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    • June 21, 2020 4:48 AM CDT
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      ‘The Deadline Demos’

      Label: Overground Records

      8-track 10” LP OVER 175LP Barcode: 0731946381273

      Release Date: 26th June 2020


      In 1989 Dee Dee Ramone fled both New York and The Ramones and headed to Europe. After a brief aborted link-up with Stiv Bators and Johnny Thunders in Paris, he moved to London intending to seek out fellow punk rock contemporaries with a plan for a fresh start and to form a new band.

      DeeDee was introduced by mutual friend Brian James (ex Damned/Lords of the New Church) to Alan Lee Shaw (ex Rings/Maniacs) and George Butler (ex Lighting Raiders) and a band formed with the proposed name of Dee Dee Ramone’s Deadline.

      With rehearsals underway, Alan on bass /backing vocals, George drums and Dee Dee guitar/lead vocals, the project was soon up and running and in the process of negotiating a recording deal with Overground Records, the release would be promoted with a UK tour, when due to unforeseen circumstances (unfortunately the state of Dee Dee’s fragile mental/physical shape), the project was sadly and frustratingly brought to an abrupt end, before any studio recordings or gigs could be completed.

      The demos from 1989 are the only recordings that occurred. They are works in progress, forming an important historical record that show flashes of Dee Dee’s genius as one of punk’s most important original songwriters.

      The songs never appeared on any of Dee Dee’s other releases and but for this recently re-discovered tape would have been lost forever.

      All eight tracks from 1989 the session are released as a limited edition 10” of 400 copies.

      Track listing:

      Jumping Jack / What About This? / One Way / I Got A Right / My Baby Only Loves Me This Way / She’s Dreg From My Heart And Back / I Can’t Come Out / Human Being Parade

    • March 25, 2020 9:20 AM CDT
    • A nice cover version of the most famous Ugly Ducklings song: "Nothin'", by The Sick Rose, an 80's garage rock band from Turin, Italy.

    • March 25, 2020 9:02 AM CDT
    • The Sick Rose, an 80's garage rock band from Turin.

    • March 15, 2020 1:46 PM CDT


      Label: Overground Records

      12-track LP OVER 172LP Barcode: 0720355546076

      12-track CD OVER 172CD Barcode: 5060114368118

      Release Date: 13th March 2020

      'You feel that when the music stops you're always left without a chair' - Hoorahland

      We all inhabit Hoorahland.

      It's the great bemusement park in your head and what Walt would have wanted. We never leave. Trapped by its turnstiles, looping the loop of uncertainty for eternity or, at least, until the Chessington World of Dementia kicks in and brings blissful release.

      Oh, and Jello Biafra duets with The Shend on Now The Magic Has Gone, a song about two ageing theatre queens whose everlasting love has tragically fragmented into a thousand shards of bitter hate. It's a tango.

      You what?

      After 43 years, Hoorahland is The Cravats totally in control of where they want to be sonically. A polished progression from 2017's critically aclaimed Dustbin of Sound album.

      Twelve Carollian compositions chronicling the view from Shend's brain laid like a sumptious set of doilies upon the sax-riddled, bass-laden engine that Biscuits, 91, Garstang and Naan have whittled.

      It's an intricate Dada Vinci design for the dysfunctional dodgems in which we nervously perch as they bounce off the buffers and each other while we fumble frantically for the imaginary steering wheel.

      Without employing too many cliched Theme Park music metaphors such as 'white knuckle roller coaster ride' and 'spinning teacups of terror' what do we get?

      Apart from last year's single Shy and Good For You which were championed on the wireless by Gideon Coe, Marc Riley and Henry Rollins amongst others, there are ten other opuses covering everything from the lack of god, Austin Allegros and granny's faded jeans to tight fitting jar lids, grouted portholes in Cartel submersibles and Bryan May's shirt.

      Plus, of course, that duet with Jello.

      As I said we all inhabit Hoorahland but it's not about the rides, it's more about the view from the queue.

      And no, it's not a ruddy concept album . . . although the definition of 'concept' is 'an abstract idea' and as The Cravats have been as abstract as fuck for 43 years then maybe it is.

      Whenever I start to feel important, I think 'well, I never did much for The Cravats and I didn't stop Toyah.' - JOHN PEEL


      Great to hear a saxophonist playing riffs . . . This group are vicious in their intent, yet relaxed taste abounds. - MARK E. SMITH


      One of the greatest bands in the history of music. - HENRY ROLLINS


      A listening experience akin to being hit over the head with a saxophone while an incredibly clever anarchist autodidact shouts in your face - STEWART LEE


      The Cravats are: The Shend – Vocals, Svor Naan – Saxophone & Clarinet, Joe 91 – Bass, Rampton Garstang – Drums, Viscount Biscuits – Guitar



    • August 10, 2019 11:39 AM CDT
    • Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life

      ‘Don’t Turn Away

      Overground Records

      OVER171CD: 5051565221282

      OVER171LP: 0720355546021

      Release date: 16th August 2019

      Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life follow their 2014 debut ‘Love And A Lamp-post’ with a new collection of eleven songs titled ‘Don’t Turn Away’.

      Ignorant has excelled himself with this album, his passion of creating music and fighting injustice is clear in every single song. This album is about the highs and lows of life, getting older and the struggle to survive.

      Ignorant highlights some of the songs:

      The lines from Your Day Will Come “Something you should know bully-boys and ‘ladies’” speaks for itself.

      S.A.D. is a song about depression, despair and loss.

      Steve: “We need to keep talking about this and hopefully by sharing our experiences people will know that they are not alone”

      Diffrability celebrates our individualities.

      I’m proud that I’m different. Glad I’m not so uniform. Proud that I’m Ignorant. Glad that I’m not of your norm.”

      Musically, the band is built on an acoustic arrangement of piano, guitar and bass. Having shed the punk noise that defined Crass, Slice of Life retains the emotional impact and compassion that has long distinguished Steve’s work.

      To sum it up: a poignant, emotional album of 11 tracks that stays with you long after the final note has been played.

      S.A.D. video:

      Track listing:

      Don’t Turn Away/ Your Day Will Come The Right Way/ S.A.D./ Slaughterhouse/ The Story Continues/ Song For Myself/ Diffrability/ Stretford Blue (new mix)/ Good Intentions/ Whistle Down The Wind

      Overground Records:

    • May 14, 2019 1:54 PM CDT
    • [IMG][/IMG]

    • May 14, 2019 1:50 PM CDT
    • Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Richard Jobson (The Skids) and Pauline Murray (Penetration) will be making guest vocal appearances with Buzzcocks at Royal Albert Hall on Friday 21st June, the evening will be compered by Paul Morley.

      They will be joining Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian from The Damned, Peter Perrett (Only Ones), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), as well as 'classic' Buzzcocks’ members John Maher and Steve Garvey. Further guests will be announced soon.

    • January 27, 2019 6:32 AM CST
    • V2

      ‘At The Edge Of Chaos’

      12-track LP • 500 only

      Label: Overground Records

      Cat. No: OVER 167LP • Release Date: 8th Feb 2019


      V2 formed in March 1977 evolving from the early Manchester punk scene

      based around the legendary Electric Circus venue. Of the four Manchester punk bands around at the time - The Fall, Buzzcocks, V2 and Warsaw - V2 were the ones who fell to earth: 'as subtle as flying buzz-bombs' and destined for the same early grave.


      V2 gigs were chaotic, but this was where they really made their mark.

      Audiences were treated to a white-faced, black-eyed, bad-skinned young band wearing Frankenstein boots, who attacked the crowd with guitars hacked into cricket bats, bombed them with flour bags and once, set them on fire with cheap flash-bombs thrown by a drunken 'helper'. You either loved 'em or you fuckin' hated em!


      Faced with a constant lack of money/motivation and bad management the

      band fell to bits. Underachievement has given the band a cult status

      that some 'more successful bands' can only dream of...


      This LP compiles both of their classic singles 'Man In The Box' and 'Speed Freak', their withdrawn third single ‘Is Anyone Out There?’ and various studio recordings that never saw the light of day, packed in a full colour cover with insert detailing the band’s history.


      Track Listing:

      Nothing To Do/ Speed Freak/ That’s It/ Man In The Box/ City Creatures/ Is Anyone Out There?/ I’m A Dancer/ Zero Hour/ Silent Exchanges/ Out On The Corner/ Prayer For The New Born/ Encounter With The X-Men


    • September 30, 2018 7:08 AM CDT
    • [IMG][/IMG]


      Art Attacks

      ‘Chickens in Funland’ b/w ‘Rat City’

      2-track 7” limited to 500

      Label: Overground Cat. No: OVER 163

      Release Date: 5th October 2018


      Formed by Edwin Pouncey in the Spring of 1977 “because there was a talent night at the Royal College Of Art”, their first gig ended (like so many of their other gigs) in a fight, to disguise their lack of material. Someone there offered them a gig for money so a set of 10 songs was quickly cobbled together.


      Sometime during 1977 the band decided to go and records some tracks for a possible release. They settled on Pathway Studiosd in London where The Damned had recorded “New Rose” and two tracks “Chickens in Funland” and “Rat City” were recorded. Just one acetate was made and soon after the line-up changed, Ricky Slaughter left to join The Motors, Robert Gotobed went to Wire and the line-up stabilised to include the nucleus of Edwin Pouncey, Steve Spear and Marion Fudger. The idea got scrapped.


      A hippie guy and his stripper girlfriend who ran a record shop in the basement of Kensington Market decided to start a label and approached the Art Attacks. They released the 7,500 selling "I Am A Dalek" b/w "Neutron Bomb" single, but the relationship terminated when the stripper appeared on stage semi-naked and decided to whip an unamused Edwin.


      Their next foray into the studio was to record the classic "Arabs In ‘Arrads" for the first ever punk rock compilation album, "Streets" on Beggars Banquet.


      Suffering from stage fright, Edwin would only appear on-stage when inebriated. Each performance was unpredictable. Aside from the frequent fights, there was one occasion when Edwin climbed inside the kick drum and refused to perform, and once when he invited a tramp to ramble meaninglessly into the microphone, rather than sing himself.


      Tours with The Lurkers, Generation X, The Motors and Rock Against Racism followed, as did two live tracks "Animal Bondage" and "Frankenstein’s Heartbeat" on the "Live At The Vortex" album. The pressures of finishing their degrees terminated the band and the posthumous "Punk Rock Stars" b/w "Rat City" single was released.


      Sadly, in 2017 Steve Spear died in a road traffic accident and Edwin felt it would be a great tribute if the long lost single could be released. Following some detective work, it was discovered that the acetate had been bought on eBay by an Italian collector who kindly taped it. Edwin still had his original 1977 artwork and wrote a band history and tribute to Steve which is included as an insert within the release.


      Overground Records –

    • July 1, 2018 3:21 AM CDT
    • The Royal Albert Hall is delighted to present a one-off evening featuring three pioneering bands from the first generation of punk and new wave on Friday 21st June 2019: Buzzcocks, The Skids and Penetration.

      Having hosted a highly successful sell-out concert by The Damned in 2016 which attracted a new audience to the venue, the Royal Albert Hall were enthusiastic to host other bands from what is now recognised as one of UK music’s halcyon periods.

      Buzzcocks formed in Manchester in February 1976 and booked the Sex Pistols for their first northern gig in Manchester on 20th July 1976, later that year they became the first punk band to start their own label New Hormones and released the now legendary and seminal Spiral Scratch EP. In August 1977 they signed to United Artists and released the landmark single Orgasm Addict followed by many hit singles including: Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've), What Do I Get? and Promises as well as touring extensively and releasing a trilogy of outstanding albums: Another Music in a Different Kitchen, Love Bites and A Different Kind of Tension. Since leaving United Artists in 1981 the band have continued to release regular albums and tour internationally and remain one of the most name-checked and popular bands from the era.

      The Skids were formed in Dunfermline in the summer of 1977 by the legendary guitarist Stuart Adamson who soon recruited the enigmatic frontman Richard Jobson. They took the unusual step of starting their own label and in February 1978 released the Charles EP on No-Bad and were quickly snapped up by Virgin Records. Numerous chart singles followed including Into The Valley, The Saints Are Coming and Working For The Yankee Dollar and they had two Top 20 albums: Scared To Dance and The Absolute Game. There were occasional reunions, but in 2017 they reformed, toured extensively and released the critically accalimed album Burning Cities which reached No. 28 in the national album charts.

       Penetration formed in Ferryhill in County Durham 1976 and were unusual in not that they were the north-east’s first punk band, but that they were female-fronted. In 1977 they signed to Virgin Records and released the classic single Don’t Dictate and a year later their debut album Moving Targets which reached No. 22 in the national album charts. The band toured USA extensively before releasing in September 1979 their follow-up album Coming Up For Air. They split soon after but reformed in 2002 and in 2015 released the hugely successful Resolution album.

      Each band will be performing something special for what promises to be a unique evening in a memorable setting.


    • May 5, 2018 4:12 AM CDT
    • Gonna bump this up as Slovenly Recordings is releasing our second EP

      "Slovenly Recordings welcomes Poland’s prime purveyors of pierogi punk MORON’S MORONS to our putrid populace. This is their first release after 2017’s self-titled debut on the UK’s No Front Teeth Records. It’s called “Indecent Exposure” (no song title to match?), and it’s just the kind of hot mess we cream over: sloppy, unpolished shit rock, distorted to the max, and faster than lubed moose manure with barely intelligible vocals that we’re keen to judge based on song titles like “Vibrator Violator,” and the obvious FM radio smash hit of the bunch, “Devil Sucks My Cock and Swallows.” An artistic triumph in every sense that we aren’t likely to witness again, or at least until the release of the upcoming 7” by Puppy and the Hand Jobs!"

      OUT JUNE 1ST


      Some videos for your viewing pleasure

    • August 18, 2017 4:53 AM CDT
    • are you interested to be reviews on our ezine?
      send me an email
      Fats Terminal said:


      We are Moron's Morons. We hail from Warsaw, Poland and we play lo fi garage punk in style of Reatards, Dwarves, Teengenerate and the New Bomb Turks. We also take influences from '70s punk bands, such as the Dead Boys.

      Some time ago we uploaded our demo on bandcamp. It's called Trash Can Glory and you can have a listen here:

      But that's not everything!

      Our songs are also available on vinyl. Our debut seven inch was released by No Front Teeth Records from London and this is how they describe us:

      "Debut 72 from MORON’S MORONS who play raw, snotty punk rock in classic Rip Off style... think Loli and The Chones, The Lids, The Infections etc mixed with some Buck Biloxi and Achtungs. Yes, this is very necessary. DON’T SLEEP!!"

      Our records are available at NFT and various record stores., including Deadbeat Records for those of you who live in the US. They are also available directly from us, and shipping from Poland is ridiculously cheap.

      A real treat for all you record maniacs: there are 8 versions of the cover!

      Here's us playing Noise Addiction by Pure Hell:

      YES! We have a drop-dead gorgeous bass player.

      Follow us on facebook for more live recordings and keeping up to date:



    • September 29, 2017 3:23 AM CDT

      ‘Dustbin of Sound’

      Label: Overground Records

      13-track LP OVER 157LP Barcode: 689492182915

      13-track LP OVER 157CD Barcode: 689492182922

      Release Date: 29th September 2017

      Press releases are rubbish! The band who wrote the music don't write them, so some oik who didn't write the music is wheeled in and then, with a Thesaurus propped open on their lap, they attempt to describe sounds with words. As I said, rubbish! So I asked co-founder and frontman of The Cravats, The Shend, to describe 'Dustbin of Sound', their first new LP in 37 years.

      "As always, it's unique" he said enigmatically.

       The Thesaurus gave me, 'distinctive', 'individual', 'idiosyncratic', 'different', 'eccentric' and 'unusual' for unique (flipping writing itself this).

       The Cravats have indeed always been all of those things, but 'unique' sums it up just fine.

       Okay, you may prefer to be dragged along the motorway under a rusty Land Rover than have to listen to that sax-riddled, bass-laden Dadaist weirdness again but you can't deny they're unique.

       And with 13 brand new slabs of peculiarity from these particularly peculiar people (even oscillator overlord, Simeon Coxe of Silver Apples pops up for a few seconds on 'Motorcycle Man'), DoS is still the Cravats that John Peel loved (4 sessions) back in 1978, but with an extra 35 years of life on Earth soaked into their bones.

      The two critically acclaimed singles from last year, Blurred and Jingo Bells which Marc Riley, Gideon Coe and Henry Rollins amongst others, played a wad on the wireless are here, as well as songs involving buried cattle, hatcheting Toyotas, death ray vapourisation, the mud-soaked sibling of Neptune and, of course, atheist yacht-owning crocodiles.

      Er, help me out here, Shend.

      "Music should always be passionate, preposterous, atmospheric and above all entertaining. We fulfill the remit"

      They do. It's like watching 13 magnificent mini-movies at your local multiplex but you're eyeballing them with your ears.

      And talking of Thesauruses, who the hell uses words like, 'maliloquent' and 'predilection' in Pop songs?

      If Shakespeare, Max Ernst and Beefheart had a radio show, this LP would probably be on heavy rotation.

      The Cravats are: The Shend – Vocals, Svor Naan – Saxophone & Clarinet, Joe 91 – Bass, Rampton Garstang – Drums, Viscount Biscuits – Guitar @thecravats

       Track Listing:

      King Of Walking Away/ Batterhouse/ Motorcycle Man/ 100 Percent/ Blurred/ Power Lines/ Jingo Bells/ Bury The Wild/ Bigband/ Whooping Sirens/ Hang Them/ Big Red Car/ All U Bish Dumpers

    • September 28, 2017 7:56 AM CDT
    • Bloody great stuff. Some things just get better with age!

    • September 14, 2017 3:42 AM CDT
    • Hello did you find places to play , if you had any tips it would help us, thanks

    • August 18, 2017 4:55 AM CDT
    • are you interested to be reviews on our ezine?
      send me an email

    • August 14, 2017 3:17 AM CDT
    • Hi,

      i will be in Paris on Wednesday. Any advice for records stores, venues, Bars?

      It would be very much appreciated

      Rockn Roll,