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    • August 14, 2012 10:30 PM CDT
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      THE EVIL EYES are looking for a new drummer.

      We're moving in a new direction that is more garage, more primitive, loud and trashy. Think The Cramps, Gories, Oblivians, Thee Mighty Caesars/Headcoats, Link Wray, Bo Diddley with some BACK FROM THE GRAVE and GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS trash thrown in for good measure.

      We just released a 7" (recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit; you can check the EP out on our page) and had plans to go into the studio again soon. We scrapped the old material and are writing new stuff and would like someone who can jump in and contribute some ideas. The only songs we're keeping from the EP is HONEY PLEASE and PSYCHO DAISIES- the other songs are gone.

      Some simple backup shouting here and there would be great but not necessary.

      We have some gigs lined up for Montreal and New York and would like to be stage ready as soon as possible. Make sure you have a passport and can cross the border with no hassles.

      We don't care of you've been playing 20 years or a year. What we want more than anything is someone we can get along with and is into the same stuff we're into.

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