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    • March 12, 2014 10:27 AM CDT
    • Snookys, bergamaschi ricchioni


    • March 11, 2014 8:07 PM CDT

      Pink Street Boys - Iceland

    • February 6, 2014 8:20 AM CST
    • (sorry about the bold)

      Отстой : Found this on some blogspot yesterday. Some guy from Russia very cool.


      Bazooka is my favorite band. Theyre from Greece and they kick it!


    • February 6, 2014 2:55 AM CST

    • March 11, 2014 12:55 PM CDT
      Friday March 21st

      Deviation Street is London’s hot hang-out for desperate rock’n’rollers. You’ll see & hear the best new garage and trashy rock’n’roll bands we can find.

      In addition resident DJ Phil Istine & guest DJ John The Revelator will be on hand with the vintage vinyl, spinning 45s of garage, beat, rock’n’roll, & other assorted trash.

      10,000 man hours - 10,000 lbs of psychedelic rock'n'soul, greasy garage grind and fuzzzzzzzzzed-out bubblegum noise pleasure! Debut single ‘L.S.D’ was described as sounding "like some raw ‘n’ atonal freaked ‘n’ f**ked -up heads-down wig-flipped brew, cooked up by a shit-faced coming together of Hawkwind, MC5 and the Buttholes with the eternally-admired Mummies".

      Merseyside trio growing stronger and more popular by the day. Shindig! said "The Romleys are probably not known to you, but they should be. Singer-guitarist Garry Eager has a warm yet strong voice that brings to mind Roger Daltrey, and the dry humour and storytelling nous we associate with Ray Davies. The ramshackle skiffling spirit of the songs even made me think that Edgar Jones’ The Stairs might have been on stereo, alongside the Fab Four and The La’s. Labelling these men as ’60s revivalists would be foolish, as it’s the pre-war spirit of ale houses and loose women that inform the songs as much as rich harmonies and mop tops".

      "The Most Haunted Group in England". of Arrowe Hill are an English rock group, formed in London in 1999. The group has had an eclectic musical output over six albums, spanning psychedelia, acid folk, country blues and lo-fi. “Shaping up as Punk Floyd” said Gadfly Adolescence. We tried booking them in 2006(!) but was scuppered at the last minute. Now we can right that wrong...

      Brand new garage punk rock London trio, fronted by Lucie, the sassiest girl in this hemisphere. Expect an unquiet beginning to proceedings...

      @ The Alley Cat
      4 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LP
      Tube: Tottenham Court Road
      8pm-3am, £4 in advance from, or £7 on the door

    • February 12, 2014 3:55 AM CST
    • Nice to know!

    • February 11, 2014 11:19 AM CST
      Friday February 21st

      Deviation Street is London’s hot hang-out for desperate rock’n’rollers. You’ll see & hear the best new garage and trashy rock’n’roll bands we can find.

      In addition resident DJ Phil Istine & guest DJ Neil ‘Sick’ Smith (Stay Sick) will be on hand with the vintage vinyl, spinning 45s of garage, beat, rock’n’roll, & other assorted trash.

      Originally formed from the ashes of two small-town garage bands, The Beatpack initially peddled their primal wares from 1987 to 1991, terrorising audiences with their distinctive brand of violent rhythm & blues, intense hessian-sack-clad live shows and acres of hair. Recording an EP, a 45 and an LP for Germany's Screaming Apple Records, aided and abetted by Billy Childish on production duties, the group burned out in a blaze of glory and its members scattered to the four winds.

      Fast forward 20 years and the 'Pack are back. Reunited in order to complete their mission to bring hip-shakin', feedback-screeching, blues-wailing garage-punk R&B to the masses, and featuring original members Simon Harvey (lead guitar), William Bourton Esq. (bass guitar) and Hugh Dellar (screaming and harmonica) alongside new boy Adrian Smith on rhythm and the inimitable Ian O'Sullivan on drums. Their first recordings since 1991 unleash the dynamism and tremolo-laden suspense of ‘I'm Walkin’’ (with its echoes of Oz ’60s punkers The Masters Apprentices and Dutch tongue-tied long haired R&B merchants Q65) along with the crunchy garage of ‘Hey Senorita’ (‘Farmer John’ meets ‘125’ with lashes of timeless testosterone fuelled teen abandon).

      Filling a space that has long been empty in the British music scene, The Mynd Set are the era-bending, genre-defying purveyors of psychedelic freakbeat not seen since the heady days of Swinging London. Rising from the ashes of The Petty Hoodlums, a band that had earned infamy for their enthusiastic covers of beat classics, inadvertently inventing their own unique 'Heavy Mod' genre.

      SHE USES
      A mighty Garage Rock’n’Roll three-piece from London, with influences ranging from Robert Johnson to Pond and beyond.

      Brand new London six-piece playing their debut show. Too early to draw too many conclusions, but spiky garage, glam licks and some classic Stones groove come out from the first demos. In other words, a right hoot!

      @ The Alley Cat
      4 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LP
      Tube: Tottenham Court Road
      8.30pm-3am, £4 in advance from, or £7 on the door

    • March 7, 2014 12:37 PM CST

    • February 27, 2014 2:27 PM CST
    • Voix de Garage #17 – My-My Kinda Tracks  (26/02/2014) 

      (Jingle)  Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane) 

      This is Rock ‘n Roll / The Kids / The Kids (éponyme) / 1978 / Belgium 

      Gods are Bored / The Datsuns / Death Rattle Boogie / 05/10/2012 / New Zealand (Cambridge) 

      I want you to come over / The Fells / The Fells / 1997 / US (Tucson, Arizona) !!!!! 

      *5' French talk*

      7 & 7 Is / Love / Da Capo / 1966 / US (LA)

      Pay To Cum / Bad Brains / Pay To Cum (single) / 1980 / US (Washington DC)

      I Like Your Style / The Bots / Sincerely Sorry / 2013 / US (LA)

      Taking the City By Storm / The Haskels / S/T E.P. 7″ / 1980 / USA (Milwaukee Hits) 

      Pretty Pretty Pretty / The Fleshtones / Beachhead / 2005 / US (NYC)

      Troubled Times / Thee Headcoats / Headcoatitude / 1991 / UK (Chatham)

      *The 60's Chapel* : Jump & Dance / The Carnaby / single / 1965 / UK (London) 

      *The Return of the Chapel* : Quick Joey Small / Kasenatz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus / single / 10/1968 / US 

      *The lesson from Norway* : Sell your Body (TO THE NIGHT) / Turbonegro / Scandinavian Leather / 28/04/2003 / Norway

      Meilla Voisi Tunaau Olla Hauskaa / Se / Killed By Death #6 (Great Punk sHits) / 1993 / Finland

      Let’s go (where the action is) / The Twistaroos / Twisted! / 2010 / Norway

      *Must be played at MAXIMUM VOLUME* : I’m Sick of You / The Stooges / single / 1977 (recorded 1972, Raw Power outtakes) / Us (DETROIT STOOGES CITY)

      - See more at:

    • February 25, 2014 1:52 PM CST
    • Voix de Garage #16 – Special Booze & Dope Part 2 (19/02/2014) 

      (Jingle) Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane) 

      Shake the Dope Out / The Warlocks / Phoenix / 05/11/2002 / US (LA, California) 

      Snowblind / Black Sabbath / Vol. 4 / 25/09/1972 / UK (Birmingham) 

      Speedfreak / Motörhead / Iron Fist / 17/04/1982 / UK (Stoke-on-Trent) 

      *5' French talk* 

      Alone & Stoned / King Tuff / King Tuff / 29/05/2012 / US (Vermont) 

      *Quiet moment* : The Needle & the Damage Done / Neil Young / Harvest / 14/02/1972 / Canada (Toronto) 

      Cocaine / Fidlar / Fidlar / 22/01/2013 / US (LA, California) 

      Alcoholiday / KAOS / Product of a Sick Mind / 1980 / US (LA, California) 

      *The 60’s Chapel* : What a Way to Die / The Pleasure Seekers / single / 1965 / US (Detroit Rock City) 

      Green Fuz / The Cramps / Psychedelic Jungle / 05/1981 / US (NYC) 

      *The Norway lesson* : Suburban Prince Death’s Song / Turbonegro / Never is Forever / 1994 / Norway (Oslo suburbs) 

      *Gimme gimme glitter!* : Waiting for the Man / David Bowie / Bowie at the Beeb / 23/05/1972) / UK 

      Ain’t it Fun / The Lords of Altamont (cover The Dead Boys) / Midnight to 666 / 2011 / US (LA, California) 

      *Play it at maximum volume* : She’s like Heroin to me / The Gun Club / Fire of Love / 31/08/1981 / US (LA, California)

      - See more at:

    • February 8, 2014 3:59 AM CST
    • Voix de garage #15 Special Drugs! Booze! Part I (05/02/2014)

      *Intro* Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

      Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots / The Cramps / Look Mom, No Head! / 11/1991 / US (Akron, Ohio)
      High On The Hog / TAD / Salt Lick / 1990 / US (Seattle)
      Cheap Beer / FIDLAR / FIDLAR / 2013 / US (LA)
      *60s Chapel* : Booze Party / 3 Aces & a Joker / Single / 1960 / US (Salt Lake City, Utah)
      Cold Gin / Kiss / Kiss / 18/02/1974 / US (NYC)
      Chardonnay / Mudhoney / Vanishing Point / 02/04/2013 / US (Seattle)
      Born to die in Berlin / The Ramones / Adios Amigos / 18/07/1995 / US (NYC)
      *5' French talk*
      Too Drunk To Fuck / Dead Kennedys / Single / 05/1981 / US (LA)
      Junkie Queen / The Richmond Sluts / The Richmond Sluts / 2001 / US
      *Quiet moment* : Sweet Jane / The Velvet underground / Loaded / 11/1970 / US (NYC)
      Sweet Leaf / Black Sabbath / Master Of Reality / 21/07/1971 / UK (Birmingham)
      Moist Vagina / Nirvana / Rape Me/All Apologies (Single) / 1993 / US (Seattle)
      *The lesson from Norway*: Librium Love / Turbonegro / Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives / 03/1992 / Norway (Oslo)
      *Must be played at maximum volume*: Stay Clean / Motorhead / Overkill / 24/03/1979 / UK (Stoke-on-Trent)

       - Listen the show here:

    • February 3, 2014 4:41 AM CST
    • Voix de Garage #14 Special « I got an idea!!! » (29/01/2014)


      (Générique)  Know Your Product / The Saints / Eternally Yours / 1978 / Australie (Brisbane)

      Erotic Neurotic / The Saints / (I’m) Stranded / 21/02/1977 / Australie (Brisbane)

      Ça plane pour moi / Thee Headcoatees / Punk Girls / 1997 / UK (Kent)

      Final Solution / Pere Ubu / single / 1976 / US (Cleveland, Ohio)

      Wild Honey Pie / Pixies / Pixies At the BBC / 1998 / USA (Boston, Massachusetts)

      Help! / The Damned / New Rose (Single) / 1976 / UK (London)

      Happinness Is A Warm Gun / The Breeders / 1990 / USA (Dayton, Ohio)

      Yellow Submarine / Sebadoh / The Freed Man / 1989 / USA (Westfield, Massachusetts)

      We are 138 / The Misfits / single / 06/1978 / US (Lodi, New Jersey)

      *Quiet moment* : Run / Obits / I Blame you /24/03/2009 / US (NYC)

      Un Jeune Homme Bien / Renée Martel / Single (split Les Marionnettes) / 1966 / Canada (Quebec, Drummondville)

      The Urges Theme / The Urges / « Psych Ward » / 2007 / Ireland (Dublin)

      *The lesson from Norway* :Blow me like the Wind / Turbonegro / Party Animals /27/04/2005 / Norway (Oslo, City of Satan)

      *The 60’s Chapel* : Jezebel / Herman’s Hermits / There’s a kind of hush all over the world / 02/1967 / UK (Manchester)

      Life of crime / The Weirdos / single / 1977 / US (LA)

      Let’s Got Get Drunk / Johnnie Allan / Cajun Country / 1980 / US (Louisiana, Ville Platte)

      *Must be played at MAXIMUM volume* :Heartbreaker / The D4 / 6twenty / 10/2001 / Auckland (NZ)


      - See more at:


    • March 5, 2014 4:04 AM CST
    • We'll play at Azimut in Sibenik
      Gustaf Hall, Pekarna in Maribor..

      You can also try gala hala (Ljubljana)

    • March 1, 2014 4:46 PM CST
    • Anybody got contacts in Slowenia and Croatia?

      We plan to play gigs in the area in october/november.


    • February 25, 2014 2:31 PM CST
    • King Khan and the Shrines are at the Scala in King's Cross on the 24th of April


    • February 12, 2014 6:31 PM CST
    • go go go

    • January 31, 2014 12:28 PM CST
    • Ha! I wish...

    • January 31, 2014 3:33 AM CST
    • They're still not sure if the festival will be in Madrid or Toledo. They will announce more bands soon. (wink wink) - Are you thinking about going Kopper?

    • February 12, 2014 12:10 PM CST
    • For those who like thier overdriven fuzz guitars matched with melodic pop vocals this could be for you...!


      Sweet but Deadly proudly presents...



      The Len Price 3 are an adrenaline-pumped pop band from England, forged in the traditions of their Medway Delta roots. They are a revelation to those who encounter them, encompassing all of what you would want from a band in one invigorating sonic experience. Their dazzling live performances feature a thunderous set of well-honed melodic nuggets played at breakneck speed, complete with shiny pop hooks and chrome glazed harmonies. But dig a bit deeper and you will find a rich lyrical content that is full of acid tongued lyrics and wry social observations.

      Third LP ‘Pictures’ gained slavish reviews across the world back in 2010 (Shindig readers voted it their ‘Album of the Year’!!). Fourth LP ‘Nobody Knows’ is out worldwide on February 4th, and this will be the first post-album show. So here’s a great chance to hear live and loud the songs that are currently buzzing around your head!




      As a member of such semi-legends as the Prisoners, The Solarflares, JTQ, Thee Headcoats and more recently The Stabilisers (amongst a much longer list), Allan Crockford has played an important if low-key part in establishing the Medway area's reputation as a hotbed for spirited, uncompromising garage rock with a strong DIY ethic. Playing with such Medway notables as Billy Childish, James Taylor and Graham Day his reputation was as the reliable sideman for more flamboyant figures. Now he has found a late flowering talent for writing his own material.

      The Galileo 7 were formed to play the songs he had been storing up for the last 3 or 4 years. While the band still has the trademark punk ('66 and '76 versions) fire and energy that marks out the Medway sound, there are extra elements in the music that shifts it away from the trademark crashbangwhallop... call it pop-psych, punkadelic, powerpop or whatever you like. If it's energy you're after you won't be disappointed, but there are also tunes and harmonies by the bucketload to guarantee that these songs hang around in your head long after the initial sonic impact has faded.


      The debut album 'Are we having fun yet?' was released in 2010, and second album 'Staring at the Sound' was released on in 2012. This show is a comeback of sorts for them, prevfiewing tracks from album number 3, so anticipation is already high!



      The Sonic Jewels make explosive garage rock, that’s an unholy amalgam of White Stripes, Black Keys (Thickfreakness era), Cream, Hendrix, Who with hypnotic psychedelic heavy riffing. Mojo journalist Lois Wilson calls them "a tremendous live act who manage to conjure excitement and energy from start to finish".

      They appeared on the Acid Jazz compilation 'Hipsters 2' and was dubbed one of the album’s “highlights” by, who said it “puts me in mind of The Prisoners”.


      + DJ Phil Istine (Deviation St/Shindig!/The Kumari) spins all the right records in the right order - garage, beat, mod, psych etc.


      @ The Pipeline

      94 Middlesex St, London, E1 7DA

      Tube/train: Liverpool Street (4 mins)

      7.30pm-midnight. Advance tickets are £7 from here It will be £11 on the door.



    • February 5, 2014 6:07 PM CST
    • Where in Spain are some cool things going on? Rock n roll and cool towns? I've been to Gran Canary it was just bunch of middle age germans in karoki.

      hook me up some good spot pals



    • February 3, 2014 8:48 AM CST
    • It is a hardcore scene here whitch has been the most active scene for last decade. all the punk kids would probably come.

    • February 3, 2014 8:43 AM CST
    • yes and no. only known bands get paid (nobody pays to see a unknown band) but you can get some cash for merch and stuff. lot of people always check out when here are foreign bands expecally indie/punk/rock n roll. the most garage stuff we have got here was bob logIII but I was to young to give a fuck back then but a lot of people came and I think Icelanders would like some goodshit garage rock if it qould be avaivable.

      I would ofcourse spam the internet and give some radiostations tracks and stuff to give it a boost. (got a connection to the most listened air radio in Iceland)

    • February 1, 2014 4:08 PM CST
    • THX!