Faced with a constant lack of money/motivation and bad management the

      band fell to bits. Underachievement has given the band a cult status

      that some 'more successful bands' can only dream of...


      This LP compiles both of their classic singles 'Man In The Box' and 'Speed Freak', their withdrawn third single ‘Is Anyone Out There?’ and various studio recordings that never saw the light of day, packed in a full colour cover with insert detailing the band’s history.


      Track Listing:

      Nothing To Do/ Speed Freak/ That’s It/ Man In The Box/ City Creatures/ Is Anyone Out There?/ I’m A Dancer/ Zero Hour/ Silent Exchanges/ Out On The Corner/ Prayer For The New Born/ Encounter With The X-Men


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