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  • Topic: Kronstadt Uprising 'Insurrection' LP

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    • November 4, 2023 8:19 AM CDT
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      Kronstadt Uprising 'Insurrection' LP

      Kronstadt Uprising took their name from the uprising at the Kronstadt Naval Base in 1921. Lenin referred to the incident as “the flash that lit up reality better than anything else”.

      Formed in Southend-On Sea, Essex in 1981, Kronstadt Uprising survived six turbulent years with many members coming and going. However, far from being a negative factor, it produced a very stimulating and creative environment that lead to an ever evolving musical style that can be heard on this CD.

      Founder member Steve Pegrum was encouraged by the self-empowerment message and ethos of punk rock. In 1979 he acquired a drum kit and formed several punk bands. By 1981 the scene was starting to fragment. The area of punk that now interested Steve was that which stayed true to the original DIY ethic and this developing scene encouraged Steve to form Kronstadt Uprising.

      By November 1981 the band were ready to record. They recorded nine tracks and sent the tape to Crass who decided to use ‘Receiver Deceiver’ on Bullshit Detector Vol. 2, released in September 1982. Also in 1982 the band recorded ‘The Unknown Revolution’ EP under the production of John Loder and Derek Birkett at Southern Studios for Spiderleg Records. The record was eventually released a year later.

      Late 1983/1984 saw the band move away from the confines of the current punk scene and concentrate on writing new material. However, after three years various members felt they had progressed as far as they could and in March 1984 they played their final concert in London.

      In the Summer of 1984 Steve decided he wanted to continue playing, so a new Kronstadt Uprising emerged with a totally new line-up. In April 1985 they recorded the ‘Part Of The Game’ EP for local Dog Rock Records. The band continued to gig and increased their fan base, but diversifying music tastes within the band took their toll and they eventually decided to call it a day in 1987.

      Always true to punk, but never happy being genericised or put into any kind of musical straightjacket, this CD shows the ever-evolving Kronstadt sound.

      Limited to 300 copies, the 15 tracks feature both singles, their Bullshit Detector Vol. 2 appearance and seven studio recordings including one previously unreleased, packaged with a 12″ x 12″ insert with previously unseen photos and a detailed history from founder member Steve Pegrum.

      Track listing:

      Blind People / Dreamers of Peace / Xenophobia / End of Part One / Receiver Deceiver / The Knife / The Day After / Living in a Nightmare /I Don’t Wanna Live Your Way Today / Part of The Game / The Horsemen / Live For Today /Looking For You / Suicide /What Are You Gonna Do


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