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    • May 6, 2014 2:37 AM CDT
    • Thanks but we'll already play in Lille on July 12

    • April 30, 2014 10:58 AM CDT
    • Try El Diablo in Lille

    • April 7, 2014 2:18 AM CDT
    • Hello ! We're looking for a show in Northern France on Thursday July 10 on our way to Paris (another show in Paris is ok too). 

      You can check us there :

      Any help appreciated ! 

    • May 5, 2014 2:31 PM CDT
    • Voix de garage#24 : In the Fever of April ! (30/04/2014)

      (Jingle) Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

      Ruby Sol / The Mobbs / LP « Stiff Upper Lip & Trousers to Match » / 2013 / UK

      Get Attuned to my Time / The X-Ray Harpoons / Get Attuned to our Time / 2014 / Germany (Köln)

      Storm Or Sun / Plastic Man / 7’’ Plastic Man / 01/12/2013 / Italy (Firenze)

      Sweet Something / The Richmond Sluts / 7″ single / 2002 / US (LA, California (über alles))

      *5' French talk* & Lotus / The Men / Leave Home / 2011 / US (NYC)

      Gimme Shelter / The Lords of Altamont / Lords Take Altamont / 15/04/2014 / US (LA, California)

      *The 60's Chapel from Northern France*: All Nighters / Cayman Kings / Cayman Kings / 12/04/2014 / France (Lille)

      So Long / The Datsuns / Headstunts / 06/10/2008 / NZ (Cambridge)

      Quieter Today / Cloud Nothings / Here And Nowhere Else / 2014 / US (Cleveland, Ohio)

      Silence In Your Mind / Wonderflu / What’s Inside / 2014 / France (Paris)

      *The Norway lesson*: Gimme Shelter / Turbonegro / Small Feces / 2005 / Norway (Oslo)

      *Maximum Volume in April*: Sick Of You / Pirate Love / LP « Black Vodoun Space Blues » / 2008 / Norway 

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    • May 2, 2014 6:13 AM CDT
    • The new "Voix de Garage" show - #24 already!!! - will be published early next week. Check it out for more rock 'n roll with the Richmond Sluts, the Lords of Altamont, the Mobbs, Plastic Man, X Ray Harpoons and many more!!!

    • April 24, 2014 1:02 AM CDT
    • Listen to the show:

      Voix de Garage #23 – Have Love Will Travel! (special bye-bye Diégo!) (16/04/2014)

      (Jingle) Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

      Going To Brazil / Motörhead / 1916 / 26/02/1991 / UK (London)

      Glad To See You Go / The Ramones/ Leave Home / 10/01/1977 / US (NYC)

      Carry Home / The Gun Club / Miami / 20/09/1982 / US (LA)

      Bad News Travel Fast / The Fuzztones / single / 1984 / US (NYC)

      Journey to the Center of a Girl / The Cramps / Stay Sick! / 12/02/1990 / US (New York)

      *Special tribute to The X-Ray Harpoons*: City of Lights / The X-Ray Harpoons / Get Attuned to our Tyme / 2014 / Deutschland (Köln)

      *The 60's Chapell*: Go on leave / Red Beard & The Pirates / Found on : Back from the Grave Vol. 2 / US (Atlanta)

      *The 5' French talk*: Come back soon Diego 

      *The quiet moment*: On the Run / J Mascis / Martin + Me / 1996 / US (Amherst, MA)

      Lets go to the Moon / The Groovie Ghoulies / Fun in the Dark / 1999 / US (Sacramento)

      Stuck Here For Days / The Datsuns / Smoke & Mirrors / 02/10/2006/ NZ (Cambridge)

      Travel / Wonderflu / Lota Schwager / 2010 / Paris (France)

      *The Norway (trip) lesson* : Sailorman / Turbonegro / Ass Cobra / 1996 / Norway (Oslo)

      *Take your glitter on the road*: Keep On Movin / King Tuff / King Tuff / 2012 / US (Vermont)

      It’s A Long Way Back / The Ramones / Road To Ruin / 21/09/1978 / US (NYC)

      Going Nowhere Fast / The Lords of Altamont / The Altamont Sin / 2008 / US (LA, California)

      *Must be played at maximum volume before you leave*: Death Trip / Iggy & The Stooges / Raw Power / 1973 / US

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    • April 22, 2014 3:35 PM CDT
    • Listen to the show here =>

      Voix de Garage #22 – Here come the COPS! (09/04/2014)

      (Jingle) Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

       I Hate Cops / The Authorities / Soundtrack for Trouble / 1982 / US (Stockton, California)

       Frustration / Crime / San Francisco’s Doomed / 1977 / US (San Francisco)

       Crime Wave / Crime / San Francisco’s Doomed / 1977 / US (San Francisco)

       *The quite moment*: Baby Just Break / King Tuff / King Tuff / 2012 / US (Vermont)

       Alternative Ulster  / Stiff Little Fingers / Inflammable Material / 02/02/1979 / Northern Ireland (Belfast)

       Fascist Cops / The Kids / Eponyme / 1978 / Belgium

       Caught By The Fuzz / Supergrass / I Should Coco / 15/05/1995 / UK (Oxford)

       All Cops in Delirium / The Running Stream / The Butterfly Trip / 1985-1987 / Italy (Trieste)

      *The 5' French talk*: La Police

       Fuck the Police / Rage Against the Machine / Live & Rare / 1997 / US (LA)

       Il Cattivo Tenente / Smart Cops / Per Protegerre et Servire / 2011 / Italie

       *The (Outlaw) 60's Chapell*: I Fought The Law / Bobby Fuller Four / single / 1965 / US (Texas)

       Police At The Door / Batmobile / Sex Starved / 1991 / Netherlands (Rotterdam)

       *Listen to that jail glitter*: Sidewalk Sinner / Gary Glitter / Touch Me / 1973 / UK (London)

       Kill the Police / GG Allin & Antiseen / Murder Junkies / 1991 / US (New Hampshire)

       *Politiet Leksjon fra Norge*: High on the Crime / Turbonegro / Party Animals / 2005 / Norway (Oslo)

       California Uber Alles / Dead Kennedys / Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables / 1980 / US (San Francisco)

       *Must be played at maximum volume before the police comes out*: Hate the Police / Mudhoney / Live Mud / 2007 / US (Seattle)




    • April 3, 2014 3:25 PM CDT
    • Voix de Garage #21 – My My Kinda Tracks III (special nothing special) (02/04/2014)

      (Jingle) Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

      *Focus: Ladies and Gentlemen, Manu gives you Radio Birdman!*

      - New Race / Radio Birdman / Radio Appears / 07/1977 / Australia (Sydney)
      - Murder City Nights / Radio Birdman / Radio Appears / 07/1977 / Australia (Sydney)
      - What Gives / Radio Birdman / Radio Appears / 07/1977 / Australia (Sydney)

      Good Golly Miss Molly / Backbeat Band / Backbeat Soundtrack / 1994 / US

      *5' French talk* - today: F*** Dave Grohl

      *The quiet moment*:Funnel of Love / Wanda Jackson / B-Side single « Right or Wrong » / 04/1961 / US (Oklahoma)

      This Little Woman / Tripmakers / Compilation “Wipe Out! Presents 12 Raw Greeks Groups” / 1987 / Greece (Athens)

      *The DOUBLE 60's Chapel*:

      - A Question of Temp(er)ature / The Balloon Farm / single / 10/1967 / US (New Jersey)
      - Send me a Postcard / Shocking Blue / Single / 1968 / Netherlands (Den Haag)

      *Diego tries to convince you*: Russian Roulette / The Lords of the New Church / The Lords of the New Ch / 82 / US&UK

      *The Norway lesson*: Death From Above / Turbonegro / Party Animals / 27/04/2005 / Norway (Oslo suburbs)

      *Greasy glitter*:What Ruthy Said / Steve Harley & Cockney Rebels / The Human Menagerie / 11/1973 / UK (London)

      Dog Food / Mondo Generator / Dog Food (EP) / US (Van Nuys, CA)

      *Maximum Volume*:3/5 of a Mile in Ten Seconds / The Lords of Altamont / Lords Take Altamont / 14/04/2014 / US (LA)

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    • March 31, 2014 1:07 PM CDT
    • Voix de Garage #20 – My My Kinda Tracks II (special ain’t heard yet) (26/03/2014)

      (Jingle)  Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

      Twist 2000 / Dum Dum Boys / Electronic Pop Music Created By / 1998 / NISSA (France)

      Bubblegum / Dum Dum Boys / Soul Bondage Deluxe / 2001 / NISSA (France)

      She’s Sweet / Vue / Down for Whatever / 2004 / US (Cisco, California)

      Zit / Happy Birthday / Happy Birthday / 2010 / US (Vermont)

      *The gorgeous 60's Chapell*:Satisfaction Guaranteed / The Mourning Reign / single / 1966 / US (San José, California)

      Carper Seller’s Blues / LP « No Tyme for Tears » / The Norvins / 2014 / France (Paris)

      Electric / The Men / New Moon / 2013 / US (NYC)

      I want you / Danko Jones / We Sweat Blood / 21/10/2003 /Canada (Toronto)

      *Listen to that Greasy Glitter*:Do the Strand / Roxy Music / For your Pleasure / 23/03/1973 / UK (London)

      Brazil / LP « Behind the Magnolia Curtain » / Tav Falco’s Panther Burns ‎/ 1981 / US (Memphis)

      *The quiet moment ssshhhh* : Psycho / Beasts of Bourbon / The Axeman’s Jazz / 07/1984 / Australia (Sydney)

      The Beat Up (aka The Beatings) / Bad Feeling / Black Rays Defence / 31/01/2005 / UK (London)

      Flashing New Dance Steps / The Monkeywrench / Gabriel’s Horn / 2008 / US (Seattle)

      *A teaching coming from Norway*:Rendezvous with Anus / Turbonegro / Apocalypse Dudes / 1998 / Norway (Oslo)

      *To be played at maximum bearable volume*:Gotta Keep Movin’ / LP « The First and the Last » / New Race‎ / 1982 / Orstralia (Sydney)

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    • March 21, 2014 1:26 PM CDT
    • Voix de Garage #19 – Love! Love! Love! (19/03/2014)

      (Jingle)  Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

       *Quiet moment of love in Scott Asheton's memory*: Down On The Street / The Stooges / Fun House / 07/07/1970 / US (Ann Arbor, Motor City!, Michigan)

      Ever Fallen In Love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve) / Buzzcocks / Love Bites / 08/09/1978 / UK (ManchestA)

      She Said She Loves Me / The Scientists / The Scientists (aka The Pink Album) / 1981 /Perth (Australia)

      Be My Lover / Alice Cooper / Killer / 11/1971 / US (Detroit Alice Cooper City)

      *5' French talk* : we love hippies who love lovers of love 

      Her Love Rubbed Off / The Cramps / Stay Sick! (CD bonus track) / 12/02/1990 / US (Akron, Ohio)

      *Listen to that lovely GLITTER made of love*: Gary Glitter – I Didn’t Know I Loved You (‘til I saw you rock’n’roll) / Glitter / 03/03/1972 / UK (Banbury, Oxfordshire)

      Your Love Is A Fine Thing / Reigning Sound / Too Much Guitar / 04/05/2004 / US (Memphis, TN and Ashevill, N. Carolina)

      In Love / The Datsuns / TV appearance BBC “…Later with Jools Holland” / 06/12/2002 / NZ (Cambridge)

      *That quiet moment of pure love* : Swamp Of Love / King Tuff / King Tuff / 2012 / US (Vermont)

      Hindu Gods (Of Love) / The Lipstick Killers / single / 1979 / Sydney (Australia)

      *The DOUBLE 60's Chapell of Love* :
           -Zombie Love / The X-Ray Harpoons / Zombie Love EP / 2010 / Germany (Köln)
           -Have Love will Travel / The Sonics / Here are the Sonics / 1965 / US (Tacoma, Washington)

      Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Love Comes in Spurts / Blank Generation / 09/1977 / US (NYC)

      Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World / The Ramones / Ramones / 23/04/1976 / US (NYC)

      What Love is / The Dead Boys / Young Loud and Snotty / 10/1977 / US (Cleveland, Ohio)

      *The Norway lesson of LOVE* : Librium Love / Turbonegro / Hot Car and Spent Contraceptives / 03/1992 / Norway  

      *Must be played at maximum volume with love* :Love Buzz / Nirvana / Bleach / 15/06/1989 / US (Seattle)

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    • March 14, 2014 3:47 PM CDT
    • Voix de Garage #I’m 18 – Special Girls! Girls! Girls!

      Cherry Bomb / Runaways / Cherry Bomb (Single) / 1976 / US (LA)

      Bad Little Woman / The Shadows of Knight / Back Door Men/ 1966 / US (Chicago suburbs)

      Gimmie My Radio / The Donnas / American Teenage Rock’n Roll Machine / 1998 / US (Palo Alto)

      No Good Woman / The Tree / single / 1967 / US (Wilmington, Delaware)

      Don’t wanna hold your hand / Thee Headcoatees / Punk Girls / 1997 / UK (Kent)

      Get Out Of My Life / Little Willie and the Adolescents / single / 1966 / US (Winter Park, Florida)

      My Boyfriend’s Back / The Spazzys (orginally performed by The Angels)/ Aloha! Go Bananas / 2004 / Australie (Melbourne)

      Action Woman / The Litter / single / 1967 / US (Minneapolis, Harley Davidson City)

      I Never Loved Her / Starfires / single / 1965 / US (California)

      Shove / L7 / Smell The Magic / 1990 / US (LA)

      Plump / Hole / Live Through This / 1994 / US (LA)

      He’s My Thing / Babes In Toyland / Painkillers (EP) / 1993 / US (Minneapolis)

      We Must Bleed / That Dog. / A Small Circle Of Friends : A Germs Tribute / 1996 / US (LA)

      Head To Toe / The Breeders / Head To Toe (EP) / 1994 / US (Dayton)

      New Love / The Muffs / New Love (single) / 1991 / US (California)

      Ain’t Got No Soul / The Pandoras / Stop Pretending / 1986 / US (LA)

      *Listen to that Glitter!* I’m The Leader Of The Gang (I Am) / Girl School & Gary Glitter / Nightmare At Maple Cross / 1986 / UK (London)

      *The quiet moment* Give Him A Great Big Kiss / Shangri La’s / Give Him A Great Big Kiss (single) / 1964 / US (NYC)

      *The Norway lesson* I Got Erection / TurbonegrA / L’ass Cobra / 2008 / Germany

      *Must be played at maximum volume sorry girls* I Need Lunch / Dead Boys / Young Loud And Snotty / 1977 / US (Cleveland)

      - See more at:

    • May 5, 2014 4:36 AM CDT
    • Hola amigos!!!

      Everything is ready for next Go Sinner Go!!!

      Subsonics, Night Beats, Swingin Neckbreakers, The Anomalys, The Jackets, The Skeptics and The Government plus 10 international DJs will play on 6th an 7th June 2014 in Toledo!!!

      More info here:

      See you there!!!

    • May 2, 2014 11:33 AM CDT
    • Hello everybody, I'm Bernh from The Mighties, an italian garage band active since 2006.

      We have recorded a new Ep that is ready to be self-published in the next months but since we recognize that this work is reeeally good we would like to search for a label who can help us.


      Our mission is so simple: do you like our songs? just help us to spread our musing like add us in your roster or simply give us some support in your website or whatever.

      Yes, we're also great live and we wanna play Europe!

      If interested just send to me a private message so I can send to you the tracks.

      Thank you guys!

    • April 9, 2014 3:08 PM CDT
    • The Better Men Than You should be fucking rock stars.
      Fuzz Fétiche said:


    • April 8, 2014 5:45 PM CDT
      Friday April 18th

      Deviation Street is London’s hot hang-out for desperate rock’n’rollers. You’ll see & hear the best new garage and trashy rock’n’roll bands we can find.

      In addition resident DJ Phil Istine & guest DJ Spencer Evoy (MFC Chicken) will be on hand with the vintage vinyl, spinning 45s of garage, beat, rock’n’roll, & other assorted trash.

      LOVE L.U.V.
      Garage pop stompers! Female-fronted London quartet with hooks aplenty. ‘You Do Something’ b/w ‘Lily Anne’ is the debut double A-side single, released on limited 7" vinyl on April 7th.

      bluesy high energy rock’n’roll from these new, mysterious boys. Trust us, they’ll be more than good to have you drooling.

      The London three-piece bluesy garage punk newcomers “really belt those tunes out. Ridged and yet soulful. Their set is positive and confident” says Louder Than War.

      Hackney’s fine power garage trio who don’t take names! Expect an onslaught of crunching guitars and desperate howling!

      @ The Alley Cat
      4 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LP
      Tube: Tottenham Court Road
      8pm-3am, £4 in advance from, or £7 on the door

    • March 27, 2014 7:19 AM CDT
    • Hi

      Should there by any chance be Danish garage punkers on this forum, we, Mongrels, are looking for a guitarist with keyboard skills.
      We're playing a rough, punky version of garage not unlike Oblivians, Gories, The Mummies, Jay Reatard etc. That is plenty of primitive drums, fuzzy guitars, blues chord progressions and occasional 60's organ.

      After having played under our previous incarnation called The Armsmen with a female drummer, we're looking for a guitarist who can also play keyboards - that is, either our vintage GEM Jumbo 61 or Philips Philicorda organs, we wil provide. Our music is hardly technical, which is why your skills doesn't have to be more than rudimentary. What is most important is your passion and dedication to the genre.

      PM if you're interested!



    • March 26, 2014 7:23 PM CDT
    • Radio Saigon - Decent sounding, very classic 60's sounding. Released a 7" on Bad Afro Records. The band seems to have disbanded - the lead singer is now in psych band called Oracle O.

      Total Heels - Super groovy, simple, infectious melodies. Have released 2 x 7"'s thus far. The lead-singer has a pretty unique Sprechgesang-like vocal style, reminding me of a Southern Baptist preacher

      David Peter and the Wilde Sect - A very authentic and retro-sounding orchestra, they sound almost sound like the lost recordings of some wild 60's beat-combo. Sadly disbanded a few years ago, though released an excellent 7". Certainly beats the rather boring band, The Youth, David Peter now is in.

    • March 20, 2014 11:56 AM CDT
    • Do so, guys! We could seriously use a garage rock injection. Mongrels would gladly play alongside you!

      Orphans - A primitive two girl duo with only a guitar, a floor tom and a snare drum... and of course their respective voices. There's a sort of feminist/riot grrrl-ish attitude to them, while the music is pure and simple power chord punk rock.

      Sock Puppets - More power-pop than garage punk. Pure, lo-fi Ramones clones - Raclones?? - Very catchy and loads of fun.

    • March 20, 2014 11:19 AM CDT
    • They all sound great! We're coming the Denmark!

    • March 20, 2014 11:15 AM CDT
    • Good one, keep em coming!

    • March 20, 2014 6:20 AM CDT
    • Hi fellow garage punkers

      I've recently started my own blog with the single purpose of spreading the word about Danish underground artists:
      (I've also recently purchased a tape duplicator, so I intend to start releasing cassettes this summer and, if I can muster the cash, perhaps a couple of 7"'s here and there. So if any of you have any material, you'd like released, let me have a listen. Send it to me on

      In that connection, since I am a huge fan of all things garage, I've put together a list of recommendable Danish garage punk, that I hope you'll enjoy. Check my blog from time to time for any updates on new garage/punk/lo-fi/experimenetal music from Denmark, if you're into that sort.

      History of Danish garage:
      Denmark does, sadly, not have a huge tradition for garage rock like for instance our Scandinavian brothers Finland and Sweden. The 60's didn't have a lot of Nuggets-worthy bands (though I intend to make a mixtape/playlist on the blog of my favorites at some point, might post it in this thread as well.) Despite record labels like Bad Afro Records that release almost exclusively garage and psych (they've released mostly international artists due to the lack of Danish bands in that field), and a festival dedicated to genre like Gutter Island, we, in fact, have barely had any garage bands at all.

      It wasn't until the band Baby Woodrose got critical acclaim and received the prestigious P3 Guld Award that the genre got any notable press. Luckily, we've had a minor revolution in Danish alternative music, and bands have an increasingly international outlook, looking elsewhere than the Danish canon of music for inspiration. This has produced a ton of good bands, and I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the Mayhem scene that has produced excellent post-punk and punk-related bands such as Iceage, Lower, Vår, Hand Of Dust & more. A few garage bands have also popped up along side the Mayhem scene, though no regional scenes have arisen, so you have to be in the know to... well, know... where to look for Danish garage punk.

      Not included on this list:
      Since it's a recommendation thread, it's very, very subjective. I'm personally way into more primitive, lo-fi and noisy garage punk. That would be stuff like Oblivians, Gories, The Mummies, Reatards... you know, that sort. That and compilations of raw obscurities such as Teenage Shutdown and Back From The Grave. I simply I find them the most entertaining and interesting to listen to. I'm of the opinion that garage punk/garage rock bands that are too well-polished production-wise sort of miss the point, unless it's done tastefully like Jack White and his knack for adding just the right amount of dirt to his otherwise well-produced analog(!) recordings. 
      Therefore I've made the choice to omit a few, otherwise internationally more well-known bands that are widely considered "garage". I've here listed them here for you to explore, if you'd like them for the same reason I dislike them:

      Thee Attacks - Run of the mill The Hives copycats. The lead singer sounds like he's in a cover band... you know, the sort that could play at your uncle's 50th birthday. He sings with the forced swagger of the typical cock rock frontman, the type who thinks drinking Jack Daniels on stage "is totally rock'n'roll." (I don't know these guys personally, though, they're probably cool)

      The Blue Van - About the same reasons as Thee Attacks. Sounds terribly forced, conjuring rock'n'roll klichés by the dozen.

      Baby Woodrose - Although they are considered seminal in a Danish garage context, there's something about them I'm not really feeling. They have some good, almost Dirtbombs-esque moments (Lorenzo Woodrose, the lead singer, does sound a bit like Mick Collins), especially on their first couple of albums. But their later mixture of garage and psych falls kinda flat to me, at least I think it misses some of the energy.

      The Defectors - Again, feels kinda flat. The fuzz doesn't want to bite me like friggin' piranhas like I like it. Production is way too clean and boring, no punch whatsoever.

      The List:

      Fright Eye - Fright Eye is a straight-forward, no-nonsense, high-energy and noisy-as-fuck garage punk band. The melodies are catchy - heck, almost anthemic - the production is trashy, but exciting. Highly recommendable.

      Yung - Not a full-blown garage punk band. Some songs on their recent 16-track for instance are purely acoustic. Overall extremely good though. Almost a 90's grungy vibe to it, but with lo-fi production, bringing Ty Segall anno Melted (his best album imo) to mind.

      The Felines - The Felines have a more retro-garage kinda sound, often using the 12 bar blues as a template. They also throw in flourishes of girl group, especially in their harmonies, and of course the almost obligatory single surf rock/psychobilly inspired instrumental!

      Mongrels - Well, I play garage punk myself (that's why I entered this site in the first place) and I would be pretty dumb to not consider my own music recommendable, right? I don't have an agenda here, pinky promise. We have a bandcamp with crude, sucky (and not in the good way, sadly) recordings recorded with a single, cheap condenser microphone in the middle of the room. The recordings are going to be released them as a tape on my Vortexas label, and I'm going to run them through my tape recorder to give them some much-needed tape distortion and compression for some more punch.

      ....more to come!

    • March 25, 2014 10:38 AM CDT
    • Hey fella, I'm booking bands for a DIY music festival in the The Medway Towns on 26th July. Interested?

    • March 21, 2014 4:34 PM CDT
    • Hi all! The Mobbs are playing in Spain in a couple of weeks, does anyone have any suggestions of places / people / radios shows / blogs etc that we should contact to try and promote it?

      Muchos Gracias!


    • March 15, 2014 4:41 AM CDT
    • 07.04 - Dynamo - w/Happy Ol`Mcweasel + The Fags
      04.05 - Guterschuppen - w/SNFU
      08.05 - European Harm Reduction Conference - Basel
      20.06 - International Roma Festival- with lots of great bands
      03.07 - Du Commerce Terrace - Biel